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Rockpals was nice enough to send me their newly designed 500W Li-ion battery pack, the PS500.

Rockpals PS500

This new design has a much curvier look than its previous 500W model. It is a budget price for the capacity of 505Wh.

While I like the ergonomics and price point of the PS500 – it still can’t match my favorite for this size of power station: The Ecoflow River 600. That is my favorite mid-size power station because it charges so dang fast.

The Rockpals has a standard charging time, taking in around 68W from the AC charger when the charge level was at 75%. This is a similar charging speed to most power stations. The Jackery 300 recently added the ability to charge with two inputs, A/C and USB-C power. But that is two cords to add 60-70% more charging speed…handy, but still not as convenient as Ecoflow’s speed.

But, back to the Rockpal. Compared to the previous 500W model, the aesthetics are dramatically better. Take a look at this older ugly box model:

Unboxing the Rockpals 500W PS500

I unboxed the Rockpals PS500, while out in central Oregon on vacation, from the back of my truck. The unit is quite light and compact for its capacity size, which is a huge plus. I could see myself putting this in the back of my car for road trips or just everyday use if I am out to the river or working from a coffee shop and want to make sure I can keep all my devices charged.

Rockpals 500w PS500 Power Station Unboxing & Initial Review

Features of the ROCKPALS PS500 I Like

1. Ergonomics

I like the overall weight and feel of this battery pack a lot.

2. Price

At $.67 per Wh of capacity, this is a good choice if you need cheap capacity

Features of the ROCKPALS PS500 I Don’t Like

1. Charging Speed

The PS500 charges at around 70W in from the AC wall charger. This is half the Ecoflow River 600 speed.

2. Low USB-C output (only 45W)

Only 1 USB-C and its just 45W output. Not nearly close to the 100W of the Ecoflow River or 60W of the Jackery 300 or Nitecore NES 300.

Overall review

If I could find a good deal and needed a 500Wh range battery pack, and didn’t care about quick charging or need more than a 45W USB-c – this is a good pick. The ergonomics of the ROCKPALS PS500 are great, and its a solid budget pick in this capacity size range. At around $0.67 per Wh of capacity, this is definitely a good value in terms of capacity. Most Li-ion battery packs in this range are usually closer to the $1 per Wh capacity-wise. That number continues to fall.

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