Generator Wattage Calculator – Find Out How much Power You Need

This calculator will help you estimate how much power you need for your appliances, so you know what kind of generator to purchase.

The numbers I used are averages, they may vary depending on your equipment.

To use the calculator, change the “How many?” field to add one or more of a particular item. At the bottom, you will find your wattage estimation

5 thoughts on “Generator Wattage Calculator – Find Out How much Power You Need”

  1. So, if I have video and film production lights that go from 250-300 watts to 4k watts, and 120v to 240v how do I calculate what size generator I need? For example, I am looking at 10k and 12k hybrid generators (gas or propane), like these: DuroMax XP10000E 10000 Watt 16 HP Generator DuroMax XP12000E 12000 Watt for aroung $1,000.00. Say, I am going to light a set using three 4k lights which equals 12,000 watts is that one generator going to run those lights. Correct? Please advise. Thank you, Duker…

    • Hi Duker, That won’t be enough, you have to look at Running watts, not starting or surge watts. If you really need to power 12K watts of lamps, you should look at 15,000 Running watts generators, like the duromax XP15000EH, or generac’s GP15000E. Also consider the advertised run-time at half load to give you an idea of just how much time you will be able to run your setup. Hybrid /dual-fuel generators will give you more flexibility.

  2. I live in the hill there is no electricity..what would i need to have a small regular tv and lights. In the house maybe a small appliance going.

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