Why I hate the Goal Zero Yeti 150. A Damn Real Review

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The Goal Zero Yeti 150 is a heavy, expensive pile of junk. What you call a “portable power station” I call a “not very portable giant ass paperweight”. Sure, it has the USB ports you would expect, and an AC and DC car charger output port. But the USB ports are old USB 2.0 ports, and there is no USB-c or even USB 3.0 higher.

I’ve used the Goal Zero Yeti 150 for the past two weeks on a mostly off-grid camper tour of Oregon.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 vs 200x. I really hate one.

Seriously, do not buy this. I bought one for half price (thanks REI returns!), and I still barely find it worth the $100 I paid for it.

It’s heavy. You will need a real-life Yeti to carry this monster nearly 13lb “portable” power station around for you.

The Goal Zero Yeti 150 portable power station screen is terrible.

There are a dozen better options than Goal Zero 150 now.

Sure, back when this launched, it was cool. Well, it’s nearly 2021 now and buying a lead-acid acid-based portable battery station is insane. Li-Ion is where it’s at.

Do. Not. Buy. The. 150.

I don’t hate Goal Zero. In fact, I like the Goal Zero 200x quite a bit. It’s a massive improvement over the 150. There are still better small power stations out there, but if you really want to stay within Goal Zero, the 200x is where it is at.

Why does Goal Zero 150 suck so bad?

1. The 150 is frigging heavy

It’s 12 lbs! For a small, 167 Wh capacity, the weight is too much. Everything is better now with Li-Ion batteries vs this lead-acid junk.

2. The Yeti 150 screen is worthless.

It has a hard-to-read screen with no backlight. The battery charge meter shows 5 sections of charge, 20, 40, 60, 80, etc. So you can get a rough range of where the charge of the battery is at, but nothing exactly like the % number you get from the 200x.

3. It can’t actually output 100W via AC.

I have a portable freezer, that pulls about 60W max AC. The 150 was unable to power this freezer via AC. It was able to handle via DC 12-volt (cigarette lighter port) power.

4. The Goal Zero Yeti 150 charges slow.

Hooked up to a 100W solar panel, it’s unclear how fast the paperweight is charging. It has a light that says, “Yeah, I’m charging” but you have no idea how many watts it is taking. Sure, most small portable power stations don’t have an input watt meter, but it really leaves you clueless.

It only has a 5 amp input, so you can max charge 60W. The 200x has 10 AMP input and can charge at 120W, twice as fast.

What do I like about the Yeti 150?

If I had to pick something….it’s that the thing feels like a tank. I have dropped it multiple times already, and it does have a solid build to it. And there is something nice about having a piece of equipment you could care less if it breaks. So, there is that. And that it does have 168Wh, more than its 150 name (I’m looking at you 200x with only 187 Wh).

Just buy the Goal Zero Yeti 200x though or the Jackery 160 if you’re really smart.

The Goal Zero Yeti 150 sucks. Buy anything else.

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  1. One big point of the 150: the battery is quick and easy replaceable. I run three of them (and a 400 lead acid, some 200x und one 500x). One of the 150 is about four years old and I replaced this year the battery (in Germany about €40, in US about $45) and it’s like new for the next years. And you can get this batteries all around the world, it’s a standard SLA type.

    I’m a very slender type, a runner, arms like a pencil. And no problems to carry the 150 around. You must eat something to get muscles 😉 The 150 is for a man. Ok, I’m joking. But I’m really a slender runner and yes, the 150 is nor a paper wight, but the handle is well made and it’s easy to carry it.

    If the battery of the lithium Yeti down, you must the whole thing throw away, the battery can’t be replaced.

    Sometimes the old technology is still always good.

    Have a sunny day, keep charged

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