Champion 3400W Dual Fuel Review: Worth Its Price Tag?

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Champion 3400W
In my opinion, Champion Power Equipment makes some of the best ones out there.

In this review, I’ll be writing about a portable generator with decent power that is also RV-ready and dual-fuel (gasoline or LPG): the Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator.

About This Generator: Features

All generators are the same, right?

In reality, some generators really stand out for having unique features, like electric start, RV outlets, USB adapters, etc.

Check out some of the basic features of this Champion generator, and then read on for some of the more standout features it offers:

  • Fuel: dual gasoline or liquid propane gas capability
  • Engine: 192cc Champion single-cylinder OHV engine
  • Starting watts: 3400
  • Running watts: 3100
  • Estimated run time @ 500W: 11h 30 minutes
  • Inverter: yes, clean energy sine wave with less than 3% THD
  • Outlets: 120V 30A RV, two 120V 20A, 12V DC outlet with dual USB adapter
  • Noise level: ultra-quiet, only 59 dBA
  • Parallel-ready

Electric Start

Electric start button on a Champion 3400W portable generator

For me, ease of use is an important factor in a generator.

Most generators have a recoil starter with a pull cable. This does have one of those but it also has an electric start option.

This is super convenient and easy to use.

Unfortunately, this one doesn’t come with a remote starter like the Champion 75537i generator, but the electric start is really easy and reliable (and consider this: is the remote worth the price difference for you?).

Other great ease-of-use features are the low-oil auto-shutoff feature, and the sturdy wheels and handle for easy transport.

RV-Ready Out of the Box

RV Outlet on a Champion dual fuel generator
Image credits: Champion Power Equipment

A portable generator can be the RV enthusiast’s best friend, but not all generators are a good fit.

Champion 3400W Dual Fuel is fully RV-ready and perfect for the job. In addition to having a special RV outlet, it’s powerful enough to run most 15,000 BTU RV air conditioners (check my post about central AC, too).

It’s also parallel-ready. When you use this optional Champion Parallel Kit to hook up this generator to another Champion generator with at least 2,800 watts, you get a 50A RV outlet.

This would let you run two 15,000 BTU RV air conditioners. Finally, this is an ideal RV generator because it is relatively easy to transport. It’s a bit heavy at nearly 100 pounds, but its size, wheels, and handle make it easy to transport and tuck away.

Noise Level: How Loud Is It?

For a generator this powerful, it’s pretty unusual to see operation this quiet (here is my test & comparison for the quietest generators).

At only 59 dBA, you can still easily have conversations when it’s running.

This makes it great for activities where you’re around other people in close proximity, like tailgating and camping.

You don’t have to worry about annoying your neighbors because of your noisy generator!

The noise level will fluctuate a bit depending on the kind of load you’re running. At a higher load, it will be louder. It will be at its quietest when running a quarter-load and using Economy Mode. This smart throttle automatically adjusts the engine to boost fuel economy, extend the life of the generator, and reduce noise.

Gas Consumption & Capacity

Image Credits: Champion Power Equipment

The 1.6-gallon fuel tank can be filled with standard unleaded gasoline.

The relatively high degree of fuel efficiency means that gas consumption will be reasonable.

On a full tank of gas, you can expect a total run time of up to 11 hours 30 minutes at a 500W load (my estimate).

I wish that the gas tank held a bit more, personally, especially for a generator of this size and output capacity.

The fuel efficiency helps, but you do still have to refuel more often than I’d prefer.

Because this is a dual fuel generator, you also have the option of using liquid propane gas as fuel.

An included 2.3-foot hose can hook up to a 20-pound propane tank. When using propane as your fuel source, you’ll get a much longer run time.

You can expect a total run time of up to 14.5 hours on a full tank of propane.

The oil tank holds 0.6-quarts of oil, and the manufacturer recommends 10W-30.

Service, Manual, & Warranty

One of the best things about this generator is the 3-year limited warranty with free lifetime technical support.

If you ever have any kind of problem with the generator, even after your warranty has expired, friendly and professional experts can help you find a solution. They are known for excellent customer service.

It’s important that you follow all of the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular maintenance, as laid out in the manual.

If you fail to do so or if you try to complete repairs yourself, the warranty will become void. Luckily, the maintenance is pretty straightforward and the instructions are laid out quite clearly in the manual.

If you have a problem, it’s a good idea to try troubleshooting first as laid out in the manual.

If that doesn’t help, then you should call Champion Power Equipment’s customer service and they will direct you.

They will most likely connect you with a qualified repair person near you.

Online Customer Reviews & Ratings

Watch the video review here:


This is one of the best-reviewed Champion portable generators you’ll find.

As of this writing, Amazon reviewers have given it 4.4-star average with nearly 80 percent of those reviews being perfect 5-star reviews.

One buyer describes this Champion generator as offering the same quality as the popular Honda generators but at a much more affordable price.

Several reviewers praised the generator for being surprisingly quiet. Others call it easy to use.

A handful of buyers describe having problems with the generator overloading or not working as described, but these reports are definitely an exception to the overall glowing praise.

On YouTube, Rockin RPC (video above) reviews the generator very positively, describing it as particularly adept at RV use.

Potential Problems & Known Issues

No Oil Warning Label

One thing to be aware of with this generator is that if you just leave it sitting around and hardly ever use it, the battery might wear down.

You’ll need to charge the battery every now and then if you want the generator to get you through an emergency power loss situation.

The only other known issues with this generator are the same potential issues you’d encounter with any generator.

By and large, these problems can all be solved with some pretty basic maintenance.

If troubles arise, like the generator not starting or failing to power all of your devices, just go through the troubleshooting steps listed in the manual.

More often than not, something simple like cleaning the air filter or spark plug will solve the problem.

Final Words & My Opinion: Should You Buy It?

The Champion 3400 Watts Generator is an especially good option if you need a good amount of power but also value quiet. In fact, the Champion generator really surprised me when I heard how quiet it is, especially for its size and power.

It’s also great for easy transport. It is pretty heavy at nearly 100 pounds, but it has nice wheels and a handle. The size is also pretty ideal for sliding into a truck bed, even with a truck cover on.

You get a lot of features with this generator, like the dual-fuel capability (option to use either gasoline or propane). If you want a generator that is easy to use and user-friendly, you really can’t go wrong with this Champion model.

What do you think? Does the Champion 3400W Dual Fuel Inverter Generator sound like the right portable generator for you? It definitely didn’t disappoint me!

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Electric Start






Ease of Use



  • Dual-Fuel
  • Quiet for the amount of power
  • Easy to carry
  • Electric start
  • Excellent Company Warranty & Support


  • You can get the same wattage for a bit cheaper than that
  • No remote start on this model is an independent review business. I am not affiliated with any manufacturers and do not accept paid reviews. When you buy through my links, I may earn a commission which helps me purchase more generators for testing. - Scott Krager


  1. I read this review of the Champion 3400W Dual Fuel Inverter Generator, and like most prospective buyers out there, I am looking for a great inverter/generator at a great price that will last me for years. That being said, I am skeptical about purchasing a Champion, or any other inverter that does not have the name Honda, Yamaha or Briggs and Stratton on it, and that is because when they break down and you require components to be replaced, you can find them almost anywhere. Whereas, units such as Champion, Energizer, Westinghouse, Honeywell….all are products that you would be hard pressed to find parts for. In other words, they are disposable because of that reason.
    So, in your opinion, you give it a two thumbs up and that is for the unit itself and of its operation; plus, the fact that you state that they (Champion) have a reputable support line. I guess the proof is in the pudding. It’s trying to convince myself to purchase it, though.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I find Champion Generators to be a decent bang for your buck. They do have a really good customer support and their products are engineered for the US market.
      They sold millions of generators in the US and have a research center in Wisconsin where they design motors. I do recommend them, and this particular model is a good pick if you need dual fuel.

      1. My cabin runs off propane (500 gallon tank) can I connect this? How long will it take to charge a Tesla X?

      2. Well,I own 4 generators all champion.I have owned them for 3- 4 years..They all still run perfect.We use them all on an off grid cabin.First one was a 3500-4000 watt,Second was a 3650 -4500 watt.The last two are both 1400-1800 watt each.Im now thinking about the champion 3400watt dual fuel electric start inverter.Because of the quietness and fuel economy..They are the only kind I will buy..

    1. Hi Tom,

      Assuming champion’s announced consumption at quarter load, and prices here:

      At 1/4 load, it runs 7.5 hours on gasoline (1.6 gal full-tank capacity) or $5.70 of gas at $3.8/gal = $0.76 per hour
      At 1/4 load, it runs 14.5 hours on propane (20-pound tank) or $18.50 of propane = $1.30 per hour

      A 20lb propane tank can be refiled from $12 to $20 depending on where you buy propane, at the lowest price it will be close to running it on gas in terms of cost, at the highest price about 2 times as much.

      1. One part you leave out of you equation is maintenance costs.
        True… propane costs more but it burns way cleaner than gasoline so fuel system maintenance will be way lower, not to mention down time while you do needed carb cleaning and other related maintenance items on the fuel system. Also the propane mode does not require the battery to start or run. Try that with the genny in gasoline mode. So battery maintenance will be an issue for gasoline operation.

        on an unrelated matter…
        The remote start feature is not available with dual fuel but it can be aftermarket retrofitted. All a matter of money and whether you need the convenience of remote start.

  2. to run a parallel kit, do you have to use another champion? or can I use another brand?

  3. Hi, I have regular Champion generator 4000w purchased last year. I bought a Champion dual fuel inverter generator of 3400w now. Could I able to use the parallel kit to the regular Champion generator and this inverter?

    1. Hi Venkata,

      Unfortunately, they do not sell or produce any type of adaption kits to connect a non-inverter type with an inverter generator. Only inverters can be paralleled with one another as long as they have the black and red-squared syncing ports.

    2. I purchased the 3400 dual fuel generator. I bought it to run my 15000 btu AC on propane. When the compressor cycles. The Gen over load light flashes for a second then stops. Is this normal?

  4. I sent for one from the supplier on a credit card a 3400 gas electric now 4 weeks ago when I order the bank security rang and said did I now there was a price difference in the yen to gbp I said no I will stop it but the money was taken anyway this was 3/4 weeks I wonder how long I will have to wait now

    1. Hi John,

      Not sure why you would buy this from Japan, they are available in the US or UK on Amazon… you may also end up paying import duties. Best communicate with the shop you purchased the generator from.

  5. Hi John I am looking into buying this for my house not RV. Will it run house hold stuff well? Or should I look in to possibly buying one with a higher watt?? Thanks

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      It really depends on what you are trying to power with it, you can hook it up to your house with a transfer switch or power directly most home appliances. You can use my calculator to estimate your power needs. In general, I would say 10,000 watts and up is recommended to power a whole house.

  6. So please explain why it creates less power on propane than on gasoline? Seems odd that gasoline in the engine causes the generator to create more power than propane in the engine does.

  7. Just bought my first generator and was wondering about grounding. I have never seen anyone use a grounding wire for the ones i have seen before. Is this absolutely necessary? If so what is the easiest way to do so when the power goes out?

  8. ok all commentators on this on the tube say the same thing get inverter. I am looking at the dual fuel champion 3100 inverter vs the 3400 conventional dual. using for hurricane backup –always goes out depending on the hurricane last year 5 days . FInally getting tired of it. just want to run a few things: like computer ,tv, –but these don’t rum if wi fi is out and it was. Some lights, coffee in am fridge pretty continuously; fans. No big items. AS I said everyone is selling the inverter as the best since sliced bread but at a $400 difference I wonder if that worth it for such little use? any help

  9. The low noise feature got me thinking about replacing my conventional dual fuel Champion 76533 generator until I determined how unhappy I’d be about losing running watts; losing the volt, hertz, and hour Intelligauge meter; losing the 120 volt 30 amp Twist-Lock receptacle; and paying almost twice the price for quieter but less capable machine. Who in their right mind would trade a Ford Powerstroke for a Smart car?

  10. Hello, I am thinking of purchasing this 3400 Champion. My question is can this unit be wired into a switch box sourcing specific circuits in my home.

    Thank you

  11. Hi and thanks for the review. We are buying this as a back up generator for the house. However, we have two electric vehicles as well. Is this generator compatible with an EVSE? Grounding etc? If not are there work arounds. Thanks.


  12. Someone said a remote start can be aftermarket fitted. What part of who sells the kit for this? I run mine on propane and to turn it off you close the gas. Would the retrofitted item both start and stop the generator and if so can the propane tank valve be left open with th unit not running?

  13. Have a mobile home in Northern California and trying to prepare for this year’s planned power outages.
    Will this 3400 Inverter Generator be effective.
    I am planning on using extension cords from the generator to my appliances.
    It is imperative that I be able to run my washer and dryer.
    The washer is an older model whirlpool 10 amps 120 volts. That would be the only appliance being run when it is needed, as would the dryer.
    Can you please give me an answer without all the run around I have gotten from so many others.
    I’d ask my husband but he has Alzheimer’s.

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