Honda EU3000iS Generator Review (Pros & Cons)

Portable generators are one of the most useful pieces of equipment in your garage or shop. Not only are they essential for powering up appliances during a blackout, but they also allow you to use tools away from electricity, power appliances during a camping trip, or keep your TV going at a tailgate party. One... Read more →

Predator 3500 Generator Review (Pros & Cons, In-Depth)

The Predator 3500 generator is a great mid-level power generator that will give you more than enough power for running your vital appliances during a blackout. At 3500 watts, you can power various larger appliances, tools, and electronics. This generator features a lot of the same features found on higher end generators and even had... Read more →

Duromax XP12000EH Review (Pros & Cons)

For those who are needing a larger generator, it is always best to buy a larger one than you think you need to cover any unexpected needs. The Duromax XP12000EH that I am going to review today is a great example of having everything you could ever need in a generator in one easy-to-use machine.... Read more →

CAT RP5500 Review (Pros & Cons)

For those who are looking for a generator that can power larger appliances or tools without missing a beat, the CAT RP5500 might be just right for you. With a power range that is right in the middle of household use and large commercial use, you should be able to get everything you need to... Read more →

Generac XP8000E Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Having a generator that is capable of doing all of the things you need it to do is essential whether it’s at a job site or being used for home backup power. You are going to want a portable generator that is heavy-duty, has all of the outlets you need, and is easily portable. This... Read more →

Review: Westinghouse WPro 8500 Watt Generator (Worth Your Money?)

When you need reliable power on the go, a quality portable generator is just one of those must-have pieces of equipment. One highly rated option is the Westinghouse WPro8500 Super Duty Industrial Generator. It is both efficient and utility-friendly and would be a great fit for anyone who needs a well-designed and powerful yet fine-tuned... Read more →

Review: Champion 4000 Watt RV Ready Digital Hybrid – Worth It?

Pumping out an impressive 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts, this generator can easily power multiple large appliances such as RV air conditioning units, refrigerators, and any other device you need to be powered. In this review, I am going to take a closer look at the Champion 4000-watt generator and explore its many... Read more →

Honda EU2200i Generator Review – Is It Worth the Price Tag?

What Customers Say About The Honda EU2200I Overall! Based on the reviews for the Honda EU2200i, people seem to love the Honda generator for its reliability, easy maintenance, and performance. Customers have reported that it is easy to start and runs flawlessly, even after years of use. Many have also praised the generator’s ability to... Read more →