Where Are Generac Generators Made?

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Generac is a well-known brand in the generator industry. With more than 60 years of experience, they established a reputation for producing generators of the highest caliber. From the tiniest portable generator to massive backup generators used in businesses. But where are Generac generators made? And how did Generac become so successful?

The Generac Power Systems make the Generac generators in their headquarters in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Other manufacturing locations include Jefferson, Berlin, Oshkosh, Eagle, and Whitewater (all in Wisconsin). Generac was established in 1959 and pioneered the development of affordable portable generators in the USA.

Generac recently celebrated more than 60 years of achievement and looks forward to meeting its customers’ future power demands. They are now the leading producer of backup generators for homes. Are they still produced in the USA, though? Read on to find out.

Generac Company History and Background

Robert Kern established Generac Power Systems Inc. in 1959. Robert pledged to design and produce the first backup generator at an accessible price. Today, the Generac generator is renowned for being both high-quality and inexpensive.

The Generac name is famous for its dependability, quality, and innovation. American-made Generac generators manufacturing locations are at Wisconsin’s Waukesha, Eagle, Berlin, Oshkosh, Whitewater, and Jefferson factories.

Generac Power Systems Inc. produces gasoline-fueled, diesel-fueled, and bi-fuel engine-driven power generation equipment in addition to Generac portable generators, modular paralleling systems, automated transfer switches, pressure washers, and other electrical equipment.

It is well known that Generac home standby generators are strong, high-grade, and of good quality. Additionally, Generac generators are dependable and have provided many individuals with excellent service and power sources for more than 60 years.

Generac renamed its industrial products division in December 2009 by introducing Generac Industrial Power. The Generac Industrial Power included powerful engines, brand new enclosures, visual changes, and aesthetic and ergonomic changes.

Despite having just five workers when it first began, the firm has grown to include a number of other well-known power engine manufacturers on a global scale, including Motortech, Selmec, DR Power Equipment, Powermate, and Pramac.

​​Generac is a division of Generac Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GNRC), a significant manufacturer of standby and portable generators for business and industry.

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The History Between Generac and Briggs and Stratton

Generac sold its portable goods segment to the Beacon Group, a private equity company, in 1998. The Beacon group then sold the division to Briggs & Stratton Corporation. It then established Briggs & Stratton Power Products and, with some of its products, started to compete with Generac portable products.

Generac returned to the portable generator market in 2008 after a non-compete agreement pertaining to the sale expired in 2007.

Before, Generac and the Beacon Group had a non-compete agreement. They were able to increase their market share in the Generac portable generator sector when it expired, according to records submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Generac, one of the biggest generator manufacturers in the business, went public in 2010. Their generators are promoted for their quality and performance and sold to merchants all over the globe. Commercial generators often bear the Generac brand, and in recent years, Generac has extensively promoted its residential backup generator line.

When Generac Power Systems applied to buy various Briggs & Stratton Corporation product lines after B&S filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in July, there were reportedly issues between Generac and Briggs & Stratton.

The conflict between the neighboring businesses, whose headquarters are just 20 miles away, is the product of two opposing corporate philosophies: one is dedicated to technology and innovation, while the other wants to increase its market share and attract more clients. By the end of August (2020) deadline, Generac did not pursue its interest in purchasing any of Briggs & Stratton.

Where Are Generac Generators Made?

Most portable generators made by Generac Power Systems are built on site in their Winsconsin factories. Generac Power Systems is the manufacturing company that produces many of its components and engines (and sometimes the whole Generac generator).

Generac’s manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin:

  • Waukesha (headquarters)
  • Berlin
  • Oshkosh
  • Jefferson
  • Eagle
  • Whitewater

More specifically, the Generac G-FORCE and OHVI engines are “designed and manufactured” in their Wisconsin factory, but not all of the components are, as you can see from their product description page. You can see all the portable generator faqs on their main website.

Popular Generac Generators Made in the USA

These are assembled and engineered in the USA using domestic and foreign parts.

  • Guardian Series Home Backup Generators
  • EcoGen Series Home Backup Generators
  • PowerPact Home Backup Generators

Popular Generac Generators Not US Made

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Are Some Generac Generators Made in China?

Which Generac engine the generator uses will determine the answer in its entirety. Wisconsin is where the OHVI and G-FORCE engines are made. The OHV engines, however, were likely made in China rather than in the United States since they were neither designed nor produced there. The product description should mention the engine type of your generator.

Generac briefly considered moving part of its whole manufacturing to China. Still, Generac decided against it and has remained in the U.S. since the country has reduced its expenses and capital gains/corporate taxes.

Additionally, there is a rising trend among American corporations to begin moving part or all of their operations out of China. While this doesn’t necessarily imply that they will relocate their operations, it does indicate that China will produce the bulk of the goods when this happens.

Where Are Generac Engines Made?

Generac produces generators of practically every form and application conceivable for personal, professional, and recreational use. Generac Power Systems produces three different brand engine types for all Generac generator products:

  • Generac G-Force engine
  • Generac OHVI engine
  • Generac OHV engine

The G-force and OHVI are the most popular variants on the market. Of the three, the G-Force engine offers the most features. It is the top choice in the Generac lineup.

On their website, Generac makes it clear that the G-Force and OHVI engines are produced in the U.S., whereas the Generac OHV engines are not. However, Generac does not mention the location of OHV’s manufacturing.

It is very probable that Briggs & Stratton, a business that is more than happy to have its goods made in China, manufactures and produces the OHV engine. There is thus a chance.

However, the information is either missing, utterly unclear, or just a diversion, mainly when researched online.

Generac attempted to seek access to and the purchase of Briggs & Stratton’s production lines when it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2020. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out.

Generac’s Commitment To Quality Control

The cost of providing a backup power source is high, but Generac outperforms many of its rivals in terms of power for the dollar. Generac generators are one of the most cost-effective solutions when all things are equal.

A solid standard warranty demonstrates a manufacturer has confidence in the quality of their goods. All Generac generators have a complete 2-year warranty that provides labor coverage for one year and full replacement coverage for faulty components.

Are Generac portable generators safe and reliable?

Generac’s commitment to providing goods of high quality with almost unequaled dependability, beginning at the core, is one of the reasons for its success.

According to a third source study, Generac standby generators are 99% dependable and economical, with very little noise. A typical Generac standby generator lasts for about 25-30 years.

Of course, proper generator placement and maintenance are necessary to ensure the longevity of your machine.

Generac ensures generator lifespan and performance using specialized engines and pressure lubricated oil, which might help maintain even a vehicle engine in good running condition.

Generac is dedicated to more than just emergency power. Unlike most of their rivals, they aspire to sustainable growth by creating procedures to reduce its environmental effect.

When customers require backup power, environmentally friendly fuel sources are available to help them reduce their carbon impact. This fuel includes Bi-Fuel, which combines the strength of natural gas and diesel to extend the generator’s working duration, have less fuel to store on-site, and lower carbon emissions produced over time.

Generac has made significant investments over the last couple of decades to position itself as an industry leader by incorporating premium components and motors into its powerful generators. Their expenditures have paid off since Generac is the country’s top producer of industrial generators and backup generators for residences.


Generac has established itself as a leading manufacturer of reliable and adequate power-generating systems thanks to a long history spanning many decades. The business’s commitment to manufacturing quality and its emphasis on satisfying the various power requirements of clients has helped it become a reputable generator brand.

Generac was founded in the United States and has remained so since its founding and continues to produce the great majority of its products in Wisconsin. Outsourcing has been in the news, but Generac has yet to take concrete steps in that direction.

As of today, Generac’s main engines are proudly developed and assembled in the U.S., which will likely not change.

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