BLUETTI EB70 Review – Why I wouldn’t buy this solar generator

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BLUETTI was nice enough to send me their latest mid-size capacity power station, the EB70. While I appreciate the review unit, it falls quite short in my opinion compared to many of its peer battery packs.

bluetti eb70 battery pack
Good: Lots of powerful output Bad: Ugly red box

This battery pack is on the larger end of the mid-size. I like a few things right away:

1. Fast charging – get 190W in from AC charging
2. 15W wireless Qi phone charging on top of the pack
3. Good capacity for the price
4. 2 100W USB-c PD ports

Intial review unboxing

Check out my unboxing video to see my first impressions of the EB70:

Bluetti EB70 Unboxing and Initial Review

My biggest gripe was with one of the default settings…ECO mode. By default, ECO mode is off. ECO mode turns off the unit if less than 50W of power are being used. This is great! Because the lights on the battery pack are small and not bright, and the screen on the EB70 only turns on for a few seconds, it is really easy to leave this thing on without realizing it. I accidentally discharged the whole battery 3 times in a row over a few weeks, and was so frustrated each time before finally finding out how to turn on ECO mode.

According to a BLUETTI rep:

…the EB70 will have a no-load loss if you keep turn on even you didn’t charge anything.

According to our test before, if you keep turning on but no load, the DC will lose 2.45W/hour and AC+DC lose 9.35W/hour and LED lose 2.7W/hour.

How to turn off Bluetti Eco Mode

Here’s how to turn on ECO mode on a BLUETTI EB70 (and probably works for the AC200P, EB240 EB150, AC50S)

How To Turn on Bluetti ECO mode on the EB70

Pros of the EB70

The main two pros of this power station are the 1. price and 2. the wireless charger on the top of the unit. Beyond that, everything else about the eB70 is quite pedestrian.

Cons of the EB70

The cons of this unit are quite a few. The design is bulky and I find it pretty unattractive. The unit doesn’t have the high-speed charging of a Ecoflow River or Delta for example – or even the dual charging capacity of the newer Jackery models that can charge via USB-c and wall charger at once. It does take in around 190W from AC power, which isn’t terrible but isn’t the 250+ watts The EcoFlor River 600 can take in.

My other main gripe with this Bluetti power station is the AC adapter. It is huge and loud. And it will even turn on the fans inside the AC adapter when it is not connected to the EB70. So you can’t even leave the thing connected to a wall outlet, otherwise it just runs and runs for no reason. Very poorly designed and bulky.

700W Sustained Test With Electric Heaters

The EB70 can put out an impressive 700W sustained with a surge to 1400 watts for a short period. The EB70 was able to handle the 500W electric heater fine, and the lower setting of the full-size heater, but on the highest heater full size setting the EB70 shut itself off. See the video:

Bluetti EB70 wattage test with portable heaters

TLDR: Would Not Buy

I cannot recommend the EB70 unless you absolutely have a $500 budget and need just the highest capacity. Otherwise, spend the same or less and get a nice Ecoflow River 600 or a Jackery 300 and you will be happy. is an independent review business. I am not affiliated with any manufacturers and do not accept paid reviews. When you buy through my links, I may earn a commission which helps me purchase more generators for testing. - Scott Krager


  1. Hi Scott,

    thank you very much dir your Review! One of the Main reasons I have been checking out the eb70 was the Lifepo4 Batterie inside. Would you recommend any alternative which is using the lifepo4 techology as well ? I really like the Jackery as well as the Ecoflow, Nevertheless the 2500 cycles of the EB70 compared to the 500 cycles of Jackery and Ecoflow until 80% of battery capacity make a Huge difference in lifetime imo.

  2. I totally agree the Jackery and Ecoflow got that older battery technology and the Bluetti got way more life cycle such as the EB70S with an impressive 2,500 life cycles

  3. Interesting review left out battery chemistry comparison… 3500 to 500 cycles is deal breaker… thats 2 years to 7 years comparison…. I will take bulky with longer life over trivial “jackery looks better but in 2 years it’s becomes paper weight”

  4. Unless you have money to throw away, buying a Jackery, Ecoflow etc. with only 500 cycles is absolute madness! Give me Bluetti with 2500 cycles any day. I think these reviewers that get given products to try for no dollar outlay are detached from reality. Keep your fancy trimmings, most people are after value for money that lasts.

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