Generac GP8000E Buyer’s Guide: The Best Electric Start Gas Powered Portable Generator?

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Looking for the best electric start portable generator? Read through here for our full review of the Generac GP8000E!

generac gp8000e review

The Generac GP8000E excels in many areas. It’s loaded with safety features, packs some serious wattage, and is portable despite its size. This is thanks to the wheel kit provided upon purchase, allowing you to navigate a tough environment and rugged working conditions if necessary. If you only intend to use it within your home, don’t worry, the wheel kit isn’t a hindrance. It features a fold-down locking handle for easy storage and isn’t nearly as bulky in person as it may initially appear. Essentially, the Generac GP8000E is suitable for all conditions.

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In this review, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the Generac GP8000E. We’ll cover pricing, pros, cons, and all the features this impressive generator possesses. If you have further questions, please read on! We’re sure you’ll find the answers to those burning questions below.

Features and Functions

Generator on Wheels

The heavy-duty, never-flat wheels featured with the Generac GP8000E make it great for portability without sacrificing any of the 8, 000-watt power provided. This gas-powered portable generator packs a serious punch, which makes its portability a highly appealing feature. However, it isn’t quite as small as your average gas-powered portable generator.

It doesn’t come with an easy-carry handle like some other models. It weighs in at 197lbs, so unless you’re trying to get some unique body-building in then you won’t be carrying it anywhere. Given the power this generator produces, however, this should be expected. The Generac GP8000E isn’t designed with smartphones or televisions in mind. It’s a heavy-duty gas-powered electric generator, so it’s built like one.

Large Capacity Steel Fuel Tank

The large capacity steel fuel tank featured with the Generac GP8000E can hold up to 7.5 gallons. This is a much higher capacity than your average gas-powered portable generator so provides a long engine life. It’s fueled entirely by gasoline, which may be a drawback for some buyers who prefer a variety of fuel options. Still, even with gasoline as your only option, it’s an impressive tank.

To give you some perspective, a 7.5-gallon fuel gauge will power your house appliances or equipment with a run time of up to twelve hours. That’s an impressive duration for any generator. If you experience a blackout or just need an extra boost for your RV when exploring uncharted territory, the Generac GP8000E has you covered.

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High Wattage Performance

This electric start gas powered portable generator packs a punch with the 8, 000-watt starting capacity allowing you to stay connected for longer. With 10, 000 starting watts, the Generac GP series 8000E offers up to 30 % more starting capacity than competing portable generators. This is thanks to the unique PowerRush advanced technology associated with the GP8000E.

In addition, the 8,000 running watts can power all of your home essentials when required with a run time of up to 12 hours. This includes your freezer, stove, lighting, and air conditioning. ThisĀ  generator is also considered one of the best furnace generators to keep your home warm.

Running watts of 8, 000 is a big win for many consumers due to its capacity to keep your household running. A blackout isn’t ideal for anybody. You don’t realize how much you depend on flowing electricity until it’s gone. The Generac GP 8000E keeps you connected when you need it most. The Generac GP series also increases electrical current upon demand above rated output when necessary.

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Efficient Customer Support Team

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the support team at 888 Generac. They appreciate your feedback and when they say ‘contact our customer support’ they really mean it. Customer reviews often cite that response from Generac is timely, professional, and helpful. This is all backed by a 3-year limited residential warranty that Generac offers.

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Hour Meter Tracks Maintenance Intervals

Alongside a fuel gauge, the Generac GP 8000E hour meter tracks maintenance intervals to ensure safety throughout the entire run time. It’s a handy reminder for when your generator may require another routine service. The Generac GP8000E is so easy to use it can be easy to forget that a generator is a powerful bit of machinery. It needs checkups to ensure it remains safe to use. Generac makes this easier to keep track of thanks to the handy meter provided.

Handle that Locks For Portability and Storage

Despite the size and weight of the Generac GP8000E, it is not as clunky as you might imagine. Simply use the fold-down locking handle beside the steel tube cradle and you instantly have a more compact generator. It’s easy to store away despite its appearance, which makes it perfect for those emergency situations. It’s right where you need it when you need it, but isn’t an eye-sore in the home.

Safety is Key: Automatic Voltage Regulation and Low Oil Level Shutdown

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There are two primary safety concerns featured with any generator: voltage regulation and low oil shutdown. Generac delivers on both The low oil shutdown automatically safeguards engine function from overheating or overloading. The voltage regulation means the constant flow of running watts won’t short circuit any of your appliances. It only supplies the power required, unless manually directed to do otherwise. The OHV engine with splash lubrication provides you with a generator that will last.

Low oil level shutdown automatically safeguards your generator from undue damage. Covered outlets also add a layer of protection if you decide to use the generator outdoors. There are five covered outlets in total so you are fully protected. The hour meter helps you keep track of service requirements. The Generac GP8000E is also fully OSHA, EPA, and CARB compliant, making it the industry standard for safety features.

What do Previous Customers Have to Say About the Generac GP8000E?

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Generally speaking, the customer reviews of the GP8000E are overwhelmingly positive. You can’t tell everything from a customer rating, we appreciate that, but you can gain some much-needed insight when necessary. We’ve looked through what previous buyers have had to say about the GP8000E and compiled some common threads we noticed.

As we said, most of the reviews are highly positive. There is specific appreciation given to how simple the generator is to use. Provided you have the gasoline to fuel it, the GP8000E is quick to set up thanks to the electric start push button. Many users reported keeping the generator in their garage or similar storage space as a reliable backup for when power outages strike. Blackouts are always unpredictable, but with the right generator, they needn’t be so stressful.

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Other reviews highlight how quiet the GP8000E is in comparison to similarly-sized generators. The GP8000E measures in at 70DB, so it isn’t exactly silent, but for a generator, with so much wattage it’s still impressive. For reference, 70DB can roughly be compared to the sound of conversation in a restaurant or office. This is quite a noisy generator, but you aren’t purchasing it to sound pretty. It serves a powerful function, and performs it well!

Negative reviews are far fewer than positive. However, we should still mention them. Some common concerns we picked up on mainly related to temperature, as odd as that may sound. Certain users reported that the OHV engine did not perform as well in colder climates and sometimes failed to start entirely. As far as we read, this is not a universal experience, but it is something you should consider if you live in a colder area.

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  • Heavy-duty, never-flat wheels provide efficient portability without compromising 8, 000-watt power
  • Large-capacity steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel (7.5 gallon capacity)
  • Easy operation battery included
  • 10, 000 starting watts allowing for greater charging
  • CARB compliant
  • Easy-to-use incorporated fuel gauge provides durability and prevents overflow
  • 3-year limited residential warranty
  • 1 quarter steel-tube cradle for added durability and strength
  • OHV engine with splash lubrication provides a long engine life
  • Hour meter tracks maintenance intervals
  • 5 covered outlets for maximum protection from the environment
  • PowerRush advanced technology provides 30% greater running watts than competitors on average


  • The large size and weight hampers portability when compared to smaller electric start gas-powered portable generators
  • With a THD value of 5%, this generator is not suitable for sensitive electronics such as laptops or televisions


Will an 8000 Watt Generator Run a House?

well-lighted and clean kitchenYes. An 8000-watt generator is a perfect addition to your home if you are worried about keeping your appliances running during an outage. If you intend to use a generator to power more sensitive electronics, it’s advised that you search for a lower wattage.

What Can You Run on an 8000 Watt Generator?

8000 watts can power your lighting, refrigerator, freezer, stove, heating, and air conditioning among numerous other every-day essentials. Your generator should never be plugged into an appliance or convenience outlet. This is known as backfeeding and can be exceptionally dangerous. For a safe way to supply power to your home from your generator, you need to make use of a transfer switch.

How Loud is a Generac 8000 Watt Generator?

a welder doing welding worksThe GP8000E in particular measures at approximately 70DB. This is roughly the same volume level as a conversation in a restaurant or office. While that may sound loud at first, it is quiet compared to similar portable 8000-watt generators. Similar products can reach up to 100DB, which puts the GP8000E into perspective. During a power outage, you likely won’t notice the noise anyway. You will just be glad to have your power back!

What Happens if You Overload a Generac Generator?

Thankfully, not much. This is because Generac prioritize usage safety. The GP8000E is equipped with overload protection, so even in the rare event of a voltage overload, the circuit breakers will trip and disconnect it from power. In this circumstance, you don’t even need to replace the generator afterward. Simply correct the overload and reset the breaker for use again. Overload is rare, but the safety precautions in place should prevent any real damage.If you have any further concerns regarding product safety, feel free to contact Generac via their number at 888 436 3722. Alternatively, you can email them via the address found in your instruction manual after purchase.

What Type of Oil Can I Use in my Generac Generator?

Any oil that is SAE rated and meets API Service Class SF requirements for gasoline engines should be appropriate. However, this can change depending on temperature. If the temperature is over 40 degrees F, then a 30-weight detergent oil is recommended for your generator. If the temperature falls below 40 degrees F, then you should use a 10-weight detergent oil. If you have further questions regarding which oil to use in your specific generator, consult the instruction manual. It will have specific information regarding usage.

How to Connect to Home?

To hook it up to your house all you need is the Generac transfer switch. A transfer switch is required for most Generac power systems and is sometimes provided as a bundle with your generator purchase. This varies between vendors, so make sure to read the fine print before completing your purchase!pile of ipads all charged

Verdict: Should You Buy the Generac GP8000E Electric Start Portable Generator?

This question will always come down to personal requirements and preferences. However, if you’re looking for a portable generator that still packs some serious power, the Generac GP8000E excels. A combination of 10,000 starting watts with 8,000 running watts will grant you power when you need it most. The heavy-duty wheels keep it mobile while the locking handle for sturdy portability and compact storage makes it easy to store away when not in use. The Generac GP8000E successfully treads the line between portable generators and industrial-grade power, making it ideal for your home.

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