Review: Generac GP3300 Portable Generator (Pros & Cons)

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Generac GP3300
Whether you’re planning on camping or live where summer power outages run rampant, there is one essential item everyone forgets about until they need it: a portable generator.

Instead of being caught off guard when the need hits, do some research now and find one that’s right for you (instead of whatever’s left on the shelf).

Many portable generators fall into the same price range of under $500, so which one is the best option? For tailgating, camping, using power tools, or even running some small items in your home during a power outage, one of the better options for your money is the Generac GP3300 Portable Generator.

Generac may sound familiar as the company, Generac Power Systems, has been around since 1959.

In fact, they are responsible for the industrial generators in many office buildings.

You could be connected to one right now. The point is, that the name alone means reliability.


Generac gp3300 portable inverter

Whether you need to power your fridge, furnace, TV, computers, or all of the above, this generator packs the punch you’ll need.

For those electro-nerds, check out these tech specs:

  • Starting watts: 3750
  • Engine brand: Generac
  • Engine displacement: 208cu. cm
  • Engine series: Generac OHV
  • Fuel capacity: 3.35 gallons
  • Run time (½ load): 10.25 hours
  • Start type: pull
  • Tire diameter: 6”
  • Tire Type: Flat-free
  • Start type: Pull
  • Type of alternator: 3600 RPM w/brushes
  • Weight (lbs.): 101.5
  • Low oil shut down: Yes
  • Fuel gauge: Yes
  • Hour meter: Yes
  • Auto voltage regulation: Yes
  • Auto voltage regulation: Yes
  • Length (inches): 24.2
  • Width (inches): 22.5
  • Height (inches): 21
  • Oil capacity (Qt.): 0.75
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Running watts: 3300
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Number of outlets: 5

Power & Run Time

Let’s start right off the bat with the most important feature of any generator: power.

Its 3,300 watts are split between two circuits at 14 amps each.

Each leg of the 120V sockets is run to a separate 14-amp breaker. That creates two steady streams of over 1,600 watts.

Fill one side with your computers, phones, and television; then, load the other side with your small appliances and furnace/heater. Right out of the box, the Generac GP3300 comes equipped with a 20V-to-30V RV adapter, making power needs easier to meet.

electrical outlets on a generac portable generator

The runtime falls into the range of average to above-average.

The generator runs on ½ load for just over 10 hours.

That provides for a long gap between gas fill-ups. Even running a 10,000 BTU air conditioner, the GP3300 portable generator can keep you cool for well over six hours before it needs a fill-up.

In addition to the run-time, the stainless-steel fuel tank holds 3.5 gallons, so you won’t be expending too much of your money while the Generac GP3300 is expending a lot of power.

Engine Review

The Generac GP3300 comes equipped with the Generac OHV engine. Another time you get to see that time-trusted name is on the engine itself.

The engine displacement is 208 cubic centimeters, and as mentioned before, it holds 3.5 gallons of gasoline.

Compared to many bigger generators, on a power-to-gas ratio, this generator barely sips the gasoline, giving it a long, reliable run time. Its oil capacity is ¾ of a quart, and with the hour counter right on the main display, it’ll be easy to keep up with the simple maintenance.

Safety Features

With great power comes great safety. Generac has spared no expense to ensure you don’t hurt yourself or your product when you are using it, or even if you are misusing it.

For the power itself, there are individual breakers built into the main board. These will trip if you try to do too much at once.

Instead of potentially burning out your generator, or even starting a fire, you will get a tripped breaker and be able to adjust your set-up and try again.

The engine will also watch out for itself with a low-oil shut-off.

If you don’t perform the maintenance you are supposed to be performing, like an oil change, or if a leak springs up somewhere, the engine will shut itself off if the oil level gets too low.

At the time, you may think this is a hassle, but rest assured that the cost of repairing a burnt-out engine is much, much more.

Of course, most of this is avoidable by keeping up with the maintenance schedule listed in the owner’s manual.

Convenience & Portability

With all the power you’ll be carrying around, you may forget about the convenience and portability the Generac GP3300 has to offer.

Its hard, steel frame adds a little weight, giving its gross around 100 pounds, but it also adds durability.

With a folding handle built into the steel frame, rolling the generator around, regardless of its weight, is very convenient.

If you find yourself rolling around on rough terrain, you can also have peace of mind in knowing that the tires are flat-free and able to roll through whatever terrain your adventurous self finds.

Drawbacks: Things to Know

While you’re already a step ahead of the average consumer by reading this review, there are a few drawbacks that you should know about before making your final decision.

The most common misconception about the Generac GP3300 Portable Generator is the amount of power it makes available.

As mentioned before, the generator splits its stream of 3,300 watts into two separate streams of over 1,600 watts each.

It is important to compare this capacity to your power needs.

Some people will buy this generator with the intention of running a single tool or appliance that is well over the 1,600 watts the individual power stream allows for.

This can cause disappointment because while you may expect a full 3,300 watts of use available, you get it divided and not all at once.

Therefore, if you are looking for a generator to run a single 2,000-watt tool, this generator would not be the one for you.

Customer Opinions: What Are People Saying?

Consumer reviews across the board are overall positive.

It’s no surprise that people have found a great deal of dependability with the name Generac, as many customers, large and small, have been using them for nearly six decades.

At the time of publishing this post, the average rating is 3/5 stars. The most common complaint is the previously-mentioned power issue.

Almost all of the 3-star or below reviews mentioned this issue and said they wouldn’t have purchased the generator if they knew it would split the power into two separate streams.

In fact, many of those same reviewers said they would give it a higher review if they had known that from the start.

Consumers all over the country are ranting and raving about the overall performance and ease of use.

The average pull time to start the generator is only two pulls, sometimes even in the dead of winter.

Every reviewer seems to mention reliability. This Generac runs continuously without issue and is easy to start.

Those two features alone can sell someone on this generator. Bear in mind that generators can be intimidating to those who have never used one before.

A generator is essentially a portable engine that produces electricity, and if those are two areas you don’t have a lot of experience in, they can be scary to operate–let alone have confidence in buying one.

The Generac’s simple design and easy-to-use features make it a home run for many consumers.

While some people complained about not being able to use their 2,000-watt power tool, many people raved about the number of things they were able to power.

The Bottom Line: My Evaluation of the GP3300

If you know what you need your generator for and none of the things you want to plug in use more than 1,600 watts on their own, then this is the generator for you.

You are buying a brand name that has been trusted in this specific industry for decades, and you are buying the solid steel working of a great machine.

If your use is average household items, a small RV, or camping, then you shouldn’t have to look much further than the Generac GP3300 Portable Generator.

From backing up buildings to backing up your phone, Generac has you covered.

If you are still looking for other options, check out my top 10 best portable generators buying guide at


Generac GP3300






Ease of Use


Value For Money



  • Good Value
  • Generac Warranty & Support
  • Lightweight


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  1. You say the power is split between two circuits that create a steady stream of 1600 watts each. Then you say, Even running a 10,000 BTU air conditioner will keep you cool for well over six hours. I can’t find a reference for a 10,000 BTU air conditioner that doesn’t have a surge wattage of at least 2000 Watts. Are you using the RV outlet to make this work? What is the steady stream of the RV outlet?

    1. I’m very disappointed with my purchase if you sell a 3300 watt generator you should be able to get 3300 watts out of it not 1600 I already owned a Honda 2000 I bought this strictly to run my AC on my 1983 prowler trailer and it can’t do that! Unfortunately for me I bought it several months ago at Lowe’s and the sales person recommended it to do what I needed to do and I just tried it today and it failed I went back where I bought it and the person who sold it to me is no longer there there is nothing wrong with the unit except it’s not a 3300 it’s two 1600 units in one package please show me the 10000 BTU unit that this will run and I’ll buy one that’s a lie who every posted that I will probably do to harbor freight and buy there3000 I here it’s a good unit.

      1. What size cord are you using and how long is it, because the major issue most users have powering large loads like an AC is the cord, as an example if you have a 16/3 ( 16 AWG 3 conductors ) 100 foot big box store cord you will have almost a 10 % voltage drop and about 15% during startup which will trip the breaker, or the overcurrent protection on the compressor, because a 10% voltage drop will add 20% to the current draw. And it’s even worse if they are aluminum or copper coated aluminum which is becoming more common as people look for deals.

        If you ran a 10/3 100 foot cord you would only have a 2% voltage drop and a 4 % current increase, and you can run a 10,000 btu AC with out any issues on this genset, the one I use is a cheap window shaker by Danby but it has a 10/4 100 foot SOOW wire all copper cord right up to the AC cord, but you don’t have to use 4 conductor, I just use it because I can plug other items in the other side of the generator if needed.

        Now thinking outside the box, abd this will void warrenty, a quick google search and you’ll find out it’s not hard to convert these generators in 3300 watt 120 only unit, I’ve seen it done with a switch added on the front of the control panel as well so you can flip them back and forth. ( why this was never added at the factory I’ll never know, but honestly generac it would of made this generator that much better. )

  2. The RV outlet uses 220 volt so it combines the two power circuits. So a 220v unit will get the combined power streams. I have the 30amp 220v outlet setup to my Power Panel. And I just have to turn off the larger drawing units. Range, Hot Tub, and then I am powering the whole house for a short period of time in case of Emergency. Not with that all said if you think you might need this for long term usage spend the money to get a Whole House Generator.

    1. Before you replace the brushes, try flashing the generator, this is super simple to complete, you will need a plug in drill to complete this task, all you do is plug the drill into the generator, flip the circuit break on WITHOUT the generator running, ( it’s a good idea to pull the sparkplug wire just to be sure nothing will happen ) and then hold down the drill button and make sure nothing is moving and then crank the drill chuck with your other hand a few times, flip the circuit breaker off and fire up the generator, allow it to run for a few minuites to warm up and turn the circuit breaker back on the see if you have power, over time these generators can l lose residuial magnetism in the generator, generac is not alone in this problem, there is lots of units that have this issue, and turning them off under load can also do this, as can running them out of fuel, but the little bit of power you create turning the drill will replace this and allow you to carry on using them without going through the hasle of needlessly throwing parts at them that may or may not fix it, and it only takes like 1 or 2 mins to do with miniumal effort or mechanical experiance.

    1. Less then the Coleman units, and it is a lower tone so while they are not campground friendly, they are not to bad. I run them with a 50 foot cord and muffler pointed away from my place you can’t hear them inside the house.

  3. Hi there. I have to tell you about the gp3300 I pick up 6 years ago.. I live up in the mountains we lose power when we get 25 ft of snow we go with out power for 3 to 6 weeks..during that time .my wife and I run that poor gp3300 24/7 . For 3 to 6 weeks 3 times every winter..I don’t shut her off not even to fuel it I said never shut it powers the hole home..and the well..we heat with wood ..and that little gp3300 has never let us down…thank you for making a great generator….that you can move around in the snow and that runs no matter how cold it is..

  4. So help me here….if I want the full 3300 watts out thru a single plug what do I need to do ? Thanks

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