Top 10 Best Dual Fuel Generators (Gasoline + Propane)

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dual fuel generator

Dual-fuel generators let you take advantage of both types of fuel: gasoline and propane.

While gas is easily obtainable, it has some disadvantages. A dual-fuel generator lets you use propane as needed. Propane fuel is cheaper, cleaner, and quieter.

I’ve created this list of the best dual fuel generators based on experience and research.

These are the best options available on the market right now. I’ve included models at a range of price points and with a range of power, so you’ll be able to find the right one for you no matter your needs.

1. Best Dual-Fuel Generator: Champion 7500W Dual Fuel

Champion 7500 Watts Dual fuel generator next to a propane tank

This is the gold standard in dual-fuel generators. It has an electric push-button start for the epitome of convenience.

Because it comes with oil, it’s ready to go right out of the box with either gasoline or propane (I still advise you break in the generator). It’s fairly heavy, but it comes with a wheel kit and nice sturdy tires that will never go flat.

The construction is very tough and sturdy and should be able to handle less than ideal conditions.

The 439cc Champion engine is a trustworthy workhorse that you can count on. Champion also backs this generator up with a 3-year limited warranty with free lifetime technical support.

You’ll get a nice long runtime with this generator, up to 30 hours with gasoline and a 1,000-watt load.

Even when operating at a maximum load, you’ll get 8 hours on a full tank of gas or nearly 6 hours on a 20lb propane gas tank.

A big advantage of this Champion 7500W is the cold start ability. If you live in a climate where it gets pretty cold, many generators will struggle to start, but this one will start up without any problems.

Another plus is the surge protector built right into the panel to protect your devices in the event of a spike. There are four 120V outlets and two 30A locking outlets.


  • CARB compliant dual-fuel generator (okay for purchase in California)
  • Volt Guard surge protector
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good warranty and customer service
  • Gauge to track power output and maintenance needs
  • Auto-shutoff for low oil


  • It can be loud at 74 dBA
  • A bit more expensive (but you get what you pay for)

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
It’s not cheap, but the Champion 7500W Dual Fuel is a champion with its power, dependability, solid construction, and ease of use.

2. Duromax XP10000EH – A Lot of Power and Quieter Than You Might Expect

Duromax hybrid fuel generator

This Duromax generator is surprisingly quiet, especially when compared to similar dual-fuel generators. For this amount of power, a noise level of only 72 dBa is pretty surprising.

This quiet exhaust is due in part to the built-in spark arrestor.

Although this is EPA-approved, it doesn’t quite meet the rigorous California CARB standards.

This is another generator with an easy electric start. In this case, starting the generator up is as easy as turning a key. In case the battery for the electric start is low or dead, there is a backup pull cable recoil starter you can use instead.

Weighing in at 265 pounds, this generator is a beast, but the solid-fill tires and pull handle make transport easy.

With a peak power of 10,000 watts and 8,000 running watts, this generator can power most homes in the event of a power loss (check out my calculator to evaluate your needs).

The power comes from the large 18 HP OHV 4-stroke air-cooled engine. The main power panel keeps everything you need organized and easy to find.

There are gauges and lights for important output and maintenance information. This is also where you will find the six outlets, including:

  • 2X 120v 20 amp 3-prong outlets
  • 1X 120v 30 amp twist lock
  • 1X 120v/240v 30 amp twist lock
  • 1X 120v/240v 50 amp heavy duty outlet
  • 1X 1-10a 12v outlet

This generator comes with a 1-year factory warranty. Unfortunately, Duromax is not known for having great customer service.

It’s a pretty serious investment, so the shorter warranty and the potential customer services issues may be off-putting for some people.


  • Huge engine and a lot of power
  • Wheel kit included
  • Key electric start
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy two fuel selector switch
  • Relatively quiet for this size generator, on either fuel


  • No surge protector

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
If you can deal with the risk of poor customer service, then the significant power and exceptionally long runtime make this generator worth looking at.

3. Duromax XP4850EH – An Affordable Dual-Fuel Option

Closeup of the fuel switch on a xp4850EH generator

It doesn’t offer as much power as some, but it has a lot to offer at a very affordable price. Rated for 3,850 watts with a peak of 4,850 watts, this generator runs on a 196cc 7 Horsepower air-cooled engine.

Switching from gas to propane and back is as easy as flipping a switch.

The rest of the operation is similarly user-friendly.

Duromax XP485OEH features an electric key start with a backup recoil starter. The front panel includes a voltage meter, a circuit breaker, a low-oil light, and the outlets.

It’s relatively light at 130 pounds, but there are solid-fill tires, high leverage side handles, and a folding pull handle to make transport even easier.

Because of the noise-reducing oversize muffler, this generator will only be around 69 dBa.

Duromax is not known for having stellar customer service, but this generator does have a generous 3-warranty.


  • CARB-compliant
  • Wheels and handles for transport
  • Electric key start
  • Easy double fuel source switch
  • Auto-shutoff for low oil


  • Less power than other models
  • Tires could be better

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
If you don’t need quite as much power, the Duromax XP4850EH is an affordable dual-fuel option that should serve you well.

4. Sportsman GEN4000DF – RV-Ready Budget Option

Sportsman 4000 Watts dual fuel portable generator

If you have a really small budget, this dual-fuel generator from Sportsman is worth looking at. Despite the low price tag, it has a lot of important features.

The 7 HP engine doesn’t have a ton of power, but the 3,500 running watts will be more than enough for most users.

There is not an electric start, just a pull cable recoil starter. The front panel is well organized, with a voltage meter, an on-off switch, circuit breakers, and six outlets.

There are four 120V outlets, one 120V RV outlet, and one 1-12V DC outlet. At only 90 pounds, it’s one of the lightest portable dual-fuel generators.

That said, it does not have wheels, and 90 pounds is heavy enough to make transport a challenge.

This is another surprisingly quiet generator, with a 69 dBa rating, quiet enough to be able to still hold a conversation nearby.

This makes it a decent option for camping and tailgating generator. It is also a fully RV-ready generator.

sportsman gen4000df


  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Low oil shutoff
  • Very affordable for a twin fuel generator
  • Easy fuel source switch
  • Relatively quiet
  • CARB-compliant


  • No electric start
  • No wheels
  • Not as much power as other options here

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
Considering the price tag, it’s surprising how well this dual engine generator performs. It can hold its own with many other generators on this list, especially when you don’t need as much power.

5. Duromax Fortress Hybrid – A Quiet Duromax With Some Potential Problems

Front panel on the fortress hybrid dual engine generator

This Duromax generator comes in at a mid-range price point and features positives and negatives. A big downside to this model is the quality of construction.

Although the heavy-duty steel frame is sturdy, the overall metal and plastic build quality just aren’t as nice as the sturdy construction on other Duromax models.

It weighs over 100 pounds, but it does come with a wheel kit to help with transport.

With 3,500 running watts, it would be nice if there were more outlets, like you see on comparable models.

There are only two 120 volt AC outlets and one 30A locking outlet.

Overall, the ease-of-use factor is pretty high.

There is an electric key start as well as a backup recoil starter.

An auto-shutoff feature for when the oil gets too low prevents damage to the engine.

Because of the comparatively poor construction and the poor manual, there’s a good chance you might need to connect with customer service.

duromax fortress hybrid

Unfortunately, Duromax isn’t known for having great customer service.

In addition, there is just a 1-year warranty for parts. The 7.0 HP air-cooled engine, at least, should be durable and reliable, especially when you use propane for fuel.

Another big positive for this generator is the noise level. A muffler helps keep the noise to a minimum, around 67 dBa.


  • Relatively quiet
  • Good performance on LPG or gasoline
  • Easy gas to propane switch
  • 1-year parts warranty
  • User-friendly operation
  • Electric key start


  • Only two 120V outlets
  • Warranty only on parts
  • Manual could be better
  • Location of oil tank makes filling a challenge

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
The location of the oil tank makes filling a challenge.

6. Pulsar PG10000B16 – A High-Powered Portable With Super Long Runtime on Both Fuels

This is one of the higher-powered portables you’ll find, especially with dual-fuel capability. This Pulsar generator has 10,000 peak watts and 8,000 running watts on gasoline or 9,000 peak watts and 7,000 running watts on propane.

Pulsar PG10000B Running on a propane tank

That’s enough to power most homes, so this is a good home backup power option. The 420cc 15 HP engine starts right up with an electric push-button start.

It features the best runtime on the market, an astounding 48 hours when running a 1,000 watt load on gasoline (my estimation based on 1/2 load consumption figures).

There are plenty of outlets, including four 120V outlets, one 120V/240V twist-lock outlet, one 30 AMP RV outlet, and one 50 AMP outlet.

Pulsar PG10000B16 is fully RV-ready. It weighs just over 200 pounds, but the no-flat wheels and convenient dual handles make transport quite easy.

This generator has a lot to offer, but not insignificant is the accompanying manual that is actually clear and helpful.

Pulsar really stands out for this seemingly minor detail. They also offer a 2-year warranty and are known for having decent customer service.

pulsar pg10000B16


  • Electric key start
  • 2-year warranty
  • Clear manual
  • RV-ready
  • 7 outlets
  • Auto shutoff for low oil
  • Incredible runtime


  • Expensive

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
It’s a serious investment, but the Pulsar PG10000B offers everything you could want in a portable dual-fuel generator.

7. Champion 3800W RV Ready – An Affordable Champ

Dual fuel generator front panel

Once again, Champion lives up to their name. This offers quite a bit less power than the Champion 7500W, but all of the same quality and great features.

It has 3,800 watts and 4,750 peak watts, perhaps not enough to power everything in your home but more than enough for most projects.

It’s a particularly good dual fuel option for RVs as it is fully RV-ready:

  • 2X Standard 120V 20A Outlets
  • 1X 120V 30A RV Outlet
  • 1X 120V 30A locking Outlet

It has a volt guard surge protector built right in, so your more sensitive electronics will be protected from any surges or spikes.

The generator has a 224cc Champion single-cylinder OHV engine known for being dependable.

It features an electric touch button start, and it has cold start technology.

At just over 100 pounds, it’s one of the lighter dual-fuel generators, but it’s still heavy enough to make the never-flat wheels and pull handle very welcome.

champion 3800w rv ready

For its size and power capabilities, it has a decently long runtime.

There is an auto-shutoff function for when the oil gets low.

A gauge on the front panel keeps you informed of your power output as well as alerting you to pressing maintenance concerns.

Champion generators are generally reliable and trustworthy, but they back it up with a 3-year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.

That really offers peace of mind when making this kind of investment.

That said, this is one of the most affordable dual-fuel models on the market. It’s also one of the models with the best reviews.


  • RV-ready
  • Excellent warranty & support
  • Electric button start
  • Easy double fuel switch
  • CARB compliant
  • Ready out of the box (oil included)
  • Very affordable


  • Not as many outlets as I hoped for

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
If you don’t need quite as much power, the Champion 3800W is a trustworthy dual-fuel portable generator that is RV-ready.

8. DuroMax XP12000EH – Maximum Power from “The Beast”

Duromax beast hybrid fuel generator unpacked

It requires a pretty big investment, but if you need a ton of power, this Duromax has it. It’s known as the beast for good reason: it’s a big machine ready for anything.

With 12,000 peak watts and 9,500 running watts, this generator should be able to power your home as a backup power source if needed.

It has an extra-long runtime, up to almost 48 hours when running at a 1,000-watt load.

The 18 HP 457cc OHV engine is a workhorse.

It’s pretty heavy, but it is also portable thanks to the wheels and pull handle.

For as much power as it offers, it’s unfortunate that there are only two 120V outlets.

There is also one 120V 30A twist-lock outlet, one 120v/240v 30A twist-lock outlet, and one 120v/240v 50A heavy-duty outlet.

Overall, the operation is quite user-friendly. It has an electric start with a backup recoil starter.

duromax xp12000eh

The engine will automatically shut down if the oil gets too low, and there is also a light that warns you in advance when the oil is getting low.

A dual-fuel generator of this size isn’t going to be quiet, but a muffler and spark arrestor reduces the noise by quite a bit.

This generator is EPA-approved and safe for use in national parks, but it doesn’t quite meet California’s strict emissions guidelines.


  • Tons of power on either fuel
  • Electric start with recoil backup
  • Wheels and pull handle
  • Sturdy, solid construction
  • Long runtime & capacity


  • Not CARB-compliant

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
The DuroMax XP12000EH gives you the absolute maximum amount of power available in any dual-fuel portable generator, and it truly is a beast of a machine.

9. Ford FG7750PBE – Built Ford Tough

Switching from gaz to lpg fuel on a ford generator

You know Ford as an automotive leader, but they’ve applied their expertise to the generator market in association with Pulsar.

This model has a 4-stroke air-cooled 420cc single-cylinder OHV engine that gives you a peak output of 7,750W and a rated output of 6,250W.

The engine will shut off if the oil gets too low.

Ford’s experience and innovation in the automotive industry definitely carry over to this engine. You can expect this generator to last and to perform reliably.

It has a convenient electric start with a recoil starter backup.

All of the outlets have rubber covers to protect them from the elements and dust.

There are four 120-Volt AC outlets, one 120-Volt AC twist-lock outlet, and one 120/240V AC twist-lock outlet.

An automatic voltage regulator protects your electronics from spikes or surges.

This generator is pretty heavy, but it does have never-flat tires and a convenient handle. It offers a long runtime on gas, and there is a helpful digital display of how much time you have left (LPG or gasoline).

ford fg7750pbe


  • Outlet covers
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Wheels and handle
  • Dual-fuel gauge
  • Hour meter
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Dependable engine


  • Not as much social proof

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
Like most Ford vehicles, the Ford FG7750PBE dual-fuel generator is well-built and dependable.

10. Firman H03651 Hybrid Series – The Best Warranty

Image Credits: Firman Power Equipment

Firman is a brand that isn’t quite as well-known, but this dual-fuel generator is worth considering. A major advantage? It comes with an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

This generator is easy to use. It has an electric start with a recoil starter backup.

Switching the fuel source just involves the flip of a switch.

It has a fuel gauge, a helpful but surprisingly rare feature on a generator.

The four outlets are covered, helpful for keeping them protected from dust and the elements. It has an automatic voltage regulator to protect your electronics.

It is RV-ready with a 120V 30A RV outlet.

It also has two standard 120V outlets and another 120V 30A outlet.

The construction is sturdy, and it is relatively lightweight. There are also big, never-flat wheels and a pull handle to make transport even easier.

It has a 4-stroke 7 HP 208c OHV engine that will give you 4,550 peak watts and 3,650 running watts with gasoline or 4,100 peak watts and 3,300 running watts with LPG.

If the oil pressure gets too low, your engine is protected with an automatic shutoff feature.

firman h03651 hybrid series


  • Great warranty
  • RV ready
  • Outlet covers
  • Automatic voltage regulator
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Auto shutoff when oil is low


  • Only two 120V outlets
  • Not as much social proof

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
With some of the best warranties available, RV-ready capabilities, and outlet covers, the Firman H03651 Hybrid Series is the best two-fuel generator you’ve never heard of.

Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Dual-Fuel Generator

With so many dual-fuel generators available on the market today, it can be hard to narrow down to the best generator for your needs. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner when it comes to generators or an expert, you will probably still have a question or two along the way.

Hopefully, this brief buyer’s guide will help you narrow down your choices and simplify the process as you look for the best dual fuel generator.


The size you choose comes down to how much space you have and how much power you need to generate. Also, make sure that you choose a high-quality machine that can power all the appliances you have in mind.

Noise Level

Many generators that run on gasoline are often loud. A dual generator, however, uses two different fuel types to control the noise levels somewhat. Another factor when determining the noise level is where you are placing the generator. Will it be further away from the home or closer? This affects perceived noise–and neighborhood relationships.


What appliances do you need to power with your generator? Consider the power input your appliances take, so you can better determine just how much power you will need to start up and run everything efficiently.


It is easy to find an affordable and high-quality dual fuel generator, and this makes it a lot easier to find exactly what you need while sticking to the budget you have.


Finally, it would help if you considered the purpose of your generator. If you need to use it in different locales such as outdoor events, make sure that the generator is easy to transport. However, if it is strictly for home and office use, you don’t need to worry about portability.

Which dual-fuel generator would you suggest for my RV?

Several of these dual-fuel generators are RV-ready, and the rest can be made RV-compatible with an adapter. Of these, any Champion RV ready generator like the “Champion 3800W, or the DuroMax XP4850EH are both great options for an RV-ready generator.

My top recommendation would be the Champion 3800W because it offers a decent amount of power, great features, and dependability at an affordable price.

Dual Fuel vs. Gasoline Only – What are the advantages?

Gasoline is readily available and the easiest type of fuel to obtain. That said, gas tends to be more expensive. Gasoline fumes can also be toxic, and gas is easy to spill.

Propane fuel has several major advantages. Liquid propane gas, or LPG, is quite a bit cheaper and is nearly impossible to spill.

Liquid propane is also a cleaner-burning fuel, which equals less wear on the engine over time. A generator running on LPG will be quieter. There is also less carbon monoxide released with LPG. While gasoline needs fuel stabilizer when stored for more than a few months, LPG stores safely for much longer.

A tank of LPG will also last much longer. In extreme cold, gasoline will probably work better than propane. The major advantage of a dual-fuel generator over a gas generator is that it gives you options. In the case of certain natural disasters, one type of fuel may be more readily available than the other.

A dual-fuel model can also extend your total runtime: you can use up a full tank of gas and then switch to use up your full tank of propane.

Can a dual-fuel generator power my entire home?

Many of these dual-fuel generators will offer enough power to run the majority of your home. If you want a generator that will power your entire home, your best bet is a generator rated for at least 5,000 watts. If you have an electric furnace or a heat pump, you will likely not be able to power them with any of these generators.

You’ll typically need 15,000 watts or more to power these, but you should be fine if you have a gas or forced-air heating system. If you have a well pump, that will require quite a bit of your generator’s load (3,800 watts or more). To know for sure if a dual-fuel generator will run your entire home, you’ll need to add up the wattage of all the appliances and tools you want to run concurrently. Even if you cannot use your generator to run your entire home, you should be able to use it to run the most important appliances to keep you going during a power outage.

Is it possible to convert a standard generator to LPG?

Yes, it is possible to convert a standard gasoline generator to run on LPG instead or as a backup fuel source. The conversion process isn’t necessarily a simple job, but there are some helpful tutorials that can walk you through the process. You can also purchase conversion kits for the project. Buying a dual-fuel generator in the first place means you won’t have to deal with the challenges of this DIY project.

Can a dual-fuel generator run on natural gas?

A single fuel generator can run off natural gas, propane, gas, or diesel. However, when you have a dual fuel generator, you can choose two different fuel types. So, if you run out of your preferred fuel, there is still a backup available until you can get more fuel.

There are very few dual fuel generators that use natural gas however. Most are single fuel natural gas generators that are more for whole house backup power.

What happens when you overload a dual-fuel generator?

If you have several appliances plugged into your generator and exceed the generator’s total allowed wattage, then your generator is not going to be protected against an overload when using a circuit breaker. The system will eventually begin to overheat and can cause significant damage to your generator..

Tri-fuel generators vs. dual-fuel generators – what’s the difference?

Dual-fuel generators run on two different fuel types. You can choose from gasoline, liquid propane, diesel, and natural gas. Tri-fuel generators run on three different fuel types and are a better option in an emergency if you can’t get your preferred fuel. Tri-fuel generators can run on natural gas, propane, and gasoline, and both generators allow you to switch fuel types according to weather conditions.


A portable generator is nice to have on hand for emergencies, but even the best portable generator can also be a nice everyday tool for working in remote locations or for camping and tailgating.

With a dual-fuel generator, you get the advantages of both gasoline and propane. Because propane is a cleaner energy source, dual-fuel generator engines will last longer.

Each of these ten dual-fuel generator models offers something different, and they all perform extremely well.

Have you ever used a dual-fuel generator? Which fuel type do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t hesitate to ask questions, too!

Please share this list with anyone you know who might be looking for a new generator. is an independent review business. I am not affiliated with any manufacturers and do not accept paid reviews. When you buy through my links, I may earn a commission which helps me purchase more generators for testing. - Scott Krager


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