The Generac Guardian 7043 Buyers Guide

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Are you on the lookout for an excellent standby generator to power your home in the event of a power outage? Looking to get great power quality with less money?

generac guardian 7043 review

While the rigors of generator use resulting in power can be discouraging, the Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator might be a perfect choice. They also are quite experienced in this area, as the Guardian Series 7043 is one of the many electronics and appliances Generac produces.

In this review, we’ll share why the Generac 7043 is a tremendous power source and all the features it has to offer. At the end of the guide, you should be clear if the Generac 7043 can give you world-class power quality at less spend.

generac guardian 7043 generator

Features and Functions

The first thing you notice when you purchase a Generac 7043 is its high-quality construction. It’s built in the USA, so that’s expected. It has a robust corrosion-resistant aluminum perfect casing to protect the engine from the elements. This casing contributes to its weight and while it’s a heavy generator, it’s not a large one.

inside view of generac guardian 7043 generator

Other features and functions include:

  • A 5-year limited warranty.
  • A purpose-built pressure-lubricated engine capable of handling punishing schedules requires less routine maintenance, unlike other engines.
  • Proprietary Generac G-Force engine technology.
  • The proprietary True Power™ Technology delivers the best power by reducing the engine’s harmonic distortion for clean, smooth operation.
  • A 200-Amp, NEMA, 3R aluminum outdoor enclosure automatic transfer switch, Generac included this feature to make it easier to switch between AC power and the generator power.
  • It produces a maximum of 19500 NG watts and 22000 LP watts.
  • It’s a quiet generator set, operating at a practical 67 decibels.
  • It is WiFi-enabled.
  • It weighs 515 pounds.
  • It’s built in the USA.
  • It can be operated with natural gas – liquid propane.
  • It’s reliable and requires less maintenance.
  • Customer service is one of Generac’s strengths. They offer 24/7, 365 customer support.
  • Its remote monitoring controller features a multilingual menu.

The Generac 7043 is a reliable backup generator. Asides from being chock full of useful features, the 7043 is robust. Its aluminum housing is coated with a RhinoCoat powder-coated finish that helps make it corrosion-resistant. Its Quiet-Test self-test mode runs the generator before use resulting in power and a smooth operation. With its five or twelve-minute test, making sure the generator is running smoothly is the end goal.

Generac G-Force Engine

The Generac s G-Force engine has various features and functions you won’t find in your standard generator engines. It’s a purpose-built pressure-lubricated engine capable of handling stress and runs longer than most engines with less noise. This can be a boon for most homeowners.

generac g-force engine

The pressure lubrication also ensures that the engine can be used for lengthy periods. It’s also reliable and requires less maintenance.

In terms of power, the engine produces 22KW of electricity. For most small or medium-sized homes, this is enough to power most appliances with some to spare. It can also power most of the appliances in a larger home.

The Generac s G-Force engine is constructed with top-notch materials and works in hand with the 200-Amp transfer switch feature. It’s also well designed, and its components are neatly placed. This is one engine that will barely give you issues.

Are the Generac Guardian 7043 Home Standby Generators Easy-to-Use?

The Generac Guardian generator is an extremely easy-to-use generator. This is due to two features – the LCD display and the Mobile Link Remote Monitoring tech. Both features are vital to getting your generator running with minimal hassle.

The LCD screen displays the generator’s battery life, maintenance notifications and reminders, and any other vital information to the operation of the Generac Guardian 22KW generator.

Here comes the best part.

weighing scale

The Mobile Link Remote Monitoring feature enables you to access the generator even if you aren’t close by. To use this technology, you only need a smartphone, tablet, or PC to control your generator or adjust its settings. The controller features a multilingual menu.

NEMA 3R Aluminum Outdoor Enclosure Smart Transfer Switch

The 200-Amp, NEMA 3R, aluminum outdoor enclosure smart switch is a handy feature of the Generac Guardian air-cooled home standby generator. It makes it easy for you to changeover power to the generator and vice versa.

Whenever the power goes out, the automatic smart transfer switch turns on the generator and powers up your home. It then switches the generator off when the power comes back and transfers your power source back to the mains. Generac’s 200-Amp transfer switch is a great feature that strips away all the stress associated with using a generator.

22KW Home Standby True Power Technology

power button symbol

The G-Force engine is doubly useful due to the Generac True Power feature. It helps the engine produce power at its optimum best, comfortably and safely.

The True Power Technology delivers best by producing a harmonic distortion that is lower than the five percent total harmonic distortion average. At that level, the power produced is clean and stable, without any disruptions or hiccups. This ensures that your Generac Guardian 22KW air-cooled home standby generator rarely has any power production issues.

Pros and Cons

The Generac air-cooled standby generator does have its upsides and downsides. Let’s discuss that!


  • It comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • The 200-Amp automatic transfer switch included in the generator makes your life easier.
  • It’s robust, strong, and constructed with high-quality materials.
  • It can comfortably power a small to medium-sized house.
  • It’s mobile link remote monitoring app is excellent for checking your battery and propane levels.
  • It’s efficient and delivers best-in-class power.
  • It’s perfect for sensitive electronics and appliances.
  • It has a pressure-lubricated engine capable of lasting longer than other engines.


Here are some of its downsides:

  • It’s expensive and can be out of the reach of most average homeowners.
  • You need to purchase the battery separately as it isn’t included.

Customer Ratings and Reviews

The Guardian Series 7043 is one of the many electronics and appliances Generac produces. Bazaarvoice manages the customer reviews and ratings on Generac’s website, and it is overwhelmingly positive.

the generac promise

99% of the website reviewers say they would recommend the product, and its average rating is 4.9-stars out of 5-star rating. None of the metrics — features, quality, appearance, and value of money– is rated less than 4.7-stars. Their 24/7 365 customer support also contributes to the positive reviews they are getting.

On Amazon, it isn’t any different. 86% of Amazon reviewers rated it 5-stars.

generac guardian series placed outside the house

Final Verdict: Should You Buy the Generac 7043 Air-Cooled Standby Generator?

At this point, you have a good understanding of what the Generac 22KV Guardian Series home standby generator can do and can’t do. It’s a tough, durable, all-aluminum engine capable of handling most of what you throw at it while it delivers best-in-class power. It also requires less routine maintenance, and they make corrosion-resistant aluminum casing that is dependable. Its outdoor enclosure smart switch means you don’t have to worry about changing over.

It supports most devices, including sensitive electronics and appliances, even if it’s the largest air-cooled home. It has tons of useful features, which make it an ideal choice. Its RhineCoat powder-coated finish helps make it corrosion-resistant and durable. Excellent customer service also means any issues are promptly resolved. Plus you get great power quality with less money.

All in all, the Generac Guardian Series 7043 22KV generator is the perfect fit if you want to prevent any extended power outages in case a natural disaster knocks out the power supply. If you want to avoid the rigors of generator use resulting in peace of mind, get this generator with world-class power quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size generator will run a whole house?

The Generac 7043 22KW is a fuel-efficient engine that can use natural gas to comfortably power the whole house, including home appliances requiring clean and gentle power. The proprietary True Power tech reduces harmonic distortion for clean, smooth operation. This helps with the smooth operation of sensitive electronics without frying their circuits.inside front view of generac guardian 7043

The automatic transfer switch acts as a load shedder. Once it senses a power outage, the transfer switch defuses some circuits as the generator comes on and supplies power to the house. Once all high surge devices are on and running, it turns on the defused circuits.

Should you install this yourself?

Installing the Generac Guardian Series has never been difficult. However, it’s advised that you don’t install it yourself. Make sure you get an authorized and experienced Generac 7043 installer. A certified installer makes sure your warranty is protected at the point of installation. The installer will also advise on fuel consumption.

What is the difference between Generac 7043 and 70432 Standby Generators?

The Generac 7043 and 70432 could pass for similar generators except for some slight differences, such as the Wi-Fi module included in the Mobile Link remote monitoring system. With the launch of the 70432 in 2018, Wi-Fi became a standard in the Generac home standby generator line. Other differences that stand out include:

  • Two auxiliary shutdown switches produce a 2800 error code when the switches aren’t receiving power. This sets off the emergency shutdown procedure and alarm.
  • The Wi-Fi system also allows you to decide if you want to monitor your generator 24/7 or not. All this can be done via the Mobile Link Wi-Fi-enabled website or mobile app.
  • The aluminum enclosure has also been redesigned slightly to make it easier to service and install the generators.

generac guardian series generator placed beside a house

How much is a 22kW Generac Generator?

The Generac Guardian 7043 22KW air-cooled home standby generator could set you back over $5,000 depending on the vendor you purchase it from. The good thing is you can also spread payments and free shipping.

How long can you run a Generac Whole House 22KW Generator?

A well-maintained Generac generator can run for 24 hours/day for over a week if it has a steady supply of liquid propane or natural gas. It has a large tank – 500 gallons and will probably give you the lowest cost per kilowatt than other engines.a view from the top of the generac guardian 7043 generator

Generac Guardian 7043






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