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From Honda power equipment comes this powerful inverter generator, the Honda eg2800i. One of the top in its class of clean generators, this product has captured the attention of people who need power everywhere.

honda 2800 generator review

This gasoline generator is optimal for anyone looking to use it to power up small machinery or even to use while camping.

If you’re in the market for a reliable generator, you may want to consider the Honda eg2800i. In this review and buyer’s guide, I’m going to answer all your burning questions about the specs and features of this fuel engine generator. I’ll also offer some insight into what to look for when shopping for generators.

Let’s start now!

Honda EG2800i Specs

  • Model Name: Honda EG2800i AG
  • Engine: Honda GC190LA
  • Dimensions: 16. 9 x 17. 6 x 18. 9
  • Weight: 66 .6 lbs
  • Displacement: 186 cc
  • Starting System: Recoil
  • AC Output: 120v at 2800 watt max and 2500 watt rated
  • Run Time: 5.2 hours at the rated load and 11.9 hours at 1 /4 load
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Noise Level: Super quiet, 67 dbA at the rated load and 62 dbA at 1 /4 load
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation: Inverter technology
  • Starting Watts: 2800 watts
  • Running Watts: 2500 watts
  • Warranty: 3 years residential, 1-year commercial
  • Fuel: Gasoline oil engine

Honda EG2800i Generator Features

This inverter generator product has a host of helpful functions. From its easy start gasoline engine to its superior inverter technology, let’s take a look at some stand-out features of the Honda eg2800i.


You can trust this 2800 watt engine to power your home. This generator can power everything from refrigerators and TVs to lights, microwaves, and outlet charging.

Just get it going with the recoil starting system, and you’ll find endless uses for this high-quality-power Honda generator.

volt meter at 415 volts


Some Honda generators come with CO-MINDER technology. This helpful function monitors the CO levels and automatically shuts the product down before it reaches dangerously high CO levels.


Not all inverter generators are portable generators, but this Honda generator is as portable as they come.

At just 66.6 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to take with you wherever you’re going. Its compact size makes it even more portable.

Even better, with the wheel kit, you don’t need to have a lot of strength to make it portable.

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Inverter Technology

Honda’s advanced inverter technology produces stable power wrapped up in a smaller package. It helps keep more sensitive machinery and electronics safe from getting an over surge of electricity.

This inverter generator uses a recoil start and creates power that is just as clean as what you use every day from your home outlets.


If you need an engine with power without compromising on noise level, you’ll enjoy the fact that this Honda engine operates with noise levels between 62 and 67 dBA. When you need home power that is as quiet as it is steady, these generators don’t disappoint.

woman signals "keep quiet"

Easy Start Engine

This easy-start recoil engine is also fuel-efficient and robust, providing years of reliable power. All of Honda’s gasoline engines meet CARB emission levels and EPA emissions levels.

Long Run Time

Thanks to the 2800 watt starting watts and 2500 watt running watts power of this product, you’ll get up to 11.9 hours of service while only using about 2 gallons of fuel.

Whether operating at the full rated load or less, the engine will adjust as needed. It will provide the power you need, and none that you don’t.

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Transfer Switch Ready

With the built-in 30A outlet, you can get 30 amp by connecting to your home via a transfer switch. Once connected, turn it on to start powering your home.

Full-Frame Protection

Open frame generators can be smaller, lighter, and easier to carry. However, without encasing, you’re running the risk of damaging the product every time you move it.

This Honda generator is not an open frame. Instead, it provides extra security with full-frame protection. However, it’s still portable thanks to its smaller size and lighter weight.

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Outlet Circuit Protection

You can protect your home circuits from getting overloaded with individual outlet circuit protection. The output indicator also doubles as an hour meter, noting 100 hours blocks up to 500 hours.

Standard Fuel Gauge

It’s easy to see how much gasoline oil is in your fuel tank with its easy-read fuel gauge.

yellow gas pump

Honda Oil Alert

Honda generators can run for hours without running out of oil thanks to Honda Oil Alert®, which shuts the engine off when oil gets too low.


Honda’s specialty Eco Throttle system maximizes fuel-efficient operations by allowing the engine to adjust both up and down as needed throughout its run time. It creates a quieter, more efficient machine. Eco-Throttle is available on this inverter generator as well.


As mentioned previously, this generator is CARB compliant. It produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions from the engine while still generating high-quality, clean power.

Wheel Kit

This Honda inverter generator includes a wheel kit, making it portable from the start without having to purchase an additional part.

Honda 2800 Inverter Generator Warranty

The warranty will depend on the series you get, but the Honda GX series comes with a 3-year residential warranty and commercial.

On the other hand, the Honda 2800s GC series comes with a 3-year warranty for residential and a 1-year commercial warranty.

Customer Reviews: What They Have to Say

When you’re shopping for something new online – especially when it’s something you don’t have much personal experience or knowledge in—performing some internet research before you buy is one of the best ways to vet the products out there. That way, you can find out what real consumers have thought about what they purchased.

Understandably, you may have some questions about this inverter generator:

  • How does the eco throttle work?
  • Can I trust it to run for hours without a safety risk?
  • What’s the lifespan I can expect from the EG2800i?

While you won’t always find the answers listed clearly on the manufacturer’s site, you can gain a lot of insight from checking out consumer reviews and ratings.

When I performed my due diligence on this product for this review, I found a few recurring themes in the consumer reviews.

  • This inverter generator has an average of 4.3 stars, which is pretty good for Honda power equipment.
  • Among the options of Overall, Quality, Features, and Ease of Use, categories for Features and Ease of Use tied for the highest rating of 4.8 stars. Quality and overall tied next at 4.3 stars each.
  • One customer noticed a problem with idle control, but resetting the IAC valve may be an easy fix for that.

For the most part, customers were impressed with the Honda eg2800i and found it to provide a good value and a great bang for its buck. Some even went on to say it was the best generator they ever owned.

When you see a bunch of happy consumers recommending the product, that’s a good sign. Overwhelmingly, this is what I saw when researching customer reviews and ratings.

Pros and Cons

Let’s look at how this Honda eg2800i inverter generator with a 2800 watt starting stacks up in terms of pros and cons.


  • CARB compliant — safe and clean energy
  • EPA certified
  • Extended run time — up to 11.9 hours
  • 2800 watt start
  • 2500 watt run
  • Extremely powerful for personal use
  • Lightweight
  • Fuel efficient
  • Portable — wheel kit included


  • Some small issues with idle control
  • The black unit has a 30 amp plug that is not GFCI protected.
  • It is not for professional, commercial use.
  • If used in silent environments, the noise may still be an issue.

What to Look For When Buying a Generator

Are you one of the many people on the hunt for the right generator? While the Honda eg2800i is an excellent option, it might not necessarily be suitable for everyone. Yes, a generator can be great, but that doesn’t always mean it’s great for you.

So, what should you keep in mind when buying a generator? How do you ensure you get a product that fulfills your needs and works well for years to come?

From safety and outlets to fuel efficiency and portability, here are some of the most desirable generator features to keep in mind:

Automatic CO Shut-Off

If you want to use the product without fear of dangerous CO emissions, look for a product with an automatic CO shut off switch. It will keep you safe even without your direct supervision.

Automatic Start

An automatic start is the easiest start option by most standards. Sure, there’s pull start and electric start as well, but automatic start requires the least amount of work from you.

This Honda has an automatic recoil starting system, but not all automatic starts must be recoil systems. You can get automatic power to your generator without a recoil as well.

Power Wattage

If you want to get a few pieces of machinery up and running, a 2800 watt generator (start) with about 2500 running watts is a decent standard.

If you want to get your entire home up and running, you’ll need to look way above the 2800 watt options and more toward the 5000-7000 watt range.

Inverter generators, like this one, will change their speed to produce whatever level of power is required. Conventional generators, on the other hand, have a standard engine speed.

Alternative Fuel Capacity

Most portable generators use gasoline to run, but some also include alternative fuel sources, like a natural gas line that you can hook up to or a propane tank option.

small steel containers with a pocketbook on top

Multiple Outlets

Having at least four outlets allows you to get the best wattage from your generator by spreading the load evenly. However, note that you should only do this when you’re in a bind at home or if you’re out at a campsite.

a pair of switch and three outlets

Fuel Efficiency

Everyone wants an efficient generator. To keep a close eye on your fuel use, look for an easy-to-read fuel gauge that you can check on sporadically. While a fuel gauge might seem like a generator basic, some of them are not so easy to read.

Low Oil Shut-Off

If your oil falls below a certain level, your engine could get damaged if the generator keeps running. With low-oil alerts, you’ll get a low oil alert when levels get close to dangerous.

This oil alert is helpful, but the automatic shut-off is even better. That way, you can trust that your product will shut itself down without the need for your intervention.


Unless you only plan to use your generator in one location, there’s a good chance you’re looking for a portable generator. To be truly portable, you’d hope the product comes with wheels included.

You’ll also want to check out the dimensions and weight. If there are no wheels and it’s over 100 pounds, that’s not very portable.

Low-CO Engine

Some brands will include additional safety features like low-CO shut-offs that will turn the machine off if the gasoline is producing too much CO. For Honda, this is their CO-MINDER system.

Final Verdict

This Honda eg2800i inverter generator is a product you’ll get a lot of use out of if you frequently camp or find yourself without power.

As far as 2800 watt generators go, the EG2800i is one of the safest, cleanest, and most portable options. From its recoil starting system to its advanced inverter technology, this Honda machinery is top of its class.

I hope you got what you needed from this review, learning whether this is the right generator for you. Yes, there are many options out there, and yes, it can quickly get overwhelming. But taking the time up-front to find the right product will pay off dividends on the back-end.

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