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The Honda em5000sx generator by Honda power equipment is a popular product in the world of generators. Years ago, you couldn’t find generators with power like this. But today, we’re lucky enough to live alongside some of the most powerful generators in the United States to power our homes, farm equipment, job sites, and so much more.

honda em5000sx

A quick search on the web will show you that this product is known for its 5 stars reviews, but what makes this equipment so special? Is it worth your money? I’ll explore that question and so much more in this review and show that yes, this power generating appliance is worthwhile in more ways than one.

Let’s go ahead and start so that you can find an answer to your most pressing questions about the Honda em5000sx.

Read on, and be sure to connect with us if you have any questions regarding the right generator for your needs.

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Honda Em5000sx Power Equipment Generator Specs

This Honda power equipment can power up some of your largest equipment with no problem. Its specs include:

  • Running Wattage: 5000 watts
  • L x W x H: 41. 1 x 27 .8 x 28.3 in
  • Weight: 232 pounds
  • Displacement: 389 cc
  • Fuel Tank: 6. 2 gallons

Features and Functions

Years ago, you weren’t dealing with powerful generators like the em5000sx. Instead, we had weaker generators that were helpful but not as impressive.

Prepare to be impressed with some of these top-of-the-line features:

Fuel Efficiency

Thanks to Honda’s innovative technology in the overhead valve, the engine of this generator runs more efficiently than most. It is incredibly helpful for instances of a power outage when you may not have gas readily available.

Want to know the level of oil in your fuel tank? Check the built-in fuel gauge.

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Low Noise Level

The Noise Level of this Honda generator is 66 dBA at a full rated load; and 63 dbA at a 50% load.

A rated load means the load that the generator can carry, which is usually the optimum amount. Conversely, you could also run it at 50% and get an even lower noise footprint.

The lower dbA is helpful for people who need a quiet generator due to animals, infants, or simply for a more comfortable experience.

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Automatic Voltage Regulation Technology

Honda’s Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation Technology (iAVR) is one of its high-tech features that ensures a consistent flow of power.

This helpful feature keeps sensitive equipment and electronics safe from high voltage.


This Honda power equipment product comes with a 120/240v selector switch. It gives you the option to choose 120 or 240 v, or both with the 120/240v position option.

With the generator set to AC output 120/240v, you can use both receptacles at the same time.

This generator also comes equipped with a twist-lock receptacle, making it transfer switch ready. It means the Honda generator can potentially power your entire home during a power outage. You’ll just need to connect it to your breaker box.

CO-MINDER Carbon Monoxide Detection System

CO-MINDER is a state-of-the-art carbon monoxide detection system from Honda.

Many people have concerns about how to keep themselves safe from carbon monoxide leaks. This technology is the answer those users have been awaiting.

CO-MINDER will continuously check CO levels. Even better, it will automatically power off the generator before the CO levels get too high, keeping you and your family safe.

Reliable Engine

Honda built its reputation on reliable engines, in both cars and generators. This iGX390 engine is a commercial-grade 389 cc engine built to provide better durability, fuel efficiency, power, and fewer emissions.

You can always check the fuel gauge to see what level your fuel tank is at, but don’t worry too much about that. This Honda generator will automatically shut off when it gets a low oil alert from the tank.


This engine provides 5000-watt power, which is plenty to power up your entire home or any large equipment.

Electric Start

This start provides 7 000 watts for 10 seconds to start high-powered equipment, and then it will return to its standard of 5000 watts. This starting system is helpful when you need to get big equipment up and running quickly with no time to fumble with an unintuitive start.

Long Run Time

The run-time per tankful is 8. 1 hours at full rated load, 11. 2 hours @ 1/2 load.

This run time is extensive compared to the time of others on the market.

Folding Handles

Another great thing about this product is that it comes with positive locking folding handles that make it easier to transport and store the generator when not in use.

Is There More than One Way to Use the Honda Generator?

Yes, there are many ways to use this product. It can power many things, depending on what your needs are at the time.

For example, you could bring it camping to power up your campsite equipment. People also often find it helpful as a backup for power at home if a natural disaster strikes.

If you want to transport it, however, you will need to purchase a wheel kit separately.

Whatever you find this product helpful for may change over time, and that’s okay. Just make sure you will continue to use it for it to be worth the investment.

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Is There a Good Warranty?

The warranty is a common concern that comes up a lot, so I wanted to answer this question upfront. You will get a warranty 3 years with the Honda em5000sx.

Now, a 3-year warranty can be helpful for many reasons. If there is a manufacturing defect that you notice during those 3 years, you may be able to return the product or have it replaced at no cost to you.

Do Customers Like the em5000sx Honda Generator?

Yes, to put it shortly. We searched through hundreds of reviews, ratings, and frequently asked question forums dating back months to just a week ago. Here’s what real customers thought about the em5000sx:

5 stars Reviews

The 5-star reviews for the Honda em5000sx highlight the same themes: It runs quiet, and it is powerful enough to get even the biggest of machines up and running quickly. The carbon monoxide detection system provides a level of peace of mind that other similar products don’t offer.

Happy customers found the generator ideal for power tool use, emergency home backups, camping, and even tailgating.

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Not 5 Stars Reviews

Of course, not all of them can be 5 stars reviews. However, people can learn a lot from the non-5 stars reviews, and they can be just as helpful.

If you have a question about the potential drawbacks of a generator, this is a great place to look for the answer.

People that did not give 5 stars mainly found the product overpriced, as it is a hefty investment. If the price is the only thing they found wrong with it, it’s honestly another testament to these products’ quality and durability.

Pros and Cons


  • Battery included
  • Easy electric start
  • Powers sensitive devices safely
  • Large capacity tank
  • Long run time
  • Powerful output, both starting and running


  • Does not include wheel kit
  • Pricey

What To Look For When Buying a Generator

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for what to look for when buying a generator, there are a few different considerations everyone should keep in mind. If you are trying to find a good generator in the United States, here’s what you should keep an eye out for:


People have different noise tolerances for generators. Many years ago, you just had to deal with a loud one. But not anymore.

Find one that fits your lifestyle. If you don’t need quiet, you may be able to save on one that’s a bit louder.


What kind of power do you need from your engine? Determine how much power you will need for your basic machinery and find one that can power them all at the same time.

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Find one that will last long enough — you may save upfront on a less expensive model, but you may pay for it in return with short bouts of power.


Look for a tank capacity that is reasonable without requiring too much oil.


There are a few different ways that an engine can start. Some generators are an electric start; others are a pull start.

engine start/stop button


I’ve found that often, you don’t need a generator with a ton of outlets. You only need one with enough outlets for you. Stick with what you need; anything extra is just a bonus.

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Should You Buy a Honda em5000sx Generator?

Hopefully, we have been able to answer your biggest question in this review about whether this is a worthy buy for you. Yes, it’s a really powerful product, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s great for everyone.

Some people only need to power a few small things — if that’s you, this isn’t the Honda for you. If you’re looking for serious power that won’t let you down when you need it most, then you may have found your match.

Have any questions about this or other products? Connect with us by contacting our email address!

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