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So, you’re in the market for an electric start portable generator? And you want an easy-to-move model that comes in handy in a power outage or on a camping trip?

generac 8000e generator review

Well, with portable generators, your options are plenty. You can purchase one of the top models, set it up wherever is convenient, and pack it in your vehicle for road trips. You just need to know which brands are trustworthy, and which of their products is the best offer for the price.

Here, we’ll review the General 8000e portable generator, which is a popular model on the market this year. Generac is one of the most trusted generator manufacturers in the industry, so you should know you’re in good hands; the real question is whether the 8000 e is the best model this company offers.

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With the product’s 7-5 (7.5) gallon engine fuel tank, the Generac (All Rights Reserved) Gp8000e is a contending choice for use in homes, RVs, and even outdoor fun. I guarantee many of your neighbors have it.

I’m looking forward to sharing the details of what this product offers and how it could improve in this Generac review!

About the Electric Start Portable Generator Generac Gp8000e

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Generac is a top-named brand known for its easy-to-use and long-lasting generators. As part of the GP series, the 8000e is no different. It’s an 8 000 watt gasoline-powered generator, which is a pretty compelling wattage for a 200 lb product. This generator is capable of 8 000 running watts and 10 000 starting watts.

Functions and Features

With 8 000 running watts, 10 000 starting watts, the Generac Gp8000e is no joke.

The fuel type? Gasoline. The fuel tank holds up to 7-5 (7.5) gallons, meaning this CARB-compliant gas-powered generator gives users a run time of 11 hours on a 25% load and 9.5 hours on a 50% load.

The start? Electric, with a battery included.

I’ve just skimmed the surface of what it has to offer, so now let’s chip away at all the details of the GP8000e 8 000 watt product.

Electric Start

Portable Generator Generac Gp8000e features an electric start, powered by an externally charged battery. The electric start is single touch, so powering up the product is fast and easy.

Idle Control and Voltage Regulation

These two features are maybe the best about this 8 000 watt gasoline powered Generac generator. Idle control reduces the speed of the engine when the electrical loads are turned off. If the electrical loads are turned back on, this feature automatically brings the Generac engine back up to speed.

The voltage regulation feature automatically maintains the output voltage at a set value.

Fuel Gauge and Low Oil Shutdown

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The fuel gauge is used to show you fuel levels, so it’s easy to know when the Generac product needs a refuel. This is an excellent complement to the low oil shutdown, which automatically shuts down the machine when low oil is detected.

Both the fuel gauge and low oil detector help maintain a long life for your portable generator Generac engine.

Multiple Outlets

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The GP8000e 8000-watt generator contains several outlets to give power to whatever may need it. The covered outlets offer added protection from the elements and rough working conditions.

These outlets include:

  • 1 x 120/240V 30A L14-30R Twist Lock Outlet
  • 2 x 120V 20A 5-20R GFCI Duplex Outlets

Control Panel

This is where you’ll find your hour meter for tracking maintenance intervals. You’ll also find the battery charger input jack to keep your battery charged and ready for any situation.

Along with the outlets mentioned above, two 30 Amp 2-Pole (30A 2P) and two 20 Amp 1-Pole (20A 1P) circuit breaks are featured.

Above all, the control panel is home to the start/run/off switch.

What Can I Run On A 8000 Watt Gasoline Generator?

This 8000 watt gasoline-fuel powered electric start portable generator gives you decent, long-lasting power for many things. The 7-5 (7.5) gallon engine has a run time that’ll last the whole night. It will keep your home running even in emergency power outage situations.

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I would call An 8 000 running watts, 10 000 starting watt gasoline generator a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. It doesn’t excel in any particular area, but with it’s 8 000 watt gasoline power, you’ll be able to power:

    • Household Essentials: You can power your lights, air conditioner, electric stove, and refrigerator with this portable generator. Generac claims personal electronics can be powered as well, but with a 5% THD level, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re willing to risk them being fried.

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    • RV Electronics: If you’re looking to go off-the-grid for a bit, this 8 000 watt gasoline generator won’t have any issues with powering the necessities you’ll need in your camper. The engine includes a muffler, but it doesn’t mean it’ll be completely silent.

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    • Job Sites: Thanks to its portability and durability, you’ll be able to keep your tools powered under this gasoline fuel type Generac generator.

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The Generac Gp8000e’s fuel gauge is a useful tool for seeing how long this product will last when powering any of the above.

What Can’t It Power?

8 000 running watts is enough to keep a good deal powered for a decent amount of time, but the higher THD level can cause issues with smaller electronics. It’s not recommended to use this Generac generator to power laptops, cell phones, speakers, or anything along those lines. You’ll run the risk of damaging your devices beyond repair.

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What About the Warranty?

3-year warranty is offered for Generac generators, and of course, that includes our Generac GP8000e. Generac is also backed by a strong technical support team that can assist you with any issues you encounter.

Generac customer service has a “contact us at all times” situation going on, meaning even after your 3-year warranty expires, you’ll still have access to customer support. Their phone lines are available 24/7, which is something any customer can appreciate.

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Customer Ratings & Reviews

There’s no electric start portable generator buyer’s guide complete without talking about a review or two. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors to consider when making such a large purchase.

On Amazon com, the Generac Gp8000e has 4.5 out of 5 stars from purchases made on Generac’s Amazon account. Some customer review highlights include:

  • It packs a lot of power! The 8000 watt gasoline-powered engine seems to really give customers a perfect amount of power during emergencies. Several people mention it being of great use during hurricanes and winter freezes.
  • Perfect for portable use! Several people mention using the generator to power their food trucks because of how easy it is to transport. Others talk about how it came in handy on other jobs, where power tools need to run.
  • Cheap to run! Many customers claim that 8 000 watt gasoline fuel type is much cheaper to maintain than propane alternatives.

Those who did not rate the product 5 stars seemed to mainly have Amazon-specific issues, including difficulty returning or broken parts due to delivery. Few customers had issues related to the generator’s quality, although several mentioned the inconvenience of an externally charged battery.

Pros vs. Cons

Even with a reputable name brand like Generac, you’re bound to run into some advantages and disadvantages with its products. The 8 000 watt gasoline running Gp8000e is no exception.

I’ve gone ahead and broken down those pros and cons for you here:


Here’s what makes this generator worth it:

    • Long Engine Life: The engine brand? Generac. Translation: it’s a great engine, and it’ll prove it. The OHV engine with splash lubrication provides a long engine life. If this is your generator of choice, you’ll get years of use out of it.
    • CARB Compliant: This is one of Generac’s CARB compliant products, meaning anyone with a zip code in California can use it. Even if you’re not in a California zip code, purchasing a CARB compliant generator is always a pro in our books.

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  • Noise level: It’s packed with power, so a bit of noise is to be expected, but the muffler offers much less noise than other Generac competitors. While in serene, outdoor areas, you’ll hear some murmuring from the 8 000 watt gasoline-powered generator. But for home use, you may not even notice it at all.


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  • No DC Outlet: This one is a bit of a bummer. A lack of a DC outlet means you won’t be able to charge a battery on this gas-powered generator.
  • High THD Value: It has a 5% THD value, putting it on a higher-end for charging personal electronics. It’s technically considered the upper-limit, but I still would not recommend charging your cellphones or laptops with this generator.
  • Battery: A generator that can’t charge itself while running makes this product a bit lackluster. You’ll always have to charge this product externally, which means you’ll have to be diligent in tracking its power. It also means if your outage lasts longer than the running time, you’ll be out of luck. This is the main issue of the product for me, as it’s a pretty substantial inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How loud is a Generac 8 000 watt generator?

The Gp8000e 8 000 watt generator runs a noise level of 70 decibels. So the engine is on the quieter side, which anyone can dig. The noise is decently muffled, meaning your neighbors won’t notice it, but if you’re going to power it when off-grid, don’t expect complete silence.

How much is a 10 000 watt Generac generator?

If you’re looking for slightly higher wattage than the 8 000 watt gasoline Generac GP8000e, you’ll be paying at least $1,000 more. While the GP8000e is priced at $1,029, the 10 000 watt XG portable gasoline generator is priced at $2,299.

Verdict: Is It Worth The Purchase?

An electric start portable generator is always an ideal buy, but what about this one specifically? The main selling point for me is the idle control, but a major disadvantage is the external battery.

By no means is the Gp8000e a bad product. It runs nicely, and it powers major home appliances for a great deal of time. It’s easy to transport and offers some nice tech to keep your fuel levels and maintenance in check. All-in-all, it’s a pretty average and standard generator.

While I don’t think you’ll regret this purchase, and it is ultimately is worth it, I know other generators around the same price and size that will offer you a bit more.

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