Whole House Generator Sizing – Calculator & Guide

One of the biggest reasons that most people buy a whole house or home standby generator is to have a backup power source in the event of a power outage or blackout. Generators can help power up all types of electronics, appliances, and tools to ensure you are keeping your family safe and comfortable until... Read more →

Generator vs Inverter – What’s The Difference?

For those who are in the market for a generator, knowing the difference between a conventional generator and an inverter generator can help make your purchasing decision much easier. The biggest factor in choosing the best solution is going to be the amount of power you are going to need. As a rule of thumb,... Read more →

Best Oil for a Portable Generator (Top 5 Highest Quality)

When it comes to owning a portable generator, there are a few necessary maintenance routines to ensure that you get the longest lifespan possible. One of the most important things? Check your generator’s oil level. Low oil level can cause major damage to your generator, and using a low-quality oil risks damaging vital engine components.... Read more →

Can A Portable Generator Run A Furnace?

The furnace allows you to keep your family warm and ensure that everyone stays at a safe and comfortable temperature throughout the winter months. In places that are prone to blackouts, a simple power outage can cause your boiler to be inoperable until power is restored which could be anywhere from hours to days. To... Read more →

Portable Generator Maintenance (5 Things To Check)

Portable generators are a lifesaver when it comes to blackouts or traveling to locations where there is not readily available energy. This means that you will want to ensure that your generator works well at all times. To ensure that your generator starts when you need it the most, there are a few maintenance tips... Read more →

Can a Generator Run a Sump Pump? (Examples)

Sump pumps are a must-have if you have a basement and are susceptible to flooding. When your basement floods, it is not an easy task to get the water out quickly. That is what a sump pump is for. However, if you are dealing with flooding and a power outage, your sump pump may be... Read more →

Solar Generators That Can Power My Refrigerator

Solar generators are often used in camping and hiking situations where you will have limited access to electricity. However, with solar generators becoming larger and more powerful, many are starting to use them to power home appliances during blackouts and power outages. To ensure that you have a large enough generator to support your appliances,... Read more →