Nitecore FSP100W Review + New NES 300 Battery Pack

For the last few weeks, I have been playing with the new NES 300 Li-Ion Battery Pack from Nitecore. I was given the pack along with a foldable 100W solar panel from Nitecore. I had never used a Nitecore battery or solar product before, so this was my first exposure to the brand. I previously... Read more →

Honda Generator Accessories

A Honda generator promises optimal results for all your power needs. However, generators rarely provide a one-stop solution. Any portable generator will need accessories. Check Price on Amazon Why Do You Need Honda Generator Accessories? When shopping for generator accessories, you want products that will enhance the safety features or the product itself. One reason... Read more →

Generac iQ3500 Hands-on Review and Buying Guide

Are you looking to buy a quiet, powerful, yet easy -to-start generator? The Generac iQ3500 Portable Inverter Generator is an example of such a generator. Generac claims it’s 40% quieter than a Honda. In this review and buying guide, we’ll explore the key features of the Generac iQ3500 and why this portable inverter generator is... Read more →

DuroMax XP13000EH Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for power equipment you can count on? Look no further. Today we will answer all your questions about the DuroMax XP13000EH 13000 watt generator so that you can determine if this generator is the right fit for your needs. Powerful Engine Powered by a 500cc engine, the generator helps you run devices... Read more →

Generac 8000e Buyers Guide

So, you’re in the market for an electric start portable generator? And you want an easy-to-move model that comes in handy in a power outage or on a camping trip? With the product’s 7-5 (7.5) gallon engine fuel tank, the Generac (All Rights Reserved) Gp8000e is a contending choice for use in homes, RVs, and... Read more →

Champion 3500 Generator Buyer’s Guide

The Champion 3500 portable generator with wireless remote start is a powerful generator. For maximum convenience, this generator features a remote start! With wireless remote start, you can use your remote key fob to start the machine from up to 80 feet away. Your remote key fob is included with your purchase at no additional... Read more →

DuroMax XP10000EH Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for power that you can use at home, at your worksite, or on the go? Then you need to check out the generator DuroMax XP10000EH 10, 000-watt. If you are interested in whether your energy needs can get powered by a DuroMax machine, the XP10000EH may be the answer! Read on to... Read more →

Honda 2800 Generator Buyer’s Guide

From Honda power equipment comes this powerful inverter generator, the Honda eg2800i. One of the top in its class of clean generators, this product has captured the attention of people who need power everywhere. Co-Minder Some Honda generators come with CO-MINDER technology. This helpful function monitors the CO levels and automatically shuts the product down... Read more →