Top 10 Best Portable Generators Under $1000

For this article, I selected 10 of the best generators under $1,000 to help you find a reliable generator for your needs that also fits your budget.

In this price range, you will find popular brands as well as less renown names, some of them are a great buy, featuring yamaha or honda engines.

I picked 10 generators known to be reliable, easy to use and maintain, from 1600 to 9500 running watts.

This list reflects generators that were priced at under $1,000 at the time of this article.

PictureGeneratorRunning WattsOperating Volume (1/4 load)Product WeightEstimated Runtime @ 25% load
Atima AY2000I1600W52 dB47.4 lbs10 Hours
Energizer eZV2000P1600W50-60 dB44 lbs11 Hours 30 minutes
Briggs & Stratton 30651 P22001700W59 dB54.6 lbs8 Hours
Generac 7117 GP2200i1700 W58 dB46 lbs10 Hours 45 minutes
Westinghouse IGen22001800W Rated52 dB46.3 lbs12 Hours
Yamaha EF2400ISHC2000W53-60 dB75 lbs11 Hours
Duromax XP4850EH3850W69 dB127 lbs10 Hours 45 minutes
WEN 565004500W68 dB121 lbs7 Hours 30 minutes
Westinghouse Wgen75007500W64 dB192 lbs16 Hours
Westinghouse WGen95009500W73 dB220 lbs17 Hours 30 minutes

When using a generator around other people, the noise factor can be a huge problem.

Nobody wants to be that neighbor with the loud and annoying generator that ruins everyone else’s day or keeps them up at night. Luckily, there is a solution.

These super quiet generators are perfect for things like camping and tailgating and they won’t upset your neighbors.

In fact, these generators are all quiet enough for nighttime use. This list includes the quietest generators at a range of price points and with a number of different features. There’s an option for every need.

Atima AY2000I

As one of the lesser known brands on this list, Altima sure makes a statement with this AY2000i generator.

This generator is going to allow you to take advantage of 1600 running watts and 2000 starting watts from the 4 stroke Yamaha engine.

You will notice that the generator has 2 AC household outlets and a single DC outlets to make easy work of just about any appliance you may have in that wattage range.

You can expect to get 10 hours of run time at 25% load from the single gallon tank to ensure you have a full days worth of use.

ATIMA AY2000I gas generator on grass


  • 4 Stroke Yamaha Engine
  • Running Watts: 1600 Watts
  • Starting Watts: 2000 Watts
  • Weight: 47.41 lbs
  • 1 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 10 Hours At 25% Load
  • 1 – 12v DC Cigarette Lighter Style Receptacle
  • 2 – 120v 20A Receptacles (Household Style Outlets)
  • 1 – Parallel Capability Outlet
  • Sound Level: 52 dBa
  • Recoil Style Start

The Altima AY2000i generator comes with an industry average 2 year warranty that protects you against faulty parts or craftsmanship.


  • Mid Level Power
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Quiet


  • Few Customer Reviews

Energizer eZV2000P

Energizer is a well known brand in the battery business, so it is safe to assume that their generators are going to be of high quality as well.

The eZV2000P is going to allow for 1600 running watts and 2000 starting watts to get your small appliances and devices powered up throughout the day.

You can expect to get almost 12 hours of run time at 25% load with the one gallon fuel tank.

EZV2000P portable generator on a wooden table

You get a good selection of outlets (that are covered for protection) including 2 AC outlets, 1 DC cigarette outlet, and a battery trickle charge outlet.

You will also get the choice of buying a separate parallel kit to hook up another Energizer generator to it for even more power.

The Energizer EZV2000P Generator Features:

  • 79cc Energizer Engine
  • Running Watts: 1600 Watts
  • Starting Watts: 2000 Watts
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • 1 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 11.5 Hour Runtime @ 25% Load
  • 2 -120V Outlets (Household Style Outlets)
  • 2 – USB Style Outlets
  • 1 -12V DC Outlet
  • Sound Level: 50-59 Decibels From 23 Feet Away

Energizer offers a 3 year limited warranty to keep your investment covered.

They also have a skilled customer service team that is available to help you with ordering parts, answering question, or helping with any technical support you may need.


  • Various Outlets
  • 11.5 Hour Runtime
  • Parallel Capable


  • A Few Complaints Of Faulty Generators

Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200

As one of the leaders in small engine manufacturing, Briggs & Stratton also makes a line of portable generators that carry on the same high qualities as their engines do.

That is exactly what you can expect from this Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 generator.

This generator, although relatively small, is able to power 1700 running watts and 2200 starting watts to ensure that you get all of the power that you need to your appliances and devices.

With a one gallon fuel tank, this generator is going to provide 8 hours of run time at 25% load which is a little lower than I had hoped, but it is still enough to power through a full work day or throughout the night.

With a good selection of outlets, you can plug in a variety of different appliances at the same time without missing a beat. Some outlets are even covered to ensure that both you and your generator are fully protected.

The Briggs & Stratton P2200 Generator Features:

  • 111cc OHV Briggs & Stratton Engine
  • Running Watts: 1700 Watts
  • Starting Watts: 2200 Watts
  • Weight: 54 lbs
  • 1 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 8 Hour Runtime @ 25% Load
  • 1 – 12v DC Cigarette Lighter Style Receptacle
  • 2 – 120v 20A Receptacles (Household Style Outlets)
  • 1 – Parallel Capability Outlet
  • Sound Level: 59 Decibels From 23 Feet Away
  • Recoil Style Start
  • 2 Year Residential/90 Day Commercial Warranty

Backed by a 2 year residential warranty, the Briggs & Stratton P2200 is sure to be a trustworthy buy with all of the customer service support you could need.


  • Recoil/Electric Start
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Quiet Operation


  • No Fuel Gauge

Generac 7117 GP2200i

Generac is a name that you will hear often when looking at generators.

They provide a wide range of permanent and portable generators and their attention to detail and quality goes unmatched.

That is exactly what you will find with the Generac 7117 GP2200i portable generator.

The GP2200i is going to supply you with 1700 running watts and 2200 starting watts from the 4 stroke OHV engine. This will allow for up to 10.5 hours of run time from the 1.2 gallon fuel tank for power that lasts all day.

generac gp2200I control panel

Featuring a great selection of covered outlets, you will never have to worry about not having the right outlet for your appliance.

Generac 7117 Generator Features:

  • 4 Stroke OHV Engine
  • Running Watts: 1700 Watts
  • Starting Watts: 2200 Watts
  • Weight: 46.6 lbs
  • 1.2 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 10.5 Hour Run-Time
  • 2 -120V outlets
  • 1- DC Cigarette Style 12V Outlet
  • 1- USB Port
  • 1 – Parallel Port
  • Sound Level: 58 dBa
  • Recoil Style Start

Generac offers a 2 year limited warranty on this generator.


  • Mid Level Power
  • 10.5 Hour Run Time
  • Covered Outlets


  • No significant issues

Westinghouse IGen2200

The Westinghouse IGen2200 is just one of the three Westinghouse portable generators on this list, and with good reason. Westinghouse is one of the most popular generator brands among consumers.

The IGen2200 is going to offer a 79cc motor that will help supply you with 1800 running watts and 2200 starting watts to ensure you can power the needed appliances during your next power outage, tailgate party, or camping trip.

igen 2200 generator from westinghouse powered up

It features two 120V household outlets and dual USB outlets to allow you to plug in most popular appliances in devices to power or charge them up. Each outlet is covered with a plastic cover to ensure that they stay protected from dirt or any other foreign materials.

With a one gallon fuel tank, you can expect to get a 12 hour run time from a single fill up. The integrated handle and 46lb weight make it easy to move to where you need it.

The Westinghouse IGen2200 Generator Features:

  • 79cc OHV Engine
  • Running Watts: 1800 Watts
  • Starting Watts: 2200 Watts
  • Weight: 46 lbs
  • 1 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 12 Hour Runtime @ 50% Load
  • 2-120V outlets (Household Style Outlets)
  • 2 – USB Style Outlets
  • Efficiency Mode
  • Sound Level: 52 Decibels From 23 Feet Away
  • Recoil Style Start

Westinghouse offer a 3 year limited warranty on this generator. There is a one year unit exchange period and a 2-3 year replacement part coverage.


  • 12 Hour Run Time
  • Covered Outlets
  • Quiet


  • No significant problems to mention

Yamaha‌ ‌EF2400ISHC‌

Yamaha is a famous name in various industries and this portable generator carries on the legacy of high quality components.

This generator may look little, but it packs a punch, pumping out 2000 running watts and 2400 starting watts which is a great starting point for home backup power and powering everyday tools.

With 2 AC style outlets, you can plug in two appliances at a time while still taking advantage of the 12V DC trickle charge ports.

If you want even more power, you can add a second EF2400ISHC to the mix with the parallel ports which allows you to harness the power of the two generators together for 4400 watts of power.

With the 1.6 gallon fuel tank, you can expect to get 8.6 hours of run time at 25% load from this generator.

Weighing it at 75lbs, this generator can easily be carried to anywhere you need it with the built in handle.

The Yamaha EF2400ISHC Generator Features:

  • 171cc Yamaha Engine
  • Running Watts: 2000 Watts
  • Starting Watts: 2400 Watts
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • 1.6 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 8.6 Hour Runtime @ 25% Load
  • (2) 120V-20A GFCI Outlets
  • (1) 12V DC Battery Charging Outlet
  • Sound Level: 56-60 Decibels From 23 Feet Away
  • Recoil Style Start

Yamaha offers a 3 year limited warranty for this inverter generator, making it one of the longest warranty periods on this list.


  • Increased Motor Starting Capability
  • Will Run Most 13,500 BTU A/C Units, Ovens
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Heavier Than Most

DuroMax XP4850EH

Taking a leap into the higher wattage portable generators, we start with one of the more well known brands DuroMax.

DuroMax is a common name in the generator business and are known for high quality, high wattage generators built to take on just about any job. The generator I have included today is the DuroMax XP4850EH;

The XP4850EH is a dual fuel generator that runs on both gasoline or propane to give your the option of which fuel you would like to use.

Closeup of the fuel switch on a xp4850EH generator

This allows you to extend your generator’s use by switching over to a certain fuel once you have depleted your other fuel.

On gasoline, you are going to get your highest wattage output from the 212cc motor with 3,850 running watts and 4,850 starting watts. This is a great amount of watts for the price as it is currently priced very reasonably.

Due to the larger frame, this generator is going to weigh in at 127lb, but moving it around is easy as it is outfitted with rubber tires and collapsible handles for easy mobility.

While it does not have the widest selection of outlets, you do get two very useful 120V outlets and a single 30A twist lock plug that can help power your larger tools and appliances.

The DuroMax XP4850EH Features:

  • 212cc OHV Engine
  • Running Watts: 3,850 Watts
  • Starting Watts: 4,850 Watts
  • Weight: 127 lbs
  • 3.96 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 10.42 Hour Runtime @ 50% Load
  • 1 – 120/240V 30A L14-30R Twist Lock Outlet
  • 2 – 120V 20A GFCI 5-20R Outlets
  • Sound Level: 69 dBa
  • Electric/Recoil Style Start

Duromax offers a 3 year parts warranty on generators used in residential use only. Commercial use gets a 1 year warranty.


  • Dual Fuel Capabilities
  • Easy Transportation
  • 10 Hour Runtime


  • Low Selection Of Outlets

WEN 56500

Wen, a popular name in the construction generator sector, has made this list for the simple fact that the 56500 generator is a great buy for the price.

This generator features a 272 V-Twin engine that helps to pump out 4,500 running watts and 5,000 starting watts.

This is more than enough to help with back up power, tailgating, and could be a great way to power your RV’s main appliances.

With this much power, we are glad to see the use of higher level outlets on this generator.

Of course, you are going to have a single 120V duplex set of outlets, but you will also get 2 30A outlets as well for larger appliances.

The WEN 56500 Generator Features:

  • 272cc V-Twin Engine
  • Running Watts: 4,500 Watts
  • Starting Watts: 5,000 Watts
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • 3.4 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 7.5 Hour Run-Time At 50% Load
  • 2 – Household Outlets (5-20R
  • 1 – 30A TT-30R RV outlet
  • 1 – 30A TT-30R RV outlet
  • 1 – 12V DC outlet
  • Sound Level: 68 dBa
  • Electric/Recoil Style Start


  • Large Wattage Capacity
  • VFT Meter


  • No Covered Outlets

Westinghouse Wgen7500

We have made it to the 2nd Westinghouse generator on this list and it had taken quite a leap when it comes to engine size and power output.

The WGen7500 is going to be a hard hitting generator that you would not expect to be under $1,000.

Starting off with the engine, you are going to see a 420cc OHV engine strapped down to the WGen7500.

This engine helps to put out 7,500 running watts and 9,500 starting watts which is going to most likely be enough for most residential usage and is a great power range for construction sites.

You can expect to get a whopping 16 hours of run time from the 6.6 gallon fuel tank to allow you one of the longest run times on this list. You can power up just about anything on this generator with the 4 household outlets and 30A plug.

One of the best features about this generator is that it is smart switch ready which means that it can be easily hooked up to your home’s transfer switch for immediate power during a black out.

Other great features are going to include a remote start, covered outlets, collapsible handle, never flat wheels, and a push button start.

The Westinghouse Wgen7500 Generator Features:

  • 420cc OHV Engine
  • Running Watts: 7,500 Watts
  • Starting Watts: 9,500 Watts
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • 6.6 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 16 Hour Run-Time
  • Four GFCI 5-20R 20A 120V Outlets
  • One L14-30 30A 120/240V Transfer Switch Outlet
  • 1 – 120/240V AC 30A L14-30R Outlet
  • VFT Meter
  • Sound Level: 73 dBa
  • Electric /Recoil Style Start

Westinghouse is going to provide a 3 year warranty with this generator to keep your investment protected.


  • VFT Meter
  • Electric Start
  • Covered Outlets


  • Would Like To See A Wider Selection Of Outlets

Westinghouse WGen9500

Last but not least, the final Westinghouse generator on this list is going to be the WGen9500.

The 9500 is going to resemble the 7500 in its first looks, but taking a longer look, you will notice standout features that make this generator special.

The biggest, most obvious difference is going to be the power that you get from the 457cc engine. You are going to be able to take advantage of 9,500 running watts and 15,000 starting watts that is sure to power just about anything and everything you may need from a portable generator.

When it comes to hooking appliances up to this generator, there is little that this generator does not accept.

You will get 2 USB ports, a battery charging port, 4 120V outlets, a 30A twist lock outlet, and a 50A outlet to help with RV campers.

This generator is also going to have remote start and it will be transfer switch ready as well in case you want to use this generator as a plug and go backup house power supply.

The Westinghouse WGen9500 Generator Features:

  • 457cc Engine
  • Running Watts: 9,500 Watts
  • Starting Watts: 15,000 Watts
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • 6.6 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 17.5 Hour Run-Time
  • (2) Duplex 120V 20A (5-20R)
  • (1) 120/240V 30A (L14-30R)
  • (1) 120/240V 50A (14-50R)
  • (2) 5V USB ports
  • Sound Level: 73 dBa
  • Electric/Recoil Style Start

Westinghouse is going to offer a 3 year warranty with their generators to ensure that you have a full 36 months of protection for your new generator.


  • High Wattage Capabilities
  • Easy Transportation
  • 17.5 Hour Run Time
  • Electric/Recoil Start


  • No major issues

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good Generator Wattage Rating For Home Backup Power?

When it comes to using portable generators as a backup power source, you are going to want to take into account what all you will be powering up with your generator.

If you just need to power a TV or radio to help stay up to date with the news during a storm, a smaller 2000 watt generator should do the trick.

If you are wanting something that can power larger appliances for longer outages like many in the north may experience, you are going to want something with a large wattage rating and preferable one that is transfer switch ready like the Westinghouse generators I mentioned toward the end of the article.

This will allow you to hook up the generator right to the house and power A/C or heater systems, refrigerators, and other larger appliances to make sure you are covered for days without electricity.

How Much Wattage Do My Appliances Use?

One of the biggest questions that I get when it comes to generators is how much wattage do my appliances use.

There is no easy answer as every appliance is different, but finding out exactly how much your specific appliance uses is quite simple.

The first way to find this out is to check for any labels on your appliance to see if the manufacturer has printed it on the appliance itself. This is usually found on the bottom or on the back side of appliances.

If you cannot find it here, a quick Google search of the part number or simply calling the manufacturer will be a quick way to figure out the wattage demands.

How Can I Safely Use A Generator?

There are a few different things to remember when operating a portable generator to ensure that you are keeping you, your family, and your generator as safe as can be.

The first is making sure that you are purchasing the right generator. Before buying a generator, you want to take into account any and all appliances you may need to run on your generator at any given time.

Once you have this figured out, you will want to find out the wattage demands of each and add them up to get your total wattage needs. Use this number to figure out what size generator you need to ensure that you do not overload your generator.

Always make sure to get a generator that is a few hundred watts over what you need so that you are not running it at 100% load at all times as this can harm the generator.

Second, you will want to make sure the generator is operated in an open, outdoor area so that the exhaust fumes can dissipate safely.

Generators use gasoline engines which emit harmful exhaust gases that can be a hazard to you or anyone around it. By ensuring that it is in an open area, you will not have to worry about these gases.

Lastly, you will want to make sure that you use the proper extension cords when plugging up all of your appliances to your generator.

Low quality or damaged extension cords can damage your generator or cause electrical shock to you or anyone around the cord.

Double check with the appliance manufacturer to see what type of extension cord they recommend when plugging it into a portable generator.

Conclusion – About This Guide

With 10 generators on this list all under $1000 and in various power ranges, you should have no problem finding the generator that you need for your specific situation. Each one of these generators comes with a warranty that is sure to keep your investment protected throughout its early years.

I hope that this guide has made it easier for you to find the right generator for your needs and that you have found all of the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Are you currently using a portable generator? Which generator are you using and what are you currently using it for?

Please consider sharing this post with anyone you know who might be in the market for a generator under $1,000!