Top 10 Best Generators For Camping (Reviews)

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In this post, I am going to show you the very best portable generators for camping. Especially with the coronavirus, camping and getting outside is more important than ever this summer. I spent hours researching these generators so you can quickly find the perfect size and wattage generator for your campsite. Stay safe!

There is nothing quite like camping out under the stars. These days, it is always a good idea to have a source of power to charge phones, plug in a TV to watch the game, or even plug in an electric skillet. This is where a portable generator comes in.

For most applications, you are going to need a generator in the 1,500 to 2,500-watt range.

We are also going to look at a few solar-powered backup generators as well to expand your options.

Below are the best portable generators for camping ranked and compared:

1. Honda EU2200i 2200 Watt Generator

The only generator to boast a perfect 5 out of 5 star Amazon review record out of the 149 customer reviews at the time of this article is the Honda EU2200i.

This alone should draw your attention to this generator as it has been field-tested by many with spectacular results.

Putting out 2200 watts, no campsite is too big or too small for this generator. With a 8.1-hour runtime at 25%, you can have a full day of fun before having to refill your fuel.

Silver Cymbal


The 48-57 decibel noise level makes it the quietest on our list and is sure to be a blessing for both you and your campsite neighbors.

With a built-in handle and weighing only 47 lbs, moving this generator to any location at your campsite is quick and easy.

Other great features found on this generator are parallel capabilities, an Eco-throttle system, and Honda’s inverter technology.

The Honda EU2200i Generator Features:

  • 121cc OHV Engine
  • Running Watts: 2200 Watts
  • Starting Watts: 2200 Watts
  • Weight: 46.5 lbs
  • .95 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
  • 8.1 Hour Runtime @ 25% Load
  • 2-120V outlets (Household Style Outlets)
  • 1 – 12V DC
  • Sound Level: 48-57 Decibels from 23 Feet Away
  • Parallel Capable
  • Super Quiet
  • Eco Throttle System

Honda offers an industry-leading 3-year residential and 3-year commercial warranty on this generator. This says alot about how much they stand behind this product.


  • Light Weight
  • Parallel Capable
  • Very Quiet
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Would Like To See Multiple Outlets

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
If I had to narrow it down to one single generator to take on my next camping trip, it would be the Honda EU2200i. Not only does it produce the amount of power I am going to need, it is lightweight and most importantly, quieter than the other generators on this list. Although I would have liked to see more outlet choices such as a cigarette lighter style or USB, the EU2200i still outshines in this list. The 149 5 out of 5 star reviews on Amazon (currently) make this choice even easier. I consider the Honda EU2200I to be the best portable generator for camping, as well as the most reliable inverter on my list.

2. Champion 2500-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

I bought this item for various purposes (emergency and camping). I opened up this inverter generator the day it arrived, added oil and gasoline, and it began straight up. That day, I took it to the farmers’ market and used it to run two chest freezers for many hours. We were previously utilizing a vast, bulky, and noisy generator for this reason, but the Champion Inverter is a far superior option. It can power the two freezers, is portable, and consumes little fuel. When not under a high load, this machine is also tranquil. I had it next to another significant brand inverter generator with similar power output. It is reputed for being quiet but costs about twice as much, and the Champion 2500 Inverter was quieter. It’s probably a few decibels louder.

Camping Coastie

I took it camping about a week after buying it and used it to power some festoon lights I strung in the trees, charge phones and laptops, and power a 12-cup coffee machine. I placed the generator approximately 30 feet away from the location and found the sound relaxing, and I couldn’t even hear it while listening to music.

It has USB ports instead of the 12V automotive outlet.


  • Dual fuel
  • Quiet Operation
  • Parallel ready
  • Clean power
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Difficult to start in the beginning (per few customer complaints)
  • Produce a bit too much smoke

3. Cummins Onan P4500i Inverter Portable Generator

The Cummins Onan comes with a traditional pull-start and a simple and elegant electronic starter (battery included). It has a noise rating of 52 dBA (just slightly noisier than a conversation at home). The Onan P4500i may also be started remotely, making it even more convenient (key fob included).

Vogt RV Center


Due to its 3.4-gallon fuel capacity it can run for up to 18 hours on a full tank (fuel usage about 0.19 GPH). It has two DC outlets and two 5V USB ports for charging gadgets like phones and tablets. The TT-30R receptacle on this Cummins generator makes it RV-ready.

The Cummins Onan is more aesthetically pleasing than a standard open frame generator because of its closed inverter generator design. The generator features a modern design that makes it ideal for producing electricity for fun. The 98-pound dry weight allows you to take it wherever you need to go.

We thought the generator would be safe to operate in terms of safety since it had overload protection (circuit breaker) and an automated low oil shut-off. This inverter generator is one of the quietest similar-power models, with its lowest potential noise rating of 52 dBA.


  • In the expected price range
  • RV Ready
  • Lightweight for its kind (98 lbs)
  • Quiet for its power (52 dBA)
  • Fuel efficient


  • It doesn’t have any notably low specs
  • The oil drainer is in an awkward position

4. Honda EU3000iS 49-State Inverter Generator

The Honda EU3000is is an excellent option for many applications, including RV power. It packs a punch in a small package, is simple to start, and is as dependable as any Honda generator.

This portable generator is Honda’s quietest model ever, making it ideal for camping, RVing, or even as a backup generator at home. It is also CARB-compliant, which means you may use this portable inverter generator in any US state.

How To RV

Honda is known for producing high-quality, dependable generators, and their newest model is no exception. This adaptable electric power source is safe for use with sensitive personal electrical equipment.

The Honda EU3000is also boasts a parallel capability and an electronic start, both excellent features. The Honda EU300is battery, which allows for an electrical start, makes this device more user-friendly than other smaller inverter generators, which only have a manual recoil mechanism.

A circuit protector, low oil alarm, output indication, engine, fuel valve, and engine switch are among the other helpful features on the control panel. The control panel is quite user-friendly, and when combined with the electric start, this generator is very user-friendly.

Compared to smaller inverter generators with less power, this portable generator is very quiet. For a 3000 watt portable generator, we thought this was great quiet.


  • Good quality and reliable
  • Easy to maintain
  • It comes with an electrical start for easy use
  • Long run time
  • Compact design


  • Reduced portability
  • Heavier
  • The Eco-Throttle limits how much power you can use

5. Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 Generator

The Briggs & Stratton 30651 is a customer favorite when it comes to mid-power portable generators.

As an already popular brand, Briggs & Stratton has hit another home run with the 30651.

Supplying you with 1700 running watts and 2200 starting watts, the 30651 generator is perfect for any type of campsite or trailer needs.

With the less than 3& harmonic distortion produced from this generator, you can safely use laptop computers, game systems and TVs without worry.

Top Daddies

At 55 lbs, this generator is the heaviest on our list but with the dual built in handles, one or two people can easily move this generator to wherever it is needed.

With a 1 gallon tank, this generator can run up to 8 hours at 25% load for a full day of not worrying about refilling your generator.

Plug in just about anything you can imagine at a campsite with the multiple outlets available on the 30651 P2200.

Choose from the 2 120V household style outlets for everyday household appliances or plug up small accessories like cell phone chargers into the single cigarette style 12V outlet.

The Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 Generator Features:

            • 111cc OHV Engine
            • Running Watts: 1700 Watts
            • Starting Watts: 2200 Watts
            • Weight: 55 lbs
            • 1 Gallon Capacity Fuel Tank
            • 8.5 Hour Runtime @ 25% Load
            • 2-120V outlets (Household Style Outlets)
            • 1 – Cigarette Style 12v Outlet
            • Sound Level: 59 Decibels From 23 Feet Away
            • Parallel Capable
            • Quiet Power Technology
            • USB Adapter Included

Briggs & Stratton offers a 2 year consumer and 1 year commercial warranty on this generator.


  • Quiet Power Technology
  • Easy Carry Handle Built In
  • Outlet Variety
  • Parallel Capable


  • Run Time Is A Little Low Compared To Others
  • Louder Than Others On This List

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
The 30651 generator from Briggs & Stratton is one of my top choices for camping generators. Although it may be a little louder and the run time may not be as long, it is a customer favorite for a reason. With over 400 customer reviews on Amazon at the time of this article, I would pick up this in a heartbeat knowing it is a good generator. It compares very well to the best inverters for campers.

6. Westinghouse iGen2500 Portable Inverter Generator

Renaissance MarineTV

Most inverter generators have a surge power of 2000 watts and a running power of 1600 – 1800 watts. In an otherwise identical design and weight category, the Westinghouse iGen 2500 provides higher power.

This generator is an attractive choice if you search for a small generator with a little more power. You may also take advantage of the parallel capabilities and connect a second Westinghouse iGen 2500 for a total of 5000 watts. All essential household appliances, such as an air conditioner, a portable heater, a cooking stove, and a refrigerator, can operate on 5000 watts.

The Westinghouse iGen 2500 has a one-gallon tank, yet it is very energy efficient. It has a good run duration of 7.7 hours at quarter load and up to 6 hours at full load.

The Westinghouse iGen 2500’s low noise level of 52 decibels at quarter load is excellent. 

This variant also begins with a manual recoil mechanism, as is typical with inverter generators. Installing a battery for an electrical push start would add weight and make the design less portable, one of the key selling features of an inverter generator.

This concept is quite simple to maintain and monitor. The most significant monitoring functions, such as low fuel shutdown and automatic circuit breaker, are already automated in the event of overloading.

The LED display shows the fuel level, voltage, run duration, and power output. Low fuel alert, overload warning, output ready indication, fuel level, low oil indicator, and electrical output are all indicators on the control panel.

We believed the Westinghouse iGen 2500 was a decent inverter generator choice for its class. It provides above-average power while being as portable as versions with lower power capacities.


  • It offers a lot of features for its price range
  • Delivers more power than other counterparts
  • It has a LED screen and indicator lights on the control panel
  • Has added USB ports for charging


  • Manual recoil system
  • Several reviewers have had issues with the cap for the fuel tank

7. DuroMax XP2300iH

The DuroMax XP2300iH’s dual-fuel technology allows for excellent power and adaptability. The device is parallel capable (parallel kit provided), allowing it to connect to a comparable or compatible machine for increased power.

The inverter generator has a traditional pull-start mechanism and has a noise rating of 52 dBA.

Gavin’s Garage

Because the DuroMax XP2300iH is an inverter generator, it has a more attractive enclosed look than a traditional open-frame offering. This approach is the most current and practical in producing electricity for recreational use.

Because the XP2300iH is just 50.6 lbs, it can accompany you and your power demands everywhere you go. Once it is on the ground, its two wheels and telescopic handle will enable you to relocate it quickly.

The generator has an automatic low oil shut-off and overload protection (circuit breaker) for added security, which allows you to use it confidently.

Run times are significant, but since they are dependent on fuel capacity, you should evaluate them with the device’s fuel consumption. This inverter generator is among the most fuel-efficient items in the wattage range, with an estimated gasoline consumption of 0.17 GPH (gallon per hour) at 50% load. If you are looking for one of the most fuel-efficient items in this power range, we recommend the Westinghouse iGen2200, with fuel consumption of 0.11 GPH.


  • USB-C port
  • Parallel kit included
  • Dual Fuel
  • Quiet for its power (52 dBA)
  • Fuel efficient


  • No electric start

8. A-iPower 2300-Watt Inverter Generator with Mobility Kit

A-iPower Corporation

A gasoline-fueled 80 cc Senci OHV 4-stroke engine is in the A-iPower SUA2300i’s design. It has an operating wattage of 1800W and a peak wattage of 2300W with a 120V output. Also, since it is parallel capable (parallel kit provided), it may be attached to a second suitable machine to double its power.

This inverter generator starts with a traditional pull-start mechanism and has a noise rating of 52 dBA (only slightly louder than a quiet suburb).

Due to its 1.1-gallon fuel capacity, the SUA2300i can run for up to 10 hours on a full tank (fuel usage about 0.11 GPH).

It is also significant that it has two DC outlets: a 5V USB port for charging gadgets such as smartphones and tablets and a 12V 8A receptacle for charging your batteries.

The SUA2300i’s control panel has a digital data center that displays information on the power output, voltage, fuel level, and lifespan run hours to help you keep track of its state and activities.

Aside from this information, other light indications indicate when the generator is overloaded, when the oil level is too low, and when the generator is ready.

The generator has an automatic low oil shut-off, which provides peace of mind when in operation.

Because this inverter generator rates for the lowest possible noise of 52 dBA, it may be regarded as one of the quietest similar-power models.


  • Inexpensive
  • RV adapter included
  • Parallel kit included
  • Inverter
  • Quiet for its power (52 dBA)


  • No electric start

9. Sportsman 1000 Surge Watt Portable Generator

The Sportsman 1000W is available for a couple of hundred dollars on average, which is a terrific price. The generator gets a good 5 out of 5 stars regarding price vs. performance. It has shown to be more than capable of handling ordinary tasks.

The generator is relatively light for the price and size and provides high fuel economy and power production. It will have certain flaws, but its performance and lifespan will compensate for those flaws.

Bobby’s Solar Homestead

The Sportsman 1000W provides dependable, practical performance for minor projects in terms of reliability and usefulness. The “1000W” indicates that the generator can produce up to 1000 watts, with an average operating power of 800 watts. This generator is an excellent option for refrigerators and air conditioners that need 800 watts to start but use less electricity.

We thought the safety function that automatically switches off the engine when it becomes stressed is a neat little feature. This characteristic contributes significantly to the generator’s long-term durability. A mechanism automatically shuts off the generator when the oil level drops below a certain level. On a full tank with a 50% load, you can anticipate it to operate for 6.3 hours. The longer you have stuff connected to the generator, the shorter it will last.

While the Sportsman 1000W isn’t powerful enough to power a home, it can keep the batteries in a travel trailer charged. The generator can power a modest electric heater and keep you going when you’re off the grid and camping. The Sportsman 1000W was created primarily for recreational and outdoor use. It’s ideal for outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, and sporting events.


  • Light and easy to move around
  • It runs for up to 6 hours on a 50% load
  • Has an economy mode for better efficiency
  • Can power a 5,000 BTU air conditioner
  • Automatically shuts down when low on fuel


  • Warranty only lasts one year
  • It doesn’t come with engine oil
  • Relatively small fuel tank


So there you have it, the top 10 best generators for camping and trailers.

We hope that this guide has allowed you to make an informed decision on purchasing the correct generator and how to safely use it.

I always suggest to get a generator that can handle more power than you need because you would rather have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it.

Are you currently running a generator for your campsite? If so, what size, and what appliances are you running with it?

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