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Are you on the search for an open frame portable generator? Whether it’s for camping, emergencies, or anything in between, an affordable open frame portable generator like the Predator 8750 is a perfect option for you.

predator 8750 review

Keep reading for a comprehensive Predator 8750 generator review to familiarize yourself with everything you need to know about this generator’s features, customer reviews, and pros and cons.

Predator 8750 Generator Functions and Features

There are many reasons for you to need the benefits and ease of a portable generator. Of course, there is always the rare emergency, but a dependable generator can also be used for things like camping trips, road trips, or at a job site outside.

an rv parked at night in a site

If you find yourself needing to power several devices at once no matter the situation, then you’ll need to use something more substantial than an ordinary generator. The Predator 8750 is a great solution. The brand predator has different models available, of course, but the 8750 is a favorite to buy because of its high capacity power.

Let’s take a look at some of the main functions and features:

  • 120/240 VAC and 12 VDC output voltage
  • 87+ Octane fuel type, unleaded
  • Air cooled OHV gas engine
  • 420cc engine displacement
  • 13 hp (horsepower)
  • Gas tank weight 183 pounds
  • Low oil shutdown and oil indicator low
  • Electric start
  • 7000 running watts, 8750 peak watt
  • 12-hour run time
  • Two 120V, one 120V, one 240V, 20A twist-lock outlet, 20A duplex outlets, 30A twist-lock outlet
  • 12v DC outlet

There are also some unique features that make the Predator 8750 the generator that would be most useful to you at your home or job site. Here are a few of the most important ones.

Compact Design

You don’t need to worry about something bulky and unattractive with the predator generator. If you live in a cramped apartment but still want the benefits of a generator if your power goes out, you don’t need to compromise any of your space.

You also don’t need to worry about finding the perfect area for your Predator 8750. While the generator itself is on the heavier side at about 220 pounds, it’s still easy to move around. Although not sold with the device itself, there is an easy-to-use wheel kit that will enable you to move your generator from room to room.

If you opt to not buy this wheel kit or are waiting for it to arrive, you can always use the built-in handles for moving.

Multiple Outlets

Having multiple outlets is essential for a generator like the Predator 8750. What’s the point of an effective, easy-to-use generator if you can only power one thing at a time? While having a high number of outlets isn’t a unique feature for predator generators, the 8750 model has a truly unique range that’s sure to be useful in any situation.

male socket

With two 120V, 20A duplex outlets, one twist-lock outlet, and one 240V, 30A twist-lock outlet, you’ll be able to power a variety of electronics during a camping trip, at your job site, or doing any other projects. This feature will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Easy to Use

Sure, you’re searching the market for a heavy-duty solution for portable power. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re familiar with using generators, so being confident that the one you choose is as easy to use as possible is pretty important. Even if you know what you’re doing, it’s never a bad thing for generators to be easy to use, right?

Predator generators are known for being easy to use, and the Predator 8750 isn’t any different. The operating system is simple and easy to figure out. The start system even has the option of an electric start, for which you’ll need a battery. This will need to be a separate purchase though since the battery is not included.

Energy Efficient

Powered by a gas engine, the Predator 8750 generator is energy efficient and keeps your power costs relatively low.

Easy to Maintain

In order to get the most benefit from generators, you need to always be up-to-date with maintenance. Certain generators require a large amount of upkeep, so much so that it’s hardly worth purchasing the product at all.

Cleaning is a large part of this maintenance. The best way to clean this predator generator is to simply use fresh water. This entire process is outlined in the instruction manual and can be easily followed.

Another great feature of this product is the low oil indicator. Since the engine uses oil for fuel, a common maintenance step for generators is to check these levels to make sure you aren’t nearing a fuel shortage. This indicator of low oil means that you don’t have to be constantly checking these levels and can instead just rely on that feature.


If you end up buying a generator with the low capacity you’ll most likely have to buy a new generator after a short period of time – not so with the Predator 8750 generator.

When you compare the Predator 8750 with other generators, the massive difference in capacity is clear. The unit has 7000 running watts, 13 hp, and an impressive 12v dc power supply. Peak watts may even reach 8750, which will enable you to full power as many items as you need for up to 12 hours.

What Can the Predator 8750 Power?

Given the impressive wattage of this generator, a better question to ask may be what doesn’t it power? The options may be endless, but the high capacity and peak wattage of 8750 is particularly suited for premium-level power.

Professional Use

a man doing a welding work

This is ideal for professional uses, like being on a job site that requires high-powered tools. Common tools are all items that can be powered with no hassle at all. The run time is also impressive at 12 hours full capacity, so finishing a large job won’t be a hassle. Here are some more options for professional use:

  • Electric saws
  • Air compressors
  • Drill machine
  • Musical equipment

Home Use

picture of a kitchen with utensils and vegetables

With watts 7000, the predator generator may also be a huge asset in the event of a power outage at your home. Even if your whole house is without power, you can be assured that this high-powered engine will keep your lights and appliances working. Here are some options for at-home use:

  • Household appliances, including microwaves and refrigerator
  • Lighting
  • Electronics, including computers

Additional Uses

tents on a camping site, powered with generators

In addition to these two main options, the predator generator can also be useful for the following situations:

  • Electronics and portable appliances while on a camping trip
  • Supplying power during road trips
  • Providing power to RVs and other similar vehicles

Customer Reviews and Ratings

A complete Predator 8750 generator review wouldn’t be complete without some customer reviews, right?

All customer reviews listed on Amazon services LLC associates are extremely positive, with an impressive 4.6 out of 5 rating overall. Every participant in the Amazon reviews section gave this generator 4 or 5 stars, the majority being 5-star ratings. The consistency in customer opinions for the predator generator shows the outstanding quality of this generator, especially when you compare it with others on Amazon. com.

Ratings and reviews given by customers all consistently mention the following points:

  • The generator is a solid product that is able to power an entire home or workspace without any necessary complications
  • The electric start is a great feature, but the generator’s pull start may be used with little to no extra effort
  • While the wheel kit and electric battery is sold separately, they can easily be found for a great price at either Amazon or Harbor Freight
  • The peak wattage of 8750 is incredibly useful for emergencies, with many reviewers mentioning power outages due to hurricanes and other natural disasters

Overall, online reviews are overwhelmingly positive, which is a great sign in terms of how dependable the generator is in all types of situations, from emergencies to utilizing power during a camping trip.

Pros and Cons

As with any other product, this generator has both pros and cons. Let’s take a look at both sides of the Predator 8750 generator.


  • Ease of Start-Up: Both options for starting up the product, the electric start, and the pull start, can be done by anyone. Including two options ensures that the power generator may be used by anyone, which is helpful in the event of an emergency.
  • Portable: While the generator might be heavy, it can be easily moved to ensure that it’s operating in the best location.
  • Low Oil Shutdown: This is perhaps one of the best features, enabling users to easily see when the engine is low on gas so it can be refilled. In the event that the fuel type runs out completely, the engine shuts off for maximum safety.
  • Gas Powered: The engine runs on gas, which is the best way to power the device efficiently.
  • Great Capacity: The Predator 8750 generator is often referred to as a powerhouse, and for good reason. With a run time of 12 hours and a gas-powered, air-cooled engine that has 70000 running watts, this generator may just be one of the best on the market.
  • Affordable Price: Purchasing any heavy-weight generator isn’t necessarily going to be cheap, but when you take into account the durability and efficiency of the Predator 8750, it’s hard to beat that price.


  • You might have to make separate purchases. While the wheel kit can be used for easier transportation and the battery is needed for an electric start, neither actually comes with the predator generator. Both items are sold separately for a reasonable price.


Are Predator Generators Reliable?

Predator generators are known to be some of the highest-powered generator options available. Many users believe they’re the better option when compared to big brands like Honda or Generac.

How Many Watts Are Necessary to Run My House?

If there is a power outage in your home, you’ll need a generator that offers 5000-7000 watts. This will help power up any essential systems and appliances.

Verdict: Should You Buy It?

You can’t go wrong in terms of efficiency, power, and price when it comes to the Predator 8750 generator.

If you’re in the market for a great generator, it may be difficult to find a better deal. With the predator 8750, you can save yourself from worrying about the dependability of your generators. It’s very versatile in terms of the number of devices it can power, which is helped by the inclusion of six separate outlets.

Overall, this generator does a great job of doing exactly what it claims to do. You can power your home, your business, and anything else in between with ease. If you’re looking for one of the best of the best on the market, then the Predator 8750 generator is a great option.

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