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Are Honda Generators Worth It

Choosing the best generator is exceptionally hard, especially if you plan to purchase one at a hefty price tag. When it comes to generators, Honda has a stellar reputation. And it’s no surprise: Honda generators are highly known for their quality and high cost.

Honda generators are unquestionably worth their price. They are long-lasting, reliable, and dependable. Honda also provides a generous warranty and features that support its high price. 

But you will only be able to enjoy everything they offer if you find and buy a suitable model. The factors to consider include cost, portability, and output. To know more about them, read on.

Who Makes Honda Generators?

Who Makes Honda Generators

Honda Power Equipment, headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, comprises three distinct operating divisions: Honda Engines, Honda Power Equipment, and Honda Marine.

In the United States and other parts of the world, Honda assembles its products, including generators, engines, lawnmowers, pumps, tillers, and marine equipment.

In 1953, Honda began producing small engines for use in power. Honda introduced the Honda generators and outboards to the US market in 1973.

They remain pioneers in creating low-emission, fuel-efficient, eco-friendly four-stroke engines for generators, water pumps, lawnmowers, strong and compact machines, outboard motors, and a wide range of other power equipment applications.

Honda reached a significant milestone in 2015, with over 40 million satisfied power equipment customers in the US.

Different Types of Honda Generators

Honda generators come in various types. They can be portable, standby/backup, standard, or inverter generators based on their functions.

Portable Honda Generator

Portable Honda Generator

Portable generators are precisely what their name implies. You can move them from one location to another. You can use this generator to operate home appliances.

But you can also take it to other work and recreation sites that lack a conventional power source. They are helpful because they have 120v power outlets and can run on gas (or diesel).

The portable generator typically generates direct current and is primarily used to charge electric devices. Portable generators are typically small and easy to transport.

Honda has mini-size portable generators that you can use for picnics or other family outings.

Backup or Standby Honda Generator

Backup or standby generators are immobile. You cannot move them once installed in a specific location and wired into the electrical system.

Standby generators are typically installed in facilities, such as schools and hospitals, to serve as a backup power source. This generator primarily produces alternating current and is mainly linked to the main power line.

Standard Honda Model

Standard Honda Model

To purchase a Honda generator, first, decide whether you want a standard model or an inverter.

The standard Honda generator needs to be updated. Standard Honda models have been around for a long time; therefore, it is less expensive.

It is also bigger, heavier, and noisier. Often, standard generators have an irritating tendency to produce power spikes and lulls when designed for AC output.

Inverter generator

Honda Inverter generator

Unlike traditional generators, portable inverter generators deliver more balanced power. What makes them superior?

The stable output makes inverters more workable with sensitive electronics. In comparison to traditional generators, inverter generators deliver more balanced power.

It can throttle electricity to meet power demand. Because of its higher fuel efficiency, an inverter generator saves more fuel and consumes less power, even though it is not required to function fully.

What type of Honda generator should you use?

You may select any of the appropriate types for your situation. For example, a portable generator will come in handy if you are about to move a lot.

If you want to power your home, standby generators will suffice. However, if you are concerned about the safety of your generator, an inverter generator is ideal.

Furthermore, after purchasing the generator, you may desire additional protection. You can install a generator interlock kit. Installing the interlock kit will be relatively inexpensive.

Top Features of Honda Generators

A Honda generator provides you with numerous features and benefits. This feature also gives Honda an advantage in concealing its high price.



Honda generators are more than just long-lasting. They are highly reliable and can start on command even after years of use, so you can trust Honda generators to retain their value.

They are also dependable due to their completely high-quality devices. The Honda generators can work even after many years of rugged use.


Honda generator is a powerful generator and compact machine built to last – primarily if properly maintained, including non-stop running them dry before storing.

This brand is famous for its reputation for standing the test of time.

Portability and Transferability

Portability and Transferability

Some of the Honda models are so light that you can easily transport them. There are also some heavy-duty generator models available. However, this is not a problem because they have wheels you can use to make transportation easier.

There is a good selection available, including inverter models ranging from 1kVA to 7kVA in size and portable units for work sites and other business applications.



Honda generators are unlimited in their capabilities. You can use them to power home appliances, campsites, and construction sites, among other things.

Honda generators can support sensitive and rugged electronic devices depending on the model.




Honda uses four-stroke engines with low decibel levels, which makes it appropriate for residential settings.

Their generators, particularly those in the ‘Super Quiet EU’ series, have extremely quiet operation. This feature makes it ideal for vacations or domestic use.



Value makes Honda generators a financially sound investment that could pay off in the long run. These generators are cost-effective. True, some of the models are pretty pricey.

They do, however, come with very appealing warranties. Furthermore, their repair centers, located throughout the country, are always ready to meet your needs. The Honda generator accessories are easily also accessible, which is ideal for maintenance.

Fuel efficiency

The fuel capacity determines how many hours a liter of fuel will power a generator. However, there are various types of Honda generators based on fuel efficiency.

A Honda 2000, for example, will run for about 10 hours on a single gallon of gas. Compared to other generators, Honda generators typically run for more extended periods, which reduces the cost of effectively operating.

How Long Does A Honda Generator Last?

Honda generators consume about 5 gallons in 8 hours, depending on their load. A Honda generator can also consume 2.5 gallons of fuel in 24 hours. The generator load determines the amount of gas the machine can consume.

Portable generators used for emergency power in a home can run for 2,000 to 3,000 hours. It is less than a diesel generator’s 20,000-30,000 hour lifespan. Small generators are used less frequently each year and can last up to a decade.

The Honda Engine

There are numerous advantages to using genuine Honda engines. The reasons include less downtime, lesser ownership costs, improved performance, and more.

The world’s largest engine manufacturer, Honda, has more engine reputation than anyone else. They have a well-deserved reputation for the quality and performance of their engines.

When you choose a Honda engine or a Honda-powered product, you know what you are getting.

Honda engines are the best in class in terms of engineering and technology. They are like no other generators, from their amazingly compact mini 4-stroke engines to the intelligent power of their iGX series.

The Warranty of Honda Engines

A warranty may be evidence of how a manufacturer rates its product. Honda generators are known for their high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology.

The manufacturer thoroughly tests the product to determine how long you can use it without issue.

The Warranty of Honda Engine

Honda has a generous 3-year generator warranty. Other models, like the Eu10i, come with a 4-year residential and 1-year commercial warranty. You can spend money knowing that you can address many problems within the first 3 or 4 years of use.

Honda engines are also known for their dependability and durability. Their engines have high-quality components designed to perform optimally in the harshest environments.

They have an extensive nationwide dealer network with over 14,000 locations, available to help you with everything from parts to service.

Honda Generator Uses

Because different situations entail different generators, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Here are some examples of Honda generator applications in various scenarios.

Recreational use, commercial use, or agricultural use

A mid-size model, such as the Honda 3kVA EU30i inverter, is appropriate for this scenario due to its high capacities and added features.

Camping trip and other outdoor activities

Honda’s inverter generators are ideal for camping and other outdoor activities. They operate quietly, are incredibly portable and compact, and are ideal for fueling sensitive devices due to their low distortion. The Honda EU22i 2.2kVA model is an example.

Trade, food, motorhome, or a backup at home

The Honda EU70is 7kVA inverter is the best portable model for these functions. The Honda EM10000 9kVA is another non-inverter alternative.

Top Picks: 5 Best Honda Generators

Here is our compilation of reviews for the top 5 Honda generators available.

Honda EU2200i

Honda EU2200i Generator

The best inverter generator on our list is the Honda EU2200i. It is also the most portable model, weighing approximately 46.5 lbs. You can quickly load it into your truck and transport it to a campsite.

The generator model is not the cheapest option available due to the numerous functions and features packed into a small package. Regardless of its size, this generator is durable and long-lasting. The fuel tank is less than one gallon, so the product should be used for something other than heavy-duty applications.

If you use this generator at half load, you should expect to use it for at least 4 hours. This model’s peak wattage is 2200W. While this model is ideal for portable appliances and applications on a job site that require multiple power tools, it is not a suitable backup for the entire house.

It is an inverter-type product, which automatically converts current to direct current signal, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your devices. It is, for example, safe to use the generator on your iPad.

Another advantage of using this generator is that it produces less noise than other models. It has a noise level of 48dB in mind. The generator is also lightweight and portable. As a result, you can take it on a camping trip and use it directly with devices.

Honda 2200i

Honda EB2200i Generator

The Honda 2200i generator weighs 40 pounds and is part of the Honda Power Equipment Super Quiet Series. When running, it produces sound at a decibel level ranging from 48 to 57.

The Honda 2200i, with inverter technology, promises stable power without being a hefty generator. Compared to other generators, an eco-throttle system, exclusive to Honda, will save you a significant amount of gasoline.

Using this generator at regular load settings will get between 3.2 and 8.1 hours of run time on a single gas tank. Whether you need more power for several hours during the day or all night, the 2200i can handle it.

If you discover that you require more power than a single 2200i generator can provide, Honda claims that you can easily connect your first generator to a second of the same model using a cord or cable. You now have a total of 4,400 running watts of power.

An electronic circuit breaker in this Honda generator prevents overload conditions, extending the life of your generator. Both the spark muffler and the arrestor meet USDA requirements.

Another great feature is the carbon monoxide detector and the stamped metal recoil rope insert, which protects the generator’s body from long-term damage. The increased ventilation area allows the 2200i’s components to cool down faster.

Honda EG5000

Honda EG5000 Generator

If you are looking for a dependable and high-quality generator, the Honda EG5000 is one of the best options. The generator has a fuel capacity of 6.3 gallons and can run for at least 12 hours. You can use other 120V or 240V power outlets to power various electronics and devices.

The generator has a peak power of 5000 running watts, making it ideal for powering an air conditioner and various household appliances.

You can use this generator as a backup power system if the power goes out. It includes a fuel gauge to help you track how much fuel you’re using to power your home.

You will appreciate this generator’s dependability because it is very long-lasting. Before purchasing the generator, keep in mind that it lacks wheels and thus is not portable.

Honda EM5000SX

Honda EM5000SX Generator

The Honda EM5000SX is an improved version of the EG5000. Because it is an improvement over the EG5000 model, it has even more features. Despite being heavier than the EG5000 model, it is equally dependable and has reduced its noise level.

The product runs more quietly, producing a maximum of 63 dB. It is lower than the more than 70 dB heard in the EG5000. The model retains the majority of the positive aspects of the EM5000SX. It has plenty of power to run various appliances.

The model has a 6-gallon fuel capacity and can run for at least 11 hours at 12 loads. This model is excellent if you are okay with having a large, bulky generator in your garage or home.

You will like the generator because of its dependability and ease of use. It also includes a three-year manufacturer warranty.

This model, unlike the EG5000, has wheels and is ideal for moving around the garage or house.

Honda EG6500

Honda EG6500 Generator

The Honda EG6500 is one of the most portable generators available. It is ideal if you want to power multiple devices and provide large amounts of power while disconnected from the main power supply.

For example, you can use this generator if you need electricity on job sites that do not yet have mains power or if you run a mobile catering business.

The generator is portable while still providing a high power capacity. It has a peak/rated power of 6500/5500 watts. It is thus the best option for you if you want to have multiple devices plugged in and operating at the same time.

Powered by gasoline and with a fuel tank capacity of 6.3 liters, the generator can run up to 10 hours at half load, useful for power outages. However, the model is heavy compared to other Honda generators. It also makes a lot of noise, which rates at 70 dB.

Is a Honda Generator Worth the Money?

This question is still determined by why you require a generator, how you intend to use it, and how you feel about the brand.

If you desire a power-quality unit and are willing to pay a higher price, you might opt for a Honda generator. What you pay for is definitely worth your buck!

On the other hand, if you are looking for the right generator with great features at a low cost and are not concerned with the brand name, you may choose another generator brand.

One of the most important considerations is that the Honda generator comes with a solid three-year warranty.


Every product has advantages and disadvantages. Honda generators are no exception. If you have yet to come to a satisfactory conclusion, consider some factors that have made Honda generators so appealing to so many people.

Honda is a reliable generator manufacturer, which makes buying a Honda generator an excellent investment.

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