Champion 100520 Buyer’s Guide

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On the lookout for an open frame generator with the efficiency of an inverter generator? You want to check out the Champion 100520. This open frame inverter generator is an advanced power solution for your larger energy needs.

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If you want a powerful generator that is also quieter and lighter than a traditional generator, Champion 100520 is a great choice! Below are some key features, pros & cons, and reviews from customers. Keep reading to learn more about what a Champion 100520 can do for you.

Features and Functions

The Champion 100520 has feature-packed innovative technology. Thankfully, if you ever have any trouble with these features, Champion offers free lifetime technical support and a 3-year limited warranty.

Here are the basic specifications and features:

  • 420 cc Engine Size
  • Electric Start
  • 8750 Starting watts and 7000 running
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Emission: EPA/CARB
  • Voltage (V) AC/DC: 120/240 / 30
  • Dimensions: 26.6 × 25.6 × 23.7 inches
  • Weight: 166.6 pounds
  • Low oil shut-off
  • 10.5 hour run time
  • Quick Drain Oil Tube
  • Never Flat Tires
  • USB adapter battery charging cables

These are just some of the features that make the Champion 100520 such a popular generator. The design of this generator makes it easy to operate and easier to maintain! The open frame allows for easy access to the engine in addition to its touch panel controls. This in addition to its quick drain oil tube and low oil shut-off sensor also makes for easy maintenance.

Many want the power of a larger generator and the ease of an open frame. However, you may also want an inverter generator so it runs to meet demand rather than constantly running at full capacity. Running at full capacity will waste gas and strains your wallet.

Thankfully Champion has engineered a unique design that combines the two. They have also improved upon their traditional design which means a quieter, lighter, and more efficient machine!

In addition to these features, here’s what you need to know about the Champion 100520:

Watts & Hours

The 8750-watt digital hybrid open frame inverter has the power for you! Get this 8750-watt portable generator powering your home, and you don’t have to worry about your electronics. This power will give you 10.5 operating hours with ease! The reliable 420cc engine produces the power you can depend on.

Economy Mode

Your generator also includes an economy mode. Economy mode monitors power to save you fuel while you’re using it! This saves you money and increases your hours of use. Economy mode monitors power consumption as well.

So what does all this mean? The economy mode gives you a quieter operation and extended engine life while reducing fuel usage. Once you have experienced economy mode, you won’t be able to live without it.

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Digital Hybrid Open Frame

The digital hybrid inverter design was created to bring you both the price and ease of maintenance of an open frame with the efficiency of an inverter. Inverters do not run at full capacity constantly. Instead, they will put energy out as needed. This is essential for any generator to run efficiently. An open frame means that the engine is exposed and easily accessible to the user.

When you combine the features of an inverter and the accessibility of an open frame, what do you get? This ingenious hybrid! Many open frames tend to be very loud and disruptive, especially one as powerful as an 8750-watt generator. However, Champion designed their 100520 8750-watt powerhouse to maintain all the benefits of this hybrid model and reduce any drawbacks!

Push-Button Electric Start

This digital hybrid features an electric push-button start included. Plus, cold start technology allows for an easy start in all weather conditions.

Get the electric start battery included plus your push-button cold start for those moments you can’t afford to wait. If you’re living out in colder climates, this feature is a must-have!

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What is intelligauge? Intelligauge monitors voltage, frequency, and operating hours. This easy to use tool will take the guesswork out of monitoring your generator.

Maintenance is required with any generator to ensure a good long life for your generator. However, the intelligauge is just one more feature included in this generator to make maintenance that much easier. Its digital display makes understanding the readings simple for anyone.

Noise Levels

The hybrid open frame inverter doesn’t need to mean a noisy generator. Integrating quiet technology digital components means that Champion power equipment 100520 is 30% quieter and 25% lighter than the Champion 7000 watt generator.

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What Can It Power?

The Champion 100520 is a cost-effective power solution that can provide what you need for just about anything! With 8750 starting watts and 7000 running watts, power your home, work, and electronics!

With USB adapter battery charging cables, you can charge straight from your generator. It also includes covered outlets:

  • One 120/240V 30A locking outlet (L14-30R)
  • Four 120V 20A GFCI protected household outlets (5-20R)
  • One 12V DC automotive-style outlet.

What does that all mean?

It means you name it, this machine will generate the power you need for it!

  • Use this for working. The Champion 100520 will power electric tools and machines. It will power musical instruments. It will power what you need to get the job done.
  • Use it at home. You want to keep your home and loved ones safe and healthy. This generator will do it. Never worry about the loss of electricity again. This will power your home appliances, lights, or electronics. This makes for a great backup in the event of an outage or everyday use as needed.
  • Take it on the road. This digital hybrid’s design makes for a portable companion. Take it on your next camping trip and it will power any tools, electronics, or lights you take with you!

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What Can’t It Power?

Hard to imagine what it can’t power. You will be able to power just about anything for hours with ease. Champion power equipment can do just about everything.

However, this generator is made for outdoor use and should not be in an enclosed space. For example, using this to power an RV while it is enclosed will not do.

Make sure your generator is in an open, outdoor space to allow for ventilation and avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Keeping it outdoors is best for safety.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

So what are customers saying about the Champion 100520 8750-watt? This model boasts a 5-star rating on Champion’s website. On Amazon with over 1,750 reviews by customers, it maintains an impressive 4.6-star rating. With over 90% ratings being 4 or 5 stars (only 15% as 4-star ratings), it’s easy to see why the Champion 100520 is such a popular item.

These reviews across the board consistently mention a few top features:

  • With no need to purchase any additional items, this makes for easy setup.
  • Unlike other generators, this model has no problem reliably powering sensitive electronics with its clean power output.
  • Maintenance is a requirement for any generator. But the Champion 100520’s features make cleaning and regular maintenance easy and fast.
  • Many rejoice at its power capabilities with one reviewer saying “(Most) reasonably priced generator that could power my whole house”.
  • This model is much quieter and lighter than other traditional open-frame models.

With such positive reviews, it’s clear this is a dependable, powerful generator. Overall, the reviews show how much people around the world have relied on the power and efficiency of this machine to keep themselves safe after power outages or keep their jobs moving forward.

If you are looking for a reliable generator for emergencies and something simple to operate as these reviewers wanted, then the Champion 100520 may be the right fit for you.

Pros & Cons

While no generator is perfect, it’s important to find the generator that is perfect for you. When you’re looking for a large generator to power your home, make sure you find the right fit. The 8750-watt digital hybrid Champion 100520 has some pros and cons, and you should consider these before buying.


    • Reduced noise levels by the integration of Quiet Technology digital inverter components.
    • Quick Touch Panel offers fast access to all your generator’s controls.
    • Quick, efficient start! Push-button start includes a convenient electric push-button, battery included, plus cold start technology ensures your quick start in all weather.
    • Oil and fuel made simple. This features a low oil shut-off sensor protects your generator’s longevity and your safety. A Quick Drain oil tube means easy changes. Confidently connect any electronics knowing your digital hybrid inverter runs on Clean Power.

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  • Never Flat Tires make transport and storage easy. This generator was designed with ease in mind, and you will find these never flat tires and its lightweight construction make for a portable but still powerful generator.
  • Great Capability. The Champion 100520 with 8750 watts at start and 7000 running watts is nothing to sneeze at! You’ll love the power this can bring to your home or worksite.
  • The Efficiency of an Inverter. Despite all its power, you won’t find yourself constantly refilling the fuel tank. Because of its digital hybrid design, this generator maintains the benefits of an inverter and its economy mode will use its power wisely.
  • All included in one purchase. Read through this review and you’ll see the word “included” a lot. That’s for good reason! Purchasing this generator won’t leave you needing to run out for a battery or transportation wheels. In fact, you’ll have everything but the oil. Once you have your Champion 100520, add a little juice and you’re ready to power on and go!


  • Louder than an enclosed frame. Enclosed frames are by their very nature quieter than an open frame generator. However, economy mode monitors consumption to reduce the electrical load, providing quieter operation (& extended engine life).
  • No color choice. This generator only comes in one combination: yellow and black. However, this is important for spotting in the dark as it needs to be kept outside.
  • Price. When compared with other generators, this will seem like a steep price to pay. However, when considering the features of this generator, its simplicity for easy use and maintenance, and its economy mode which will save you money in fuel, it’s a worthy investment. Champion’s quality and lifetime support mean you have a generator that will last, rather than purchasing a cheaper generator more frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Will Champion Power Equipment 100520 Last?

sand timerYour use frequency and operating hours will determine the longevity of your Champion 100520. For each use, this generator can last up to 10.5 hours on gasoline. Overall, your generator could last you years or even decades! This purchase guarantees a 3-year limited warranty as well.

Unlike other generators of its size, the Champion 100520 is designed to last. With its low oil shut-off, economy mode, and lifetime technical support, you won’t need a new generator for a very long time.

Is It Good Quality?

Champion brought their already great products up another level from their champion 7000-watt generator. The 8750-watt digital hybrid features a push-button electric start, which is 30% quieter and 25% lighter than their traditional model. The quality of this digital hybrid inverter was thoughtfully crafted with a high quality worthy of its price tag.

Are Champion Generators made in China?

No! Champion generators are designed and manufactured in the USA. Their customer service is also located in the US and Canada.U.S. flag

Verdict: Should You Buy?

Smaller, quieter, lighter, better. Enjoy this generator as its economy mode saves fuel. Its quiet technology, intelligauge economy mode, and push-button electric start make for a convenient, simple generator experience.

If you need a reliable, powerful generator, the Champion 100520 is the right choice. It will keep you and your family safe, get the job done at work, or simplify any outdoor adventure. Don’t skimp when it comes to power; invest in what’s best for you.

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