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A Honda generator promises optimal results for all your power needs. However, generators rarely provide a one-stop solution. Any portable generator will need accessories.

honda generator accessories review

How do you search and compare accessories, though? What are the right generator accessories to add to your cart?

We help answer those questions with this review of the top Honda generator accessories, backed by customer approval.

Honda generators and accessories have your back whenever there’s a power outage! Compare products and start shopping today to find the perfect accessories to add to your cart.

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Why Do You Need Honda Generator Accessories?

When shopping for generator accessories, you want products that will enhance the safety features or the product itself.

One reason you want Honda generator accessories for Honda products is compatibility. Not all generators work the same way, so you want accessories designed for your backup power supply. It will ensure you do not have to send it back later or damage your Honda generator.

Sticking with the Honda brand also will save you time and money while shopping. You won’t have to compare a brand or price points for similar products. Instead, you can see all the Honda generator products available and which equipment is compatible with which products.

Although Honda is a brand name, its accessories and generators generally come at competitive price points.

Keep reading to see the top Honda generator accessories and search for the best complements to your Honda generator. Once you sort through the options and see the accessories you need, you can add them to your online shopping cart!

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How Do I Choose?

When shopping for the right accessories to keep your generator powered, you’ll find many options. Some are essential for safety, while others sort out maintenance issues. The price range of the accessories will vary, so be sure to compare if needed.

A few accessories, like transfer switches, do not connect directly to the generator but are essential add-ons. Others, like parallel cable kits, are the sort to attach directly to the generator to get it powered up. Both show different but useful results.

Your search should consider:

  • Price points
  • The sort of results you want
  • The Honda generator model you have

Compare these and any other factors as you search for the right accessories to add to your cart.

Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are probably the most crucial accessory when you shop for your Honda generator. It is especially critical if your generator is the primary power source for your home backup system or RV.

A transfer switch will move power from one electricity source to another. It can sort and switch the load from the primary electricity source to the generator or vice versa.

Transfer switches prevent power sources from feeding the same circuity and creating a hazardous situation. Per US law, you must have a transfer switch for portable generators connected to a home or other building structure.

You can compare an automatic transfer switch or a manual one as you search your options. Both are solid choices but with different price points, so compare the pros and cons as you shop.


  • Legally required safety equipment
  • Protects against power hazards
  • Range of price options
  • Multiple models and type to search for and compare


  • Does require a licensed electrician to install and connect to the main breaker box


The only thing you need to decide when it comes to a transfer switch is which sort you prefer – manual or automatic. You can compare the two on the Honda. com website and see which best suits your needs. We show both Honda options below so that you can compare the two accessories.

APC Universal Transfer Switches

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The Honda Universal Transfer Switch is a sort of automatic switch. It automatically reacts to an outage and gets things powered up quickly. The Honda generator accessory is highly programmable, allowing you to sort out options by priority.

A Universal Transfer Switch will adjust to the power flow and prevent any overloading. See, it eliminates the need for the customer to adjust switches or circuits manually. It provides easy power management results and lets you power multiple devices.


  • Monitors power usage
  • Automatically stops the generator when power restored
  • Enables fuel efficiency by only running when needed
  • Lets user sort what gets powered in an outage
  • Automatic function for uninterrupted power provision


      • Requires professional electrician to install
      • Higher price point if you compare to other transfer switches


The Honda Inc brand products are high-quality, which is easy to see in the Universal Transfer Switch. It is an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a power source that ensures uninterrupted flow.

You’ll see multiple switch options out there, so compare the options and search for the right match. It does have a higher price point, so compare all the models as you decide what to add to your cart.

Manual Switches

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You can compare the benefits of an automatic switch to manual control in your search.

The manual switch is a different sort, relying on the customer to activate the generator. It will not automatically turn on in the event of an outage, which is the most significant difference when you compare it with a Honda automatic switch.

With a manual switch, the customer will need to follow a precise process to get things powered again. But they have benefits, too.

For one, manual switches let you adjust devices connected to the generator. They are relatively simple to sort and understand. The manual control enables you to see what gets powered by the generator and adjust to prevent overloads.

The Honda Inc brand has several different manual products to compare. Some can hold up to 16 circuits at once!


      • Low price point if you compare to other switch options
      • Lower installation price
      • Maintain awareness of what exactly is being powered
      • Manual start ensures power and fuel only supply products in use


      • Requires professional installation


If you do not want products needlessly powered and fuel wasted, a manual switch could be the right choice. We encourage you to see and compare the various options within the Honda Inc brand and find the one suited to your purposes.

If you are looking for something on the lower end of the price range, compare multiple models in your search.

EU Series Accessories, Parallel Kits, and Cables


Just like any other generator, Honda Inc generators have a limit on what can be powered. However, when it comes to a home-back-up power system, you might reach that limit quickly. This situation is where the Honda EU series accessories come in handy.

Parallel cables allow a customer to link two EU series generators to double the power output. You can tap into extra power without needing a larger generator. You also get power without losing portability.

There are a few parallel cable options to compare. They are compatible with different Honda generator models. The EU series accessories come as parallel kits and cables on the Honda. com website.


      • Increase power output
      • Keep portability
      • Top-rated customer product
      • Affordable price points


      • Increased fuel usage from running two generators
      • Only compatible with EU generator models
      • Need to link two identical models


If you find yourself in a sort of power pickle, two generators will be better than one. An EU-series parallel cable can sort out any electrical issues and get things powered up. It is excellent if you are running heavy equipment that requires extra power, but you also want to retain portability. These accessories are only useful for the Honda EU series, so keep that in mind before adding them to your cart.

Remote Start Kits

hand holding a remote control of a television

When shopping for a generator, you should compare the sort of start-up options available. Some generators get powered with a simple push-start, while others have a pull-start. However, there is also an accessory designed to enable a wireless remote start.

Remote start devices let you power the generator from a distance. This accessory is the sort of “nice-to-have” option, but not a must-have. If you do not like the price or find you do not need the back-up power option, no need to compare it with other kits.

You’ll need a technician to install these kits, and the price and compatibility will vary per generator. Not all portable generators are compatible with remote start, but the Honda brand does have a few kits to compare.

Pro Tip: Check to see if your product and brand are compatible with the remote kit before adding it to your cart.


      • Wireless start
      • Great if the Honda generator is outdoors in inclement weather
      • Range of price options


      • Need professional installation of accessories
      • Not all models are compatible with kits


A remote start kit is ideal if the Honda generator is not within easy reach. It lets you get the generator powered up without hassle. Honda brand remote options come at a competitive price.

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Consider Adding Maintenance Kits

Besides the accessories listed here, there are also Honda maintenance kits you can sort through and compare. These kits can help with maintenance, fuel efficiency, and other issues.

You can search for individual products, compare various brand choices, or get it all in one kit for a reasonable price.

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Portable Honda generators require minimal maintenance, a hallmark of this brand. But regular inspection will ensure the products continue to produce results and back-up power when you need it most.

When you shop for a generator, see about adding maintenance kits to your cart.

Honda maintenance kits will help with issues like:

      • Replacing spark plugs after 100 hours of use
      • Changing the oil every 50-60 hours
      • Replacing oil filters with every oil change
      • Replacing air filters 1 -2 times a year

See site for an accessories kit with:

      • Oil change products
      • Spark plugs
      • Oil filters
      • Air filters
      • Funnel

These kits will save you on needing to search and shop for them individually.

Additional maintenance includes cleaning your Honda Inc generator to remove dirt and prevent rust. See about cleaning products during your search for Honda generator accessories.

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Your Honda generator can be even easier to use with the right sort of Honda generator accessories.

Luckily, the brand has numerous Honda generator accessories to help your search, all backed by the Honda, Inc assurance of quality.

With the right accessories and maintenance, your Honda generator should deliver optimal performance results for years. Search Honda. com for transfer switches, maintenance kits, and more, and add to your cart today.

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