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Firman generators are an affordable alternative to other high-priced generator brands. But can the brand Firman be trusted? Are these generators dependable?

firman 3650 review

It’s okay to be skeptical about the Firman brand, as it started to sell its products in the U.S. market in 2015. However, the Firman brand has been around for over 15 years.

Firman is one of the world’s trusted and leading manufacturers of efficient portable generator sets. It also produces a wide range of generators for different categories of customers. People use the Firman generators to run their homes, hospitals, laboratories requiring constant access to power, and heavy-duty industries.

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Due to its low price, there is a perception that the generators are of low quality. But Firman doesn’t trade off quality for the price.

In this buying guide, we review the Firman remote start Max Pro Series generator. We’ll discuss in detail the features, downsides, and every other thing you need to know before you commit to spending on this popular Firman generator series. Let’s dive in!

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Why is the Firman Max Pro Series Portable Generator so Popular?

Despite its relatively recent entry into the U.S. generator market, the brand Firman generators have become consumers’ favorite in no time. This bears the question – Why?

What makes Firman generators so popular among consumers?

Here are four primary reasons:


Firman generators won’t blow a hole in your pocket. Buyers tend to assume that higher-priced generators are often better. The Firman generators blow this myth out of the water with affordable but effective generators.


New companies have to deal with trust issues. It’s a more challenging battle for foreign companies. However, Firman has over 90 quality control licenses from credible institutions and regulators. This helps convince potential buyers that the generators are reliable and durable.

A Diverse Product Range

No matter what you need, Firman has a product for you. Firman has a healthy range of products for every customer, including an electric generator, fuel, or dual-powered generator. When looking to buy a Firman generator, you’ll find a product that suits your specific requirements.

Long Warranty

All Firman generators come with an iron-clad 3-year warranty. This bold move from a new entrant in the market shows faith in its products. The team also offers customer support that ensures your needs are tended to instantly should you need any repairs.

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Design Specifications of the Firman 3650 Watt Remote Start Generator

  • 4550 starting watts/ 3650 running watts
  • 5-gallon fuel tank with 14 hours of run-time.
  • 208cc engine accompanied by low oil shut down and cast iron sleeves.
  • RV-ready multi-feature control panel with covered outlets.
  • Four covered power outlets ( 5-20R 120V 20A (2X), TT-120V – 30A 30R RV-ready(1X), L5-30R -1.)
  • Canada emissions certified.
  • Sturdy roll cage frame body.
  • Weight – 110 pounds.
  • A USDA FS certified spark arrester.
  • Data display that measures electric power in Volts, Hertz, indicates low oil and the number of hours the portable generator has run.
  • The generator box comes with a tool kit of oil funnel, spark plug wrench, and a detailed owner manual.
  • Wheel kit with folding handle and flat-free tires for easy mobility.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Fuel type- gasoline.

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The Firman 3650 Features and Functions

The 4550/3650 portable generator is one of Firman’s most popular powerful generators. It has a starting power of 4550 watts, which runs at 67dB. The recoil starting system ensures you get the maximum power from the Max Pro Series 208cc engine. The Phoenix Fat Head Block keeps your engine running cool at all times.

Here are the standout features you can expect from this Firman engine model:

Sleek Yellow-Black Design

This portable generator 3650 surge watt remote start generator looks like any other generator in the market. It also has the typical Firman yellow-black color scheme. It’s made with top-notch and durable materials, just as other Firman generators.

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Three Startup Options

The Firman portable generator can be automatically turned on and off. You don’t have to worry about getting close to the 3650 surge watts gas engine with this remote start. This is helpful if you need to turn it on in the dead of night.

You can also turn it on using a drawstring or an electric start button. This way, if one method fails, you can still get your generator running with ease. This is a favorite feature among customers, as customers love the ability to use the electric start.

OHV Engine

The OHV engine means your generator can run smoothly for lengthy periods (14 hours). It has a Phoenix Fat Head block and low oil shut functions that prevent overheating while keeping the engine cool. This ensures a reliable power supply. The sizeable 5-gallon tank provides extended run time as you don’t have to be topping gas all the time.

Wheel Kit Space

If you are using this portable 3650-watt remote start generator at a campsite, it has space for a wheel kit. When installed on the generator, the wheel kit flat-free tires allow you to move the generator around with ease to where it’s needed. The handles are foldable and can be tucked out of sight when it’s not in use.

Overall, the wheel kit and folding handle are a huge plus because you can move the generator around quickly, especially when camping in rugged terrain.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

It has a volt lock automatic voltage regulator and a control panel with covered outlets to prevent overloads when in use.

You also get a data minder that measures Hertz, Volts, the number of hours the generator has run, and an indicator when you have an engine with low oil levels.

Whisper Sound Muffler

The generator has a Whisper Series muffler for sound. This keeps noise levels low ( 67dB – 68dB). This is an excellent feature for remote locations or quiet neighborhoods.

The Whisper Series muffler ensures your generator isn’t a nuisance to your neighbors.

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The Standout Functions of the 3650 Watt Remote Start Generator

Here are five of the functions that make this Firman engine one of the most coveted models among consumers:

  1. The digital data minder makes it easy to monitor your run-time and running watts. The low engine oil feature notifies you when you need to refill your oil tank, plus a fuel gauge.
  2. The engine shuts down once the oil falls below a certain level to prevent damage due to engine oil shortage.
  3. The 1 TT 30R RV outlet cover ensures it is RV-ready 1, and you can use it with your R.V. with ease.
  4. The 208cc engine has a fuel tank and a cast iron sleeve; yes, this is great for durability.
  5. Yes, cast iron sleeve ensures the 208cc engine produces clean power.

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What Can a 3650 Watt Generator Run?

If you need a generator that can power an R.V. campsite or a job site, the 3650 surge Watts gas engine brand Firman is an excellent option.

At 4550 starting watts and 3650 running watts, that’s the perfect amount of energy your power equipment such as drills, belt sanders, and air compressors need to get going. It can also power the most critical electrical appliances in your home if you experience a blackout.

On the other hand, if you own an R.V., you’ll find the Firman generator to be adequate for your power needs. The Firman power equipment can handle a 15,000 BTUs A.C. comfortable alongside any other appliances you use in your R.V.

The generator runs for 14 hours. However, this depends on the load. At 100% load, it’s run-time is less than 14 hours. At 50% load, it will run longer.

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What Can’t a 3650 Watt Generator Run?

However, when using it at home, it can’t power the whole house. You’ll need to purchase a larger generator if you need to power all the appliances in your home.

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The 3650 Watt Engine Pros and Cons

Nothing is all perfect. So here are the upsides and downsides of choosing to purchase a 3650-watt remote start engine:


  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s lightweight and portable.
  • It has a remote start function.
  • It has an extended run-time.
  • The whisper series muffler ensures it’s relatively noiseless.
  • It’s best used for camping due to its wheel kit.
  • The outlet cover is useful for protecting the plugs from damage.
  • The low oil shut off and cast iron sleeves are a great feature at the price you get the Firman generators.
  • Excellent customer support means you can contact us if you need any repairs.


  • The oil indicator can be a bit confusing to understand.
  • It is noisy, even with the muffler.

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Customer Ratings and Reviews

On the Firman website, 100% of the reviewers said they would recommend this Firman generator to a friend. The generator also got 4.8-star ratings out of 5-stars. And over 90% of the customers who participated in the ratings rated it 5-stars in a rating of 0 out of 5.

On Amazon, it wasn’t any different. 75% of the reviewers rated it 5-stars, while 4% rated it 4-stars in a 0 out of 5 ratings. The common themes among most customer reviews on the brand’s website and Amazon were:

  • A generator that works great for emergencies.
  • The remote start is a beneficial feature.
  • Best value for the price.
  • Reliable and quality build.
  • Yes, fuel use is excellent.
  • The wheel kit makes it easy to use.
  • The starting watts help run power-hungry tools.

The brand Firman puts its best foot forward with any of its products despite the low price. It’s everything you need from a generator. What are you waiting for before you add to cart?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Firman generators any good?

The Firman power equipment is everything you need. These models are fuel-efficient and have a tool kit that contains an oil funnel and other essential accessories. All this and features such as its outlets ( 1 L5 30R 120V 30A, 2 5 20R 120V 20A, and 1 TT 30R) have given the Firman brand an excellent brand awareness in a short while. When you purchase a Firman, you get a piece of power equipment that’s reliable at an affordable price.

Where are Firman generators built?

These devices are manufactured in China by The SUMEC Group.tent placed on a wide camping site well-lighted at night

How loud is a Firman generator?

Firman generators are not as loud as your everyday generators. The Whisper Series muffler blocks help reduce the sounds the set makes when it is used. These mufflers are designed to block out any sound as much as possible. The maximum amount of noise you can expect when the set is in use is between 67dB to 68dB.

How easy is it to maintain this power-generating set?

The Firman generators are made from durable materials that don’t require maintenance regularly. You only need to ensure it never runs out of oil, as it can take a while to start when that happens. The oil funnel can be helpful when you need to top up the engine oil. The wheel kit also ensures you can quickly move it out of harm’s way, such as when it’s raining.small truck parked at a grassy mountain beside an ocean

Verdict: Should You the Firman 3650?

Yes, fuel engines such as the Firman 4550 starting watts /3650 running watts performance series are among the best generators you can get for your home, worksites, or when you are out camping. It’s remote start feature, powerful 208cc engine, idle control, and engine displacement feature make it easy to use.

It’s also not as noisy as other generators. And offers more features at less the price. Overall, it’s a YES from us.

Still have questions? You can contact us to learn more about this product.

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