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Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000
When shopping for a portable generator, you are going to want something quiet, easily portable, and reliable.

The Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart Series 3000-watt inverter excels in all of these features plus more!

This generator is loaded with top-of-the-line features that make it one of the most popular 3000-watt generators on the market.

You can use this generator for just about any task big or small.

From getting you through a power outage to running your RV’s air conditioning system, this inverter generator is versatile for just about any smaller appliance use.

Today I am going to dive into all of these easy-to-use features and see what really makes this generator a consumer favorite.

I will also compare it to other generators on the market to see how it stacks up to the competition.

Functions & Ease Of Use

This inverter generator can be used by just about anyone with its easy-to-use recoil start and single power control knob.

Briggs & Stratton has even included illustrated instructions beside the pull cable to show you how to start this generator.

A user-friendly control panel is located at the front of this generator with easy-to-read labels to let you know exactly what features this generator has.

Briggs P3000 generator on grass

Briggs & Stratton has built this generator to be as versatile as a generator can get with 7 outlets to power just about any type of appliance.


To start off, a 12v DC charger outlet and USB outlet are integrated into the middle of the control panel to charge phones and small appliances.

Below these outlets, you will find 4 120-Volt AC outlets to plug in most common household appliances or power tools.

Lastly, there is 1 120-Volt 30 amp locking outlet with an RV adapter for any RV or other 120V needs.

There is also a covered plug for parallel connections which allows you to connect another 30545 generator for twice the power.

Control Panel

At the top of the control panel, you will notice a few different key components.

First, you will see a toggle switch that allows you to enable the generator’s Quiet Power Technology.

This will lower the noise level of your generator for use within the neighborhood or more public areas.

To the right of this switch is the generator’s LCD and LED message center.

The LCD screen provides vital performance metrics while the LED lights indicate low oil, overload, and functional status.

On the far right, you will find a printed maintenance schedule to help you keep track of your generator’s maintenance needs.

Across the board, you will find various reset buttons to reset your generators’ power outlets in the event of an overload.


With any type of portable generator, it is important that the generator is, well, portable.

Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 features telescoping handles and never-flat tires to make moving this generator simple enough for just about anyone.

Need to load it on and off a trailer or out of your RV? No worries!

Briggs & Stratton has integrated built-in handles into the design of this generator for easy one-person or two-person handling.

Noise Level – Is It Quiet?

When using a portable generator in a public place such as a food truck festival or in your backyard during a blackout, noise levels will be a concern.

The engineers at Briggs & Stratton have taken this into account when developing the Powersmart 30545 generator and have made this one of the quietest generators on the market.

As an industry-standard, generator noise levels are measured in decibels and noise readings are usually taken at 23 feet away from the generator.

With this generator’s quiet power technology, a flip of a switch will automatically adjust the engine speed for optimal noise control.

This helps the generator run quieter, increases fuel economy, and allows it to run longer.

When this switch is flipped, the generator will operate at only 58 decibels at ¼ load.

This noise level is quieter than a normal conversation at 23 feet.

Gas Consumption & Capacity

  • Rated Amps: 18.3 Amps @ 120 Volts
  • AC Maximum Output Starting Watts: 3000W
  • AC Rated Output Running Watts: 2600W
  • Rated AC Voltage: 120 VAC
  • Frequency: 60 Hz

Featuring a 1.5-gallon tank, this generator is able to deliver power for 10 hours at ¼ load with a full tank.

This makes it perfect for getting you through the night during a blackout or even powering through a full-day event!

The Briggs & Stratton P3000 is an Inverter
A digital inverter module converts the raw power that is generated from DC to AC power. The inverter function means that you can use it to power sensitive appliances and electronics.

Service, Manual & Warranty

Being such a big name in the engine industry, Briggs & Stratton has earned its reputation by providing high-quality parts backed by great customer service.

Briggs & Stratton offers a 2-year limited consumer warranty and a 1-year limited commercial warranty on the 30545 inverter generator.

This warranty covers the repair or replacement of defective materials or workmanship on this generator.

A highly detailed user manual is included with each generator to ensure that you know exactly how to use it.

It includes an easy-to-follow maintenance schedule as well. If you have lost yours or would like to view it before purchasing, a digital version is available online.

Briggs & Stratton 30545 VS Honda EU3000is

When comparing two generators together, I like to put together two of the most popular brands in the same power category to see how they really stack up against each other.

With Briggs & Stratton and Honda being well-known names in the engine and generator industries, it was only right to put the 30545 up against the Honda EU3000is.

  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Weight: 81.6 pounds
  • Noise Level @1/4 load: 64 dB

  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Weight: 75.7 pounds
  • Noise Level @1/4 load: 49-58 dB

Power Ratings

While the Briggs & Stratton puts out an impressive 3000 starting watts and 2600 running watts, the Honda EU3000is edges it out with 3000 starting watts and 2800 running watts. This is the biggest factor we take into consideration as the difference could be huge when choosing which appliances you want to power.

Noise Levels

With the Quiet Power Technology of the 30545 generators, it can operate at a mere 58 decibels at 23 feet.

The Honda EU3000is is rated at 49-58 dBa at 23 feet, but the power ratings at which they were tested are unknown. We are going to lean more toward the Honda on this one.

Power Outlets

Coming in at a close second in most important features is the amount and type of power outlets available on the generator.

The clear winner here is going to be the 30545 as the EU3000is only has two 120V AC outlets, an RV outlet and a single DC 12V battery charging port.

Online Reviews & Scores

Looking at the over 400 reviews on Amazon at the time of this article, it’s no surprise that this generator is one of the most reviewed generators in its class.

Now just because it has a lot of reviews, does not mean that it is the best generator, we must also look at the types of reviews it has received.

Out of these reviews, over 70% of them are 4-5 star reviews with only 14% of them being 1-star reviews.

After diving into some of the 1-star reviews, it seems that most of the problems were with the generator’s first use.

These problems look to be covered by the warranty as Briggs & Stratton always stands behind its products.

Potential Problems / Known Issues

While searching around for any common problems or issues, the only thing that I could find was that some users were either having no start conditions or problems with Briggs & Stratton’s customer service.

From my experience, these problems are solved with a warranty claim, but the customer service support problems do have us a little concerned.

In My Opinion: Should You Buy It?

If this generator fits your budget, we would highly suggest adding this to your list of potential investments.

The Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 is not only powerful, it is also quiet and easy to transport.

The 10-hour run time is a great added bonus for any type of situation.

With a 58-decibel noise level, this generator beats out the competition when it comes to neighborhood and campsite friendly.

Quieter than a normal conversation, you can rest assured that you will not be bothering anyone when you go to power up your appliances.

With 3000 starting watts and 2600 running watts, you can easily power up most small appliances up to the size of an RV air conditioning unit.

Getting this type of power out of such a portable generator is a win in my books and I would highly recommend this generator to anyone.

Briggs & Stratton P3000






Ease of Use


Value For Money



  • Well designed
  • Low noise level
  • Reliable


  • Low running watts compared to other 3000 watts generators