Energy Generation Through the Ages

The human race has always needed energy. Over the ages, the way that we have generated our energy has become more and more sophisticated, especially since the industrial revolution, the increase in the population and the sophistication of the machinery that we have invented. However, energy generation goes right back to early man. Here, we … Read this post

Portable generator & central air con featured image

Can A Portable Generator Power Your Central Air Conditioner?

When you lose power during hot weather, the two top priorities for most people are running the refrigerator and the air conditioner. Whether you have a central AC or a window AC unit, you should be able to power them with your portable generator.

How to Break In A Portable Generator (The Right Way)

By taking the time to carefully break in your portable generator, you’re making sure it has a stronger likelihood of working well for many years. If you don’t break in your generator, you are risking damage and speeding up the rate of engine wear.

Can a Portable Generator power a TV? – What you need to know

A portable generator has a lot of possible uses. But do you know how many things your portable generator can power?
Do you know if it can handle each of the things you want to use it to power?
You might have checked on the wattage needed for tools and lights and fans but what about your TV?

How to run a portable generator in wet weather, rain or snow

Generally, it’s unsafe to use a portable generator in wet weather, rain or snow. However, there are a few portable and non-portable solutions available. DIY and ready made products do exist to let you run your generator even in less than ideal conditions.