Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase Buyer’s Guide

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If you spend a lot of time in nature, you need a reliable way to power your outdoor lifestyle. Today, there are plenty of ways you can bring power with you on the go.

goal zero boulder 100 briefcase review

Some campers opt for devices like gas generators, pedal generators, or water or wind turbines. In the right conditions, these devices can work wonders.

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However, they have their drawbacks:

  • Gas generators are often heavy and bulky, so lugging them around with you can be difficult.
  • A pedal generator requires a lot of exertion that you may not have to spare during your tough outdoor expedition.
  • A water or wind turbine requires reliable access to natural elements.

What if you could harvest the sun’s rays for power during your camping trip? The Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase lets you do just that!

As long as you aren’t spending your days in a dark cave, the Boulder 100 Briefcase should meet your needs! It thrives on sunlight. It uses both indirect and direct rays to generate power, so a cloudy day or two won’t deprive you of the power you need. With the Boulder 100 Briefcase in tow, you can charge your gear day or night.

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Will this solar panel meet your needs? Check out our guide below. We’ll cover all of its functions, features, pros, and cons so you can decide to add to cart!

Goal Zero Briefcase Boulder 100 Solar Panel Features & Functions

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What’s the Boulder 100 Briefcase all about? Here are some specifications you should know:

Goal Zero Briefcase Boulder 100 Features

  • Dimensions (unfolded): 40.0 x 26 75 x 1 75 in (101.6 x 70 x 4.4 cm)
  • Dimensions (folded): 21.75 x 26 75 x 3.75 in (55.2 x 70 x 8.9 cm)
  • Weight: 25 9 lbs (11.7 kg)
  • Solar port: blue 8mm (14-22V, up to 7A)
  • Cell type: Monocrystalline
  • Open circuit voltage: 18-22V
  • Rated power: 100 watts of power

Goal Zero Briefcase Boulder 100 Functions

How does this product work? What makes it worth having? Here are some of its functions and other details to know about it:

    • Efficient solar cells: The Boulder 100 Briefcase is made up of two Boulder 50 solar panels. These Boulder 50 panels combine to make a reliable Boulder 100-watt solar panel. Plus, the open-circuit voltage 18-22V offers the power any camper or adventurer could need.

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  • Durable construction: This solar panel is built with strong tempered glass and an aluminum frame.
  • Accompanying kickstand: Do you anticipate visiting a lot of places with rough terrain? That won’t be a problem with the Boulder 100 Briefcase solar panel by your side. This product comes with an integrated kickstand to help get it in position. You’ll be able to achieve the proper angle to the sun in no time.
  • Carrying case: Impressed by how easy to use this product is? It gets even better! The Boulder 100 Briefcase comes with a handy carrying case. This accessory, complete with a built-in handle, will keep your solar panels safe during both storage and travel.

What Can the Boulder 100 Briefcase Charge?

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This solar panel briefcase doesn’t hold a charge. Rather, it produces power under exposure to sunlight.

The Boulder 100 Watts Briefcase is designed to charge:

  • Sherpa Power Packs
  • Goal Zero Yeti Portable Power Stations

These Goal Zero portable power packs and stations are sold separately. You will have to find the one that meets your power needs.

Goal Zero recommends the following Yeti pairings:

  • Yeti 500X
  • Yeti 1500X
  • Yeti 3000X

Is the Boulder 100 Briefcase compatible with other products?

It may be tempting to experiment with a different Goal Zero power station to charge your appliances. However, we advise only using the pairings as recommended by Goal Zero. Avoid using the Goal Zero Yeti 150, Yeti 400, and other non-compatible products.

To use the Boulder 100, all you need is a portable power station. Once you have the appropriate Goal Zero portable power pack, you won’t need extra cables or charge controllers.

If you are interested in cutting down on solar recharge times, you can chain the Boulder 100 Briefcase to other compatible panels.

Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase Warranty & Extras

This Boulder 100 Briefcase solar panel comes with a two-year limited warranty. It promises that the product will be free from defects in material and workmanship. The warranty assumes normal use by the consumer and won’t cover damages caused by misuse, misapplication, abuse, or accidents. To be eligible for the warranty, you must have a sales receipt from your original purchase.

At first, Goal Zero will attempt to repair your defective product. If this is not possible, the company will exchange it with one of equal value.

What Other Resources Are Available to Me?

If you are having issues with your product, you may not need to seek the warranty right away. Goal Zero offers a user manual for this solar panel briefcase model. You can access it as a downloadable PDF on the company’s website.

This comprehensive manual can help you troubleshoot any issues you have with your product. It can also help you optimize your investment—for example, the manual details how to chain multiple Briefcases together.

The user manual and two-year limited warranty should offer you peace of mind with your purchase. As long as you take care of your product, you should be able to sort out any manual or warranty issues.

What Are Customers Saying about the Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase?

I have noticed that the Boulder 100 Briefcase has been very well-received from reading other customers’ reviews.

A variety of individuals have benefited from it. Casual campers enjoy it, but it’s also useful for more intense survivalists. Individuals can rely on the Boulder 100 Briefcase in off-grid scenarios.

Customers seemed to be impressed with this product’s dimensions. Unfolded, it’s only 40.0 x 26 75 x 1 75 in (101.6 x 70 x 4.4 cm). Once it’s folded, it shrinks down to 21.75 x 26 75 x 3.75 in (55.2 x 70 x 8.9 cm). When it’s folded down, customers find it convenient to put it in its canvas bag for easy carrying.

Customers appreciate the strong tempered glass that can withstand adverse weather conditions. They also enjoy its aluminum frame with added corner protection for temporary installation. This added corner protection makes it easy to set up time and time again without causing damage.

With overwhelmingly positive customer ratings, the Boulder 100 Briefcase is a solid purchase.

Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase: Pros & Cons

Check out this product’s advantages and disadvantages below:


    • Durability: Goal Zero tests all of its products in some of the harshest environments on Earth. It has performed tests throughout the United States, in remote villages in the Congo, and on a Mount Everest base camp. All of Goal Zero’s solar panels, including the Briefcase model, are designed to be kept outside and absorb as much sun as possible. You won’t have to take your product inside even if bad weather strikes. Goal Zero intended the solar panels to withstand harsh rainstorms.

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    • Power generation: The Boulder 100 Briefcase’s rated power is 100 watts. This product works efficiently to generate the energy you need to power your appliances on the go.
    • Sleek look and design: The Boulder 100 Briefcase is only available in all-black. This sleek-looking product will blend into any environment. It won’t stick out as an unwelcome eyesore. Even unfolded, this product’s dimensions are only 40 0 x 26 75 x 1 75 in (101.6 x 70 x 4.4 cm).
    • Holds up well in storage: If you don’t need your solar panel temporarily, you can safely store it away. Its performance won’t be affected by being stored in an attic or garage.
    • Allows for temporary or permanent installation: If you’re the adventurous type, you may not know how long you will be staying in one place. Are you torn between buying a solar panel for temporary or permanent installation? The Boulder 100 Briefcase offers the best of both worlds! It’s equipped with an integrated kickstand that you can use to help get optimal angle for sun absorption. You can set this product up from day to day or leave it up for months at a time.

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  • Convenience: The Boulder 100 Briefcase is easy to use, as it comes with everything you need. It has a cord to connect to a power pack or portable power station. It also has a built-in kickstand so you can set it up wherever you need to.


    • Weight: For being a “portable” product, the Briefcase 100 is quite heavy at around 26 pounds (12 kg). Luckily, your purchase comes with a protective canvas bag for easy transport.
    • Folding design: The panels’ ability to fold in makes the product much more compact for transport. However, one complaint that users have is that the panels remain facing outward even when they are folded up. This is less than ideal, as the panels may sustain damage. To me, this design aspect isn’t a big deal. Once again, the carrying case comes to the rescue. The case offers some protection during transport. As long as you handle your device with care, you won’t have to worry about damaging the panels.
    • Compatibility: You can hook the Boulder 100 Briefcase up to different power packs and portable charging stations. However, the recommended pairings by Goal Zero are limited. A lot of Yeti pairings are off the table, like the Yeti 400.

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two tents on a camping trip with a view of mountains at daylight

What’s the difference between the different Goal Zero solar panels?

Size and power capabilities are some of the major differences between the different Goal Zero solar panels.

For example, the Boulder 50 is smaller and doesn’t produce as much power as the 100. However, the Boulder 50 is compatible with the Goal Zero Yeti 400 power station, whereas the Boulder 100 is not.

Are the Boulder 100 Briefcase panels waterproof?

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Yes! The panels, tempered glass, and aluminum frame are designed to hold up even in rainy conditions. However, you will need to keep your power stations and power packs out of the rain and snow. When it comes time to hook these devices up, do so in a dry environment.

How long does the Boulder 100 Briefcase take to charge?

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The solar charge times vary depending on several factors. Some of these factors include angle and position to the sun, time of year, temperature, and elevation.

You can view the guide on Goal Zero’s website to get a better idea of charging times.

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Verdict: Is the Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase Worth It?

From our experience and reading others’ reviews, we can safely say that the Boulder 100 Briefcase is worth it if you’re camping in the United States and throughout the world!

Looking for something rugged, durable, and rigid? The Boulder 100 is just the product you need. Its reliable construction, including tempered glass and a sturdy aluminum frame, is built to stand the test of time.

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