Are Generac Generators Worth It? Are They Reliable?

In an emergency or natural disasters, a trustworthy backup generator is essential for your house to continue operating until the electricity is back. One of the most popular brands of home backup generators is Generac. By how popular they are, you’re probably wondering: are Generac generators worth it? Generac home generators are worth the money... Read more →

Are CAT Generators Good? Engines, Warranty & Best Picks

A lengthy introduction is not necessary for the brand Caterpillar. The company is a household name and a favorite of many business professionals in the generator sector. Caterpillar, shortly known as CAT, has grown to become one of the best and most recognizable product names in construction sites. They manufacture various vehicles, construction equipment, and... Read more →

Are Firman Generators Reliable? Are They Worth Buying?

A portable generator, especially for preppers, is a valuable energy source in an emergency or power outage. But when it comes to buying a generator, numerous options are available. Many reputable brands manufacture high-quality portable generators with different products and features. Firman Power Equipment is one brand you should consider. Firman generally manufactures high-quality generators,... Read more →

Are Predator Generators Any Good? How Long Do They Last?

There will be times when you need a lot of power, but there won’t be any outlets around, so having a reliable generator in your house or RV makes a lot of sense. The challenge is to select one that is dependable, effective, and reasonably priced to purchase or use. Predator generators are a good... Read more →

Rockpals 500w Updated Design PS500 Review

Rockpals was nice enough to send me their newly designed 500W Li-ion battery pack, the PS500. This new design has a much curvier look than its previous 500W model. It is a budget price for the capacity of 505Wh. While I like the ergonomics and price point of the PS500 – it still can’t match... Read more →

Nitecore FSP100W Review + New NES 300 Battery Pack

For the last few weeks, I have been playing with the new NES 300 Li-Ion Battery Pack from Nitecore. I was given the pack along with a foldable 100W solar panel from Nitecore. I had never used a Nitecore battery or solar product before, so this was my first exposure to the brand. I previously... Read more →

Honda Generator Accessories

A Honda generator promises optimal results for all your power needs. However, generators rarely provide a one-stop solution. Any portable generator will need accessories. How do you search and compare accessories, though? What are the right generator accessories to add to your cart? We help answer those questions with this review of the top Honda... Read more →

Generac iQ3500 Hands-on Review and Buying Guide

Are you looking to buy a quiet, powerful, yet easy -to-start generator? Noise is one of the most frustrating features of running a generator. Thankfully, inverter technology allows for quieter yet powerful generators. Some of these generating sets can run so quietly that you can use them on the go –from tailgating parties to camping... Read more →