Are Generator Warranties Worth It? Should You Get One?

A generator can be a lifesaver during a power outage, keeping your home running smoothly until electricity is restored. But what happens when your generator fails to work properly? Should you secure a standard warranty for it? Moreover, are generator warranties worth it? Generator warranties are worth it since they can provide protection against defects,... Read more →

Does A Generator Need to Be Grounded? How Do You Do It?

Generators are a valuable power source for many households and businesses, but they also present potential safety hazards if not used properly. Does a generator need to be grounded? More importantly, how do you safely do it? Generators should be grounded. They produce electricity that can be dangerous if not properly managed. Grounding helps to... Read more →

Why Are Portable Generators So Loud? – Tips to Reduce Noise

Portable generators are essential tools for many people, providing power in areas where electricity is not readily available. However, one major drawback of these machines is their noise output. Why are portable generators so loud? Portable generators are loud because they have internal combustion engines that produce mechanical energy, which is then converted into electrical... Read more →

Do Home Generators Increase Home Value? By How Much?

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Are Portable Generators Toxic to Dogs?

Picture this: you’re out camping with your trusty four-legged companion, enjoying the fresh air and rugged wilderness. You set up your portable generator to power your tent or RV, but little do you know, you may be putting your dog’s health at risk. Portable generators can be toxic to dogs due to the emission of... Read more →

Are Champion Generators Good? Are They Reliable?

Champion generators are a well-known brand to consider if you’re searching for a portable generator, a home standby generator, or an inverter generator for power outages. However, as a consumer, you need to make sure they’re worth your hard-earned money. After all, any brand that calls itself a “champion” must live up to that name,... Read more →