Westinghouse Wgen9500df: Buyer’s Guide and Review

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Are you looking for a reliable generator that you can rely on for power in many situations? One of the power source machines you could take camping or use in emergencies is the Westinghouse wgen9500df, a dual fuel portable generator.

westinghouse wgen9500df review

The guide below will go over everything you need to know to determine whether the wgen9500df is right for you. Along with sharing details about the features, we’ll also share what qualities to look out for in a generator like the Westinghouse wgen9500df.

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Features and Functions

Like other 4-stroke ohv Westinghouse engines, the wgen9500df has all the standard features of a generator plus more. You’ll gain access to a variety of features and functions. Plus, you also get a high run time, output frequency, and lifetime hours.

Some features of this Westinghouse generator include:

  • A transfer switch ready l14 30r function
  • A built-in fuel gauge
  • A heavy-duty 457cc 4 stroke ohv
  • A set of intuitive control panel spotlights
  • A cord hookup vft data center displays volt output
  • A gauge automatic low oil signal
  • A set of heavy-duty never-flat wheels
  • A button electric start makes starting simple
  • 24/7 customer service and support
  • A handle and lift bracket

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Power Level/Run Length

The Westinghouse wgen9500df has dual fuel capacities. You can use both propane and gas to power the machine. No matter which type you choose, the built-in fuel gauge will tell you when you need to refuel.

The generator is also transfer switch ready l14 for when you need both fuel types. You get 9 500 running watts and 12 500 peak watts when using the device with gas power.



When you choose the Westinghouse wgen9500df, there are three separate starting mechanisms. However, the most common option to use is the remote start key fob. The start key fob offers added ease when you need power and can’t get close to the generator. No matter the distance, its intuitive control allows you to power appliances like the air.

Many emergencies make it difficult or impossible to reach the generator physically. Having a fob allows you to access your device faster because you can turn it on from far away.

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GFCI Outlets Push Button

When you look at the stroke ohv Westinghouse engine control panel, you’ll see the center displays volt output and provides six AC outlets:

  • Two duplexes that are 120V 20A (5-20R) GFCI
  • A 120/240V 30A (L14-30R) receptacle
  • A 120/240V 50A (14-50R) receptacle

The data center displays volt output frequency so that you can monitor your power. It has intuitive control panel spotlights so that when you use the GFCI outlets push-button electric functionality, you’ll know exactly what’s happening. The panel also spotlights the transfer switch that lets you use gas and diesel.

The machine can handle an emergency shutdown, and GFCI outlets make sure that you immediately get power back. The Westinghouse outlets push-button electric service gives you constant access to energy.

Power-sensitive devices might not work with the wgen9500df since the generator has a relatively high THD.

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The St. Switch Ready Outlet

The heavy-duty 457cc 4 stroke ohv Westinghouse engine wgen9500df has a feature that allows you to transfer power in case of a power outage automatically. The outlet is called the st switch ready l14 30r and allows you to maintain electricity immediately.

To use this function, you’ll need to purchase the additional Westinghouse ST switch. However, the cost is minimal compared to hiring an electrician to transfer power.


The wgwen9500df is small enough to take with you when you are out in the wilderness but large enough to power your home for hours after the city electricity goes out. The dimensions are L27.2 x W26.5 x H26. The frame is open, which provides stability and allows individuals to place the machine above the ground.

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Automatic Low Oil Shutdown

Before using the machine, check the fuel gauge. Automatic low oil will blink if you need to change the fluid. You will never run out of liquid without knowing about the shortage. The fuel gauge automatic low allows you to protect the l gas tank, keeping your machine safe.

If you’re running the generator during an emergency, the wgen9500df will automatically turn off when you are out of oil. All you need to do is replace the liquid, and the device will be back up and running like new.

three outlets and a switch

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With regular maintenance, conveniently portable devices will last for years. The never-flat wheels handle and lift bracket allow you to take your generator wherever you want. The cast iron sleeve makes the machine a bit heavy but manageable.

Count on the design of the L gas tank, keeping the device convenient for carrying. You won’t have to worry about damaging the machinery because of the casing.

Electric Start Dual Fuel

The fuel portable generator produces environmentally conscious power. While you have a gallon 25 l gas tank, you can also use diesel as well. The device spotlights the transfer switch, making it easy for you to change fuel types whenever you need to.

You’ll feel better about your fuel consumption while using the running watts the wgen9500df produces.

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Heavy Duty 457cc 4-Stroke OHV Westinghouse Engine

The engine is reinforced by the durable cast iron sleeve, the 25 L gas tank keeping it running for around 12 hours. That’s 6.6 gallons, which is a sizable fuel tank for a generator of this size.

The cast-iron makes the generator a bit on the heftier side, weighing 220lbs. But considering the durability it adds, the extra pounds are worth it.

Dual Fuel Generator — 9500 Watt Dual Fuel

The dual-fuel tank can use both propane and gasoline and can switch between the two without powering down the generator. Gasoline allows for 9 500 running watts and 12 500 peak watts; propane allows for 8 500 starting watts and 11 200 peak watts.

Multiple Outlets

  • 1 × 120/240v 30a (L14-30r) AC Outlet
  • 1 × 120/240V 50A (14-50R) AC Outlet
  • ST Switch Outlet
  • 2 × 120v 20a 5 20r GFCI AC Outlet

Each outlet is equipped with a cover, so they stay protected while not in use. Remember though, just because there are coverings does not mean you should keep your generator out in the open. It’s always best to keep your generators covered as you can.

Control Panel

An intuitive control panel spotlights the large 14-50 R and Transfer Switch Ready L14-30 to make powering up all major appliances easy once your power goes out. The one-button electric start makes starting up the duel fuel generator a breeze.

Plus, to keep your generator in prime working condition, each outlet is equipped with a plastic outlet covering.

Remote Start

You can start this generator traditionally, with the classic pull-start mechanism. You can also use the easy one push-button electric start, so things are even easier. But the best part of all is the Westinghouse wgen9500df includes a remote start key fob! Start your generator without even getting up.

The Transfer Switch Ready L14-30R power outlet and remote start capabilities make sure your home stays powered, even in the event of a major outage. You’ll only ever go a few moments without power in emergency situations. And, thanks to being able to start from a 260-foot distance, you’ll never have to brave the elements to receive immediate power.

Data Center

So you’re always able to know the real-time status of your generator, the wgen9500df contains a VFT data center with a real-time feed of lifetime hours, frequency, and voltage output. This is especially great if you’re a first-time buyer, you’ll never have to put any guesswork into how long it’ll last and how much it’s powering.

Lifetime Technical Support

The wgen9500df offers a 3-Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support backed by a strong customer service and support network. This is one of the greatest warranties available. Make sure to register through their website following your purchase to take full advantage of their warranty perks.

What Does It Power?

The 9500 starting watt dual fuel generator gives you lots of options for powering up. You’ll be able to power most major appliances in any situation by connecting to the ST Switch. With a single cord hookup, you can power things such as an air conditioner, refrigerator, and sump pump.

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Utilize this generator:

    • In Your Home: Most in-home appliances can be powered by the wgen9500df. Your AC, fridge, freezer, washer, dryer — all of the above and more! This generator is also one of the best generators for hot water heater. Losing power won’t be a major issue anymore.

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    • In Your RV: On the road? No problem. This generator has you covered, powering your stove, water heater, or any other RV appliances. When considering the generator size to run hot water heater, this model proves to be efficient. The portability makes it simple for the generator to travel with your camper.
    • Tailgating: Look, sometimes you want to bring a massive television or large sound system to the tailgate spot. It’s a good thing this generator can help you power it up. Although it’s on the heavier side, it’s not unheard of to bring this bad boy around town.
    • On Your Remote Job Site: Beyond being an additional power source for your large home, you can use it in remote job site locations to power tools and large lights. It’s an engineer’s dream, giving you between 7 and 12 hours of continuous power.

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If you’re ever concerned about it running out of juice, the VFT Data Center keeps you in the loop with real-time readings of voltage output, frequency, and lifetime hours. You’ll never be in the dark about when you’ll be in the dark.

What Can’t It Power?

While this generator is excellent for large, useful appliances and big or mobile homes it’s not recommended for charging personal electronics. It has a decently high THD, so it may fry or break small electronics. This includes laptops, computers, cell phones, or gaming devices. If you’d rather this not happen, don’t directly connect these products to your generator.

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Who is the Wgen9500df For?

The Westinghouse wgen9500df dual fuel portable generator is high-powered. With a lifetime of technical support, the stroke ohv Westinghouse engine is constructed to work for many uses. The device serves the following customers:

  • People looking to power appliances such as the conditioner refrigerator and sump pump during emergencies.
  • Mechanics and other professionals who want to continue working when the power goes out.

Pros and Cons


When you choose Westinghouse, you know you’re getting many benefits. The versatility of the device makes it prime for outdoor use, disaster situations, or work-related circumstances.

  • The key FOB offers added ease
  • There is a single cord hookup vft data center display
  • The machine displays volt output frequency
  • You get a set of heavy-duty never-flat wheels
  • The button electric start makes starting a breeze
  • You can use the wgen9500df to power your conditioner refrigerator and sump pump
  • You gain access to the 24/7 service and support network
  • The running watts of the wgen9500df powers what you need
  • The run time-frequency and lifetime hours are high


Though the wgen9500df Westinghouse engine is constructed to cater to various solutions, the device can’t handle every circumstance. No machine can handle every situation.

  • The Westinghouse wgen9500df has a durable cast iron sleeve, making it slightly heavy
  • Though the device has high frequency and lifetime hours, the noise is slightly above average

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Customer Reviews and Ratings

customer rating

Let’s take a little peek at what customers are saying about the Westinghouse wgen9500df, shall we? No review is complete without the words of home buyers!

Out of the 3,123 reviews listed on the Home Depot website, a whopping 2,658 of them are 5 stars. Most of the remaining are coming in at 4 stars. This product is recommended by 98% of consumers — that’s a solid A+.

With the vast majority of customers being entirely satisfied with their purchase, it’s safe to say the Westinghouse wgen9500df Dual Fuel generator is a safe and solid choice.

A lot of reviews consistently sing the praise of the following:

  • The generator’s ability to power their entire home without issue
  • How quiet it is, no louder than a shower running
  • The amazing durability of the product with its durable cast iron sleeve
  • The sheer power. 9 500 running watts makes this machine a champion among portable generators.

Above, people are adamant about the usefulness of the product in emergency situations. It’s one of the most durable, longest-lasting portable products out there. It’ll be your buddy in a small routine outage and large, days-long outages. You can’t go wrong — just be sure to supply the fuel.

What is the best dual fuel portable generator?

Well, as you can see from above, there aren’t a lot of negatives. But there are an extreme amount of advantages. The customers are beyond satisfied with their product, going as far as recommending it to their friends and family. It’s perfect for hurricane season, snowstorms, camping, and just about any situation where you need an extended outside power source.

Honestly, it’s hard to beat the Westinghouse wgen9500df. The dual-fuel portable generator generates results! It’s no wonder it consistently sells out (as you will currently see on the products Amazon listing).

Westinghouse wgen9500df Warranty & Technical Support


Westinghouse is a company known for its strong customer service and support network. This unit in particular comes with an incredible 3-Year Warranty that’s backed by a lifetime of technical support from their nationwide customer support team.

There’s a detailed user guide provided by Westinghouse available to download to ensure you’re running it properly.

Be aware that registration on the Westinghouse website is required to enact your warranty. Make sure to register your product immediately upon purchase, and always keep a record of your receipt! Should you lose the product receipt, the manufacturer date listed on the unit will become the start of your warranty.

Is Westinghouse a good generator brand?

Westinghouse portable generators are the cream of the crop. They are an American company that has existed since 1886 and you can bet they remain the competitor to beat.

They make easy-to-use generators that are comparable to any leading brand out there, but their overall reputation is difficult to match. Having one of the better warranty policies certainly helps their favor, along with durable, American-designed products that get the job done (and done well). They pride themselves on their ease of assembly as well, their in-depth guides make it easy for anyone to put one together.

Although Westinghouse generators aren’t the cheapest on the market, their products are still affordable (especially considering their power). Almost all products are CARB compliant and OSHA compliant.

A common complaint among customers are the Westinghouse generator engines are built in China, but most other parts are manufactured in the US. Plus, everything about the generator is designed by American engineers. If you follow a personal purchasing principle of American-made products only, this may not be the one for you. But if you’re able to look past this, you’ll certainly be purchasing a high-powered, reliable, and long-lasting generator.

Buyer’s Guide: What Should I Look for in a Dual Fuel Portable Generator?

The reasons behind people purchasing home backup generators vary. No matter what you need the machine for, you should have specific needs and wants in mind before you purchase.

Maybe you want a device with a remote start function, or you want it to be transfer switch ready straight out of the box. Perhaps you only want a generator with a durable cast iron sleeve or with a built-in fuel gauge.

Whatever you’re looking for, write everything down. The market has either your dream machine or something really close. When you’re compiling the list, keep the following factors in mind.

electronic generator

Outlets/Power Type

The initial question to ask about your future dual fuel generator is how much power you need and what outlets the device uses.

For example, you can choose a machine that uses 9 500 running watts an 12 500 peak watts. Another choice is an 120 240v 30a machine. You can choose a carb compliant or an engine that uses both electric and a gallon 25 l gas source.

As for the outlets, the size of the generator will determine what you’ll need. Smaller machines have a shorter run time but only require fewer plugs. In some cases, you’ll use a single cord hookup vft. Meanwhile, larger devices require larger plugs.

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Fuel Type

When it comes to outdoor power equipment or a device to power your major appliances, you’ll choose between a single-powered or a dual-fuel generator.

If you’re looking at the standard fuel portable generator produces, you’ll see many gas-powered devices vying for the top spot. Afterward, come diesel-powered machines excel in efficiency but have higher price tags. On the other hand, a push-button electric start machine overpowers the competition for environmental sustainability.

Besides, the oil in the machine matters. Whether you have a start dual fuel or a one-fuel start, you’ll need oil to help your device run smoothly. The single-powered devices have automatic low oil shutdowns.

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The Fuel Tank

The bigger the fuel tank, the longer you can power your major appliances before automatic low oil shutdown. If you stay at a load of 50% output frequency and lifetime, the machine lasts for 7 to 9 hours. Going larger, say a 25 l gas tank, will provide you with more power but prevent you from easily moving the generator.

a gallon of fuel


Get a device with either a remote start or a push-button electric start, and you’ll have an easier time turning your generator on. However, the machines are pricier than the ones without remote start key fob offers. Traditional devices will have either a crank or pull st switch.

The batteries used are usually either lead-acid or lithium-ion, depending on the power that you want your generator to run at.

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Noise Level

The noise level is determined by the size of the machine and the voltage. If you’re going camping, consider a smaller portable generator with wheels, handle, and lift for transportation. Larger-sized machines won’t fall into the quiet range, but the diesel-powered devices make substantial noise compared to gas-powered ones.



What is the Best Dual Fuel Portable Generator?

The Westinghouse wgen9500df is a well-rounded generator that offers a plethora of benefits. You’ll see that the wgen9500df meets most of our criteria for what makes a great generator.No matter the distance, its intuitive control allows you to have complete freedom of usage.

What Can an 8500 Watt Generator Run?

When you have all the information and regular maintenance is part of your routine, the wgen9500df will last you through emergency after emergency. The machine can power all of your appliances whenever you need them for anywhere from 7 to 9 hours.

How Strong is the wgen9500df?

No matter how rough the terrain is, the generator can stably function and give your campsite power. The never-flat wheels handle everything from rocky cliffs and sandy beaches to damp forests and caves.

Does the wgen9500df Come With a Warranty?

A high-quality company will provide both a warranty and lifetime technical assistance once you buy a device. All Westinghouse portable generators come with a strong service and support network.The 457cc 4 stroke ohv Westinghouse comes with a three-year warranty. You can receive free replacement devices when your original breaks due to wear by calling the customer service and support team. They’re happy to give you more product information and regular maintenance requirements before you buy the wgen9500df.

Verdict: Is The Westinghouse wgen9500df Worth It?

After doing our Westinghouse wgen9500df dual fuel portable generator review, we think this product is a quality generator for those that need power for camping and home use.

The automatic shutdown and GFCI outlets automatically transfer long-lasting power to the machine. The machine is light and concise enough to take camping. Plus, the wgen9500df is durable enough not to need lifetime technical support backed by the manufacturer.

When you purchase this machine, you gain access to lifetime technical support backed by our dedicated team whenever you need regular maintenance conveniently portable devices will be sent to you.

It’s not the quietest machine on the market. However, if you don’t mind some generator noise, we think going with the Westinghouse wgen9500df dual fuel generator is a safe move.

Westinghouse WGen9500df






Ease of Use




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