Can a Generator Run a Sump Pump? (Examples)

Sump pumps are a must-have if you have a basement and are susceptible to flooding. When your basement floods, it is not an easy task to get the water out quickly. That is what a sump pump is for. However, if you are dealing with flooding and a power outage, your sump pump may be... Read more →

Solar Generators That Can Power My Refrigerator

Solar generators are often used in camping and hiking situations where you will have limited access to electricity. However, with solar generators becoming larger and more powerful, many are starting to use them to power home appliances during blackouts and power outages. To ensure that you have a large enough generator to support your appliances,... Read more →

Can a Solar Generator Power a Whole House?

When it comes to backup power solutions, one of the most common questions I hear is β€œcan a solar generator power a house?” Most single solar generator kits cannot power an entire home, but multiple solar generators or a custom DIY setup can help get the job done. Most larger solar generators have the capacity... Read more →

How To Build A Solar Generator (In 4 Easy Steps)

With the rising cost of electricity, many people are looking for alternative energy sources to generate power and lower their electricity bill. One of the most common alternative energy sources is solar power. While solar generators with everything you need to get started do exist (see my selection of the best solar generators), you can... Read more →

Portable Generators & Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (How To Stay Safe)

Using a portable generator can give you access to electrical power during an emergency, when you’re camping, or on a work site. However, using your portable generator incorrectly could also potentially give you carbon monoxide poisoning. Since safely operating your portable generator is key, I’m going to tell you how you can be sure that... Read more →

How to Run a Portable Generator Continuously (Non-Stop)

Have you wondered if you can run your portable generator non-stop? That’s a fair question. Portable generators are a fantastic tool to have during a power outage or in areas where electrical service and weather conditions may be iffy. The best way to run a portable generator for days or even weeks is with an... Read more →

How to Store a Portable Generator (Safely)

Did you know that how you store your generator will determine how long it will work or if it can even be used again? Knowing how to care for and store your portable generator can be a big deal. In this article, we will go over how to store your portable generator and what you... Read more →

What Size Generator Do I Need for Powering a Refrigerator?

You may be wondering: Can a portable generator power a refrigerator? If you are trying to decide whether your current generator can meet your power needs or are shopping around for a new generator, the most important thing to look for is starting watts. Starting watts refers to the wattage demand needed to initially start... Read more →