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There’s a space in between the need for a portable charger and a large, noisy generator. Something that is super quiet but can do far more legwork than a miniature power station.

honda eu1000i review

This is the space occupied by the Honda EU1000i generator. A 1000 watt generator that is powerful enough to run a small beer fridge. An inverter generator that is safe to use for a laptop. And a quiet, lightweight and compact design that makes it perfect for camping trips.

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We’re going to take a close look at the Honda EU1000i and let you know it’s best features, as well as any drawbacks. We’ll be looking at:

  • What a portable inverter generator is designed for
  • How it compares to similar models
  • Whether you should buy a Honda generator
  • Customer reviews

We hope you’ll be able to get a clear picture of whether the Honda EU1000i is the generator for you. So, let’s get going!

What is an Inverter Generator?

Inverter generators have two main advantages over regular generators: stable power for sensitive equipment and fuel efficiency. It’s great to head out and enjoy nature, and an energy-efficient generator helps to preserve that beauty.

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  • Engine: Honda GXH50, 49.4 cc, 4-stroke, OHV, 1 cylinder
  • Starting method: Manual recoil

Some of the most distinctive features of the Honda EU1000i are:

  • Super quiet noise level of 50dB at 50% load
  • Can be carried in one hand at 28.7lbs
  • 1000 starting/900 running watts rated load
  • Inverter technology means stable, efficient power for charging

The first thing to note is that this is a substantial amount of power for something weighing only 29 pounds. 1000 watts of power in a smaller model is going to be hard to find. The Honda EU1000i 1000 watt generator is ahead of most of the competition in terms of power versus weight. This can be improved further with the parallel capability for connections that you’ll find on the EU1000i.

Smart, Efficient & Super Quiet

This Honda 1000 watt inverter generator can run appliances like power tools and camping fridges using most of its power. However, if you’re just charging a laptop and a couple of phones, it adjusts power depending on the load.

This improves fuel efficiency and means that inverter generators produce less noise as a result. It also means that the run time is increased because less power is required.

Prevents Damage to Sensitive Equipment

The second aspect is slightly more technical and involves something called Harmonic Distortion. This refers to the AC sine wave being distorted, usually by other connected appliances being switched on and off.

This can cause damage to any connected item which uses a microprocessor. That’s your phone and your laptop, amongst other things.

Inverter technology ensures that the Honda EU1000i keeps these levels extremely low (below 3% even at maximum capacity). This makes the energy you get from your outlets stable, which means that your kit is safe from Harmonic Distortion. This is a major benefit of inverter generators.


Honda offers a 2-year residential warranty, which is neither the best nor the worst. Some other top manufacturers offer a 3-year warranty, while the economy choices tend to come with a 1-year warranty.

You might hope for a 3-year warranty, but in fairness, Honda products are incredibly solid whether it’s 2 or 3 years. Honda invests a lot in its reputation for reliability, and there’s a reason for that.

What is the EU1000i Designed For?

We mentioned the EU1000i is great for camping. Part of this reason is that it’s a portable inverter generator. We know, not everyone likes to bring a laptop camping. Some of us do, though! It’s great for music, you can do some writing, and sometimes it’s just necessary.

Honda’ s inverter technology means stable, clean power that won’t blow your laptop (more on that later). It also prevents the generator from being overloaded. Plus, it’s super quiet. You don’t need to worry about being deafened just to get some charge.

What Will a Honda EU1000i Power?

The Honda EU1000i is a powerful, super quiet generator, but it can’t do it all. Here’s a breakdown of what it can power:

  • Phones
  • Laptops
  • A small portable heater
  • Some power tools
  • A small camping fridge
  • Portable fans

Knowing the requirements for what you want to run before purchasing a generator is obviously important. A Honda 1000 watt generator provides a lot of power in a very small package. If you want to run something like a larger fridge-freezer, though, you’re going to need 2000 watts of power or more.

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Knowing just how much power you need helps when making a decision.

What Won’t a Honda EU1000i Power?

The Honda Eu1000i won’t power:

  • Large fridges or freezers
  • Appliances that produce a lot of heat (tumble dryers, for example)
  • Larger power equipment such as table saws

The EU1000i is certainly useful to have around in a power outage or emergency. However, if you want to power most of a house, a larger generator is recommended. The Honda EU1000i 1000 watt generator is first and foremost a portable generator.

How Does the Honda EU1000i Generator Compare?

Let’s consider a couple of other models in the same range.

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

This is another quiet inverter generator with a lot going for it. It has a running wattage of 1600W. On a quarter load (slightly less than the half load of the EU1000i), it produces around 51dB.

The noise levels are around the same, pound-for-pound. Of course, the Yahama can power more than the smaller Honda generator. As expected, it weighs more, at 44.1lbs.

The area that gives the EU1000i the edge is in reliability. After prolonged use, the fuel consumption of the EF2000iSV2 generator increases substantially. Yahama is a great brand, but Honda generators are well-known for their durability.

Homegear 800 Watt Portable Inverter Generator, Model 950i

We’ve talked about how lightweight the EU1000i is. Let’s look at an even lighter model.

The Homegear 950i weighs in at just 22.5lbs. It’s a fairly quiet operation, running with a 58 dB(A) rated load. It offers slightly less wattage than the Honda generator but comes with a far lower price tag.

The drawback is that it’s not as reliable as Honda generators, and it doesn’t have the connectivity. It’s a good, quiet inverter generator for the price range, though.

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Buying from a manufacturer known for quality, reliable products is never a bad idea.

Customer Reviews

On, the EU1000i scores 4.5/5 stars, based on 73 reviews. Over 3/4 of those reviews are 5 stars. This is a very respectable customer rating score and testifies to the quality of Honda generators.

Pros and Cons


  • Super quiet engine
  • Powerful for such a small generator
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quality assured brand
  • Eco-friendly
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Fuel readily available


  • More expensive than other brands
  • Refueling could be easier
  • No electric start (manual recoil)

Verdict: Should You Buy It?

Inverter generators are amazing pieces of kit. Improved fuel efficiency plus safer charging for delicate equipment equals a winning formula, where we’re concerned.

The Honda EU1000i generator makes the most of the concept. This is a generator designed to adapt to the flexible needs of campers and folk who might need a bit of extra power here or there. The power level is ideal for regular, casual use.

We’d always be reluctant to say Honda wasn’t worth the money. In the case of the EU1000i, we’d say that it certainly is worth it. We’re big fans of the Honda EU1000i and we hope that you will be, too!


How Long Will a Honda EU1000i Run?

At 50% capacity, the EU1000i will run for around 3 hours. This extends to 7.1 hours at 1/4 load. Given the fuel efficiency of an inverter generator, this is a pretty good run time for a generator of this size.

It’s also worth considering what you’re using the Honda EU1000i for. If this was the main generator you were using to keep various household appliances running overnight, this lifespan would be no good. Nobody wants to set alarms in the middle of a power outage to groggily mess around with gasoline.

The Honda EU1000i a great generator to offer reliable power when you’re camping. We also like that it can provide some much-needed extra power in a blackout because of its parallel capability. But yes, it has its limits!

How Much Does a Honda 1000 Generator Weigh?

At 28.7lbs, the EU1000i is portable and lightweight. You can carry it in one arm, which is a massive bonus if you’re camping off the beaten track!

It’s a smaller, lighter package than most generators of similar power. This is also great if you’re planning to use the EU1000i on a work site. If you’re unsure whether your main generator can power all your tools, this little generator can give you the extra clout that you need.

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Is It Fuel-Efficient for 1000 Watts?

A 1000 watt generator can power most essentials you’d take on a camping trip. It’s fairly ideal for camping / supplemental RV power. It has an 0.6 gal run time between 3 (at 1/4 load) and 7.1 hours on a single tank depending on your usage.

Now, 3 hours at 50% load may not seem a huge amount, but with a fuel tank capacity of 0.6 gallons, that’s great fuel efficiency. This is thanks to Honda’s exclusive eco throttle system.

This system reduces fuel consumption by up to 40%, making a Honda generator a very fuel-efficient beast. It runs on unleaded gasoline of the kind you can pick up at most gas stations, which makes for very easy refueling.

Is the Honda EU1000i Protected By Oil Alert?

Honda tends to think of everything. Of course, then, the fuel level on Honda generators is protected by oil alert. This means that if low oil is detected, the oil alert protects the generator by shutting down the engine off when low and notifies you.

This protects the generator and more important, it protects you. In this day and age, this is a must for a portable generator. Still, good to know.

What is the Quietest 1000 Watt Generator?

The Honda EU1000i generator is one of the quietest generators on the market, for its power. It’s not the quietest – other similar generators can get down to around 51dB, whereas the EU1000i generator is around 59dB on full power.

60dB is about the noise level of normal conversation. In economy mode, the EU1000i produces around 50dB. We’ll have a look at some of the competitors in a moment, but producing less noise than a normal conversation is a pretty good outlook.

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