Transfer Switch for Your Portable Generator: Buyer’s Guide

Want to add a portable generator as a backup power source to your house? There are a few things you need to know before making the jump. The most important is the transfer switch. Not only are there safety precautions to follow when installing a transfer switch, there are also important guidelines to follow for... Read more →

How to Ground Your Portable Generator (In 3 Easy Steps)

Portable generators are used for a variety of tasks, including back up home power supplies, powering tools at a job site, and many more. Certain scenarios may require you to ground your portable generator. You’ll need the right tools and know-how to get it done safely. In this article, we will review what grounding is,... Read more →

Your Portable Generator Won’t Start? – Here’s What To Do

For many people, a portable generator is a rarely used tool. But when you do need to use it, it’s pretty important that it actually works. This is certainly true in emergency situations like power loss from extreme weather. What should you do if your portable generator won’t start in an emergency situation? Read on... Read more →

Energy Generation Through the Ages

The human race has always needed energy. Over the ages, the way that we have generated our energy has become more and more sophisticated, especially since the industrial revolution, the increase in the population and the sophistication of the machinery that we have invented. However, energy generation goes right back to early man. Here, we... Read more →