Portable Generators & Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (How To Stay Safe)

Using a portable generator can give you access to electrical power during an emergency, when you’re camping, or on a work site. However, using your portable generator incorrectly could also potentially give you carbon monoxide poisoning. Since safely operating your portable generator is key, I’m going to tell you how you can be sure that... Read more →

How To Run A Portable Generator Continuously (Non-Stop)

Have you been wondering if you can you run your portable generator non-stop? That’s a fair question. Portable generators are a fantastic tool to have in a power outage or in areas where electrical service and weather conditions may be iffy. Below, we will go over how to make your generator run continuously and what... Read more →

How To Store A Portable Generator (Safely)

Did you know that the way that you store your generator determine how long it will work or if it can even be used again? Knowing how to care for and store your portable generator can be a pretty big deal. In this article, we will go over how to store your portable generator and... Read more →

How To Wire A Transfer Switch To Your Home (Step By Step)

Installing a transfer switch to your home allows you to easily and safely switch incoming power from your main electrical panel to a portable generator in the event of a black out/power outage. Transfer switches come in two configurations, manual and automatic, and both have their pros and cons. Once you have your switch, you... Read more →

How To Ground Your Portable Generator (In 3 Easy Steps)

Portable generators are used for a variety of different tasks including back up home power supplies, powering tools at a job site, and many more. Certain scenarios may require you to ground your portable generator and knowing how to get it done and what tools you will need can save you from serious injury. In... Read more →