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Are Generac Generators Worth It

In an emergency or natural disasters, a trustworthy backup generator is essential for your house to continue operating until the electricity is back. One of the most popular brands of home backup generators is Generac. By how popular they are, you’re probably wondering: are Generac generators worth it?

Generac home generators are worth the money because of they’re durable and reliable. You can rely on them even in any weather and natural disaster. They even have a feature that lets you check on the status of your generator from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

Industry experts believe that Generac generators are one of the best backup generators available in the market. Read on to understand why.

Who Makes Generac Generators?

Who Makes Generac Generators

A branch of Generac Holdings, Inc. is Generac (NYSE: GNRC). This company is the top producer of portable and backup generators for businesses and industries.

Generac, founded in 1959 in Eagle and Whitewater, Wisconsin, has developed a reputation as the premier manufacturer of efficient and dependable generators.

Some of Generac’s products include portable generators, residential and business backup generators, mobile generators, power washers, and light towers.

With an estimated 75% market share, Generac Generators is considered the leading residential generator manufacturer. The power of Generac generators ranges from 800 watts to 9 megawatts.

In the past, Generac has collaborated with generator manufacturers Briggs & Stratton, Sears, and others to create craftsman portable generators.

They also have industrial generators that provide energy solutions to hospitals, data centers, schools, petrol stations, supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants.

Best Features Of Generac Generators

Many homeowners find Generac as one of the most reputable and well-liked brands regarding generators. Since 1959, the business has earned a reputation for making reliable emergency power production systems with the best features.

Solid Engine

Generac uses G-FORCE and OHVI engines built for long-term usage to power its generators. These engines power most of their well-known generators for commercial usage.

Compared to the engines of other generator manufacturers, this engine can operate three to four times longer.

Nationwide Dealership

Generac also has a vast national dealer network and offers a large selection of generators. In the nation, there are more than 5,000 dealers for Generac.

Therefore, having a Generac generator delivered to your home should be fine wherever you are in the United States.

Wide Variety of Options

Generac generators provide the market’s largest selection of home backup options. Generac offers more affordable, portable home-based generators, if you have more money to purchase a permanently installed generator.

Generac also offers portable generators at affordable prices. An entry-level portable generator with an 800-watt output is available.

24/7 Automatic Backup Power

Generac backup generators function automatically as permanently placed appliances and only turn on when necessary. They immediately start giving electricity to your house during a power outage.

The generator detects when you lose power and starts on its own. Later, it instructs the automatic transfer switch to cut off the utility lines and connect the generator’s electricity.

G-Flex Technology

The company’s unique G-Flex technology is another essential component of backup Generac generators. Other generator engines operate at a constant speed regardless of the need for energy; hence this feature distinguishes Generac Genset engines from the competitors.

Generac generators are more fuel-efficient and quieter, thanks to the G-Flex technology. Most of these units are enclosed in galvanized steel, giving the generator enough protection and lengthening its life.

These generators include a low-fuel shut-off feature that guards against harm from running out of fuel. Additionally, the circuit breakers on these generator sets help safeguard your equipment from overloading.

No Refueling; Runs on Natural Gas OR Liquid Propane

With a Generac backup generator, fuel is not a big concern. They use LP gas from your home tank or natural gas from a municipal or natural gas line. The power supply of natural gas is almost limitless.

Depending on the size of your propane tank, your propane runtime will vary, but you should plan on at least a week or two of constant use. Long enough to endure the majority of frequent power outages.

Remote Monitoring

Generac Mobilelink Remote Monitoring

Mobile Link offers free remote access and monitoring for Generac Backup Home Generators. With Mobile Link, you may use a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC to access your generator from anywhere. Check the status, power outage schedule, or plan maintenance.

When you connect your generator to an authorized dealer in your area, the generator will call the dealer to schedule maintenance. Thanks to Mobile Link, you can always be sure that your Generac home backup generator is ready for a power outage.

How Long Does A Generac Generator Last?

Knowing how long a Generac generator will last can help you ensure the safety of your home and business property. The whole house generators’ run duration might vary greatly depending on the size and power of the generator you choose.

In addition, there are several actions you may do to lengthen the lifetime of your Generac generator. You may pick between home standby generators and portable generators, the two most common varieties.

Like any engine, the fuel tank’s size significantly impacts how long it can operate. But other important factors to consider are the electrical load and the size of the generator engine. The bigger the tank, the more the generator will generate power for an extended period before recharging.

Generac generators offer great overall run times, with infinite run times with natural gas connections and run times of up to a week with a 500-gallon tank. These generators may operate for up to 3,000 hours with the proper upkeep and repair.

If you purchase an extended warranty, you may get up to 30 years of maintenance, extending the product’s lifespan far over 3,000 hours.

Fortunately, this is a sizable period for emergency power outages since you will only sometimes rely entirely on your standby generators. To use it safely and keep your house and security systems running, use Generac’s maintenance recommendations.

What is the Warranty On A Generac Engine?

Generac provides conventional 5-year limited warranties for household standby generators and extended 7–10 year warranties.

There is a two- or three-year guarantee for portable generators (depending on the model). They encompass components that need replacement too soon and repairs brought on by flaws in the product.

What Are The Best Generac Engines? Top 3 Generac Generators

Here are our top picks for Generac whole house generators for 2023.

1. Best Standby Generator – Generac 70432 Guardian Series Generator

In many ways, convenience is a vital component of the Generac Guardian Series Generator. This device has an intuitive design and functions as a whole-house generator.

The bilingual LCD makes it simple to keep an eye on the system and determine when maintenance is due and how the batteries are doing.

Best Standby Generator – Generac 70432 Guardian Series Generator

But if you have a smart home setup, you don’t even have to glance at the display. When the standby generator connects to your Wi-Fi, configure the Mobile Link skill on your Alexa to do hands-free checks.

The G-Force Engine is a performance component of the Generac 70432. The idea is to provide you with greater power while requiring less upkeep. Since this generator has corrosion-resistant aluminum, you may use it in any condition.

What we like most:

  • The generator starts up quickly after a power outage.
  • Low to moderate noise levels.
  • An energy-efficient design that doesn’t use a lot of natural gas or propane.

2. Generac 24 kW Home Generator

The Generac 24kW Home Generator is a powerful weapon with a compact design. You can put this portable generator without worrying about it protruding or getting in the way since it doesn’t take up much room.

Generac 24 kW Home Generator

Compared to other home generators of comparable size, it occupies around 70% less area. This generator still features the same corrosion-resistant aluminum construction as other Generac products, making it appropriate for various weather situations, including storms.

The generator’s simple maintenance is mainly due to the periodic self-test that the unit does. The generator sounds quieter during this test since it runs at a lower RPM. The product’s use is straightforward and intuitive, making it ideal for homes seeking an easy-to-use appliance.

What we like most:

  • Stable generator installation guarantees its stability.
  • Electronics can operate smoothly and safely thanks to True Power Technology.
  • Designed to need less regular maintenance than comparable generators of the same size.

3. Generac G0071720 Guardian Home Generator

The Generac G0071720 is the best choice for reasonably priced entire house generators. This generator will provide your house with crucial coverage during a power loss by powering 16 circuits.

Generac G0071720 Guardian Home Generator

It is the best option for anybody who prefers to use something other than a generator for simple household power needs. The device is a wise choice to keep up with a range of storms even with such a design.

This generator has robust metal housing to withstand bad weather. Additionally, the generator has a unique G-Force engine. This engine ensures that your power is constant and even lowers the maintenance you need on the machine.

What we like most:

  • There is hardly any delay when the generator’s electricity turns on.
  • Before refueling with gas or propane, a generator may operate for days.
  • Hands-free management.


Generac is one of the top American manufacturers, and its generators are very dependable for residential and commercial usage. This company stands out with its outstanding craftsmanship and excellent customer support.

Homeowners may reach customer support via phone or online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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