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Are Firman Generators Reliable

A portable generator, especially for preppers, is a valuable energy source in an emergency or power outage. But when it comes to buying a generator, numerous options are available. Many reputable brands manufacture high-quality portable generators with different products and features. Firman Power Equipment is one brand you should consider.

Firman generally manufactures high-quality generators, most of which offer a relatively good price-to-performance ratio. Their products have regularly received praise for their reliability and durability. 

Read on to discover more about the Firman generator reviews and whether buying one of their portable generators is a great option.

Who Makes Firman Generators?

Who Makes Firman Generators

Based in Peoria, Arizona, Firman Power Equipment manufactures Firman portable generators. Since its founding in 1999, the business has been making a range of generators and accessories.

The Firman Power Equipment is under the group of Sumec Machinery, which produces the Firman generator. Established in 1978, Sumec Machinery has its headquarters in Nanjing, China, and its North American operations in Atlanta, Georgia. Sumec Machinery is a subsidiary company of Sinomach.

Sinomach is a state-owned company directly run by the federal government in China. Around 70 research and design centers, businesses that manufacture equipment, and industrial and commercial organizations that Sinomach acquired from its predecessor are the company’s foundation.

For six years running, the Firman brand has led the pack among Chinese exporters of portable generators. In Asia and Africa, where the market share in the primary sales region surpasses 30%, Firman goods have a very high market share. Customers in the area have a strong emotional connection to the brand image.

Additionally, although China manufactures all Firman portable generators, the US Firman brand is engineered and designed in the US. To perfect the design before mass production, Firman tests each product for 500 hours as part of their quality control process.

Firman tests their generators to ensure they can run at various elevations and in various weather conditions.

Top Features of Firman Generators

Depending on the series and model you are looking at, a Firman portable generator may have different specialized features. You may anticipate a few unique characteristics with some or all of their portable generator selections.

Tool kits for wheel and handles and a whisper muffler

For starters, wheel and handle tool kits are standard equipment on a Firman generator. Many of their generators also come with a unique “whisper muffler,” which makes them significantly quieter to use than standard generators. While camping, you may take in the quiet nature without worrying about your noisy generator ruining the experience.

“Never Flat” Tires

Specialized “never flat” tires are another feature of many Firman generators. It can be challenging to transport portable generators because their frequent usage is in harsh and unpredictable outside locations. With these sturdy, robust tires, you won’t have trouble moving your generator through the roughest terrain.

Power Range

Firman Generators Power Range

The wattage range of Firman portable generators is between 1700w and 10000w. The portable generators of Firman’s performance series deliver tremendous power, much as those in the Firman Hybrid generator series. These generators provide 7,500 and 9,400 operating watts, just like a hybrid generator.

Large Fuel Tank

Due to their larger fuel tank, a Firman generator typically has 12 to 22 hours runtimes. Their US-engineered generators have much larger fuel tanks and longer run times.

Wheelbarrow Style

The wheelbarrow shape of most Firman Hybrid series generators improves their maneuverability. Some models have rugged wheels, pneumatic tires, and pull-down wheelbarrow-style handles for added convenience.

Start Type

Numerous Firman generators have electric start and remote start options in addition to recoil, keeping with generator technology advances.

Affordable Price

Comparing Firman generators to most of their rivals, they are generally more affordable in all areas. Although some cost a little over $1,000, they already have high-end equipment and features, including inverter generators’ technology, fuel gauge, and starting options. The most affordable model costs roughly $260, and the highest price is close to $1200.

How Long Does A Firman Generator Last?

The exact lifespan of an efficient generator is difficult to estimate. Several factors are in play, including the particular model and how well it is maintained.

In addition to maintaining a routine for storage and maintenance, you should guard against getting water on your portable generator. Running your portable generator in damp or rainy weather without the appropriate safeguards (such as a generator cover, steel cage, or pop-up canopy) will seriously harm your unit.

However, a Firman portable generator usually runs for between 2,000 and 3,000 hours before it starts to deteriorate or lose its capacity to generate electricity.

How long will a 20lb propane tank fuel the generator?

At 50% load, LPG burns at around 1 gallon per hour. A 5-gallon (20 L) liquid propane tank for their larger hybrid units will last 5 to 6 hours at 50% load. A 5-gallon fuel tank can power an inverter generator for up to 8 hours at 50% load.

The Firman Engines

Getting a portable generator with a powerful, trustworthy engine is crucial when you are on the market for one. You may be sure that Firman will provide you with high-quality generators.

Firman generators use the Kohler engine and their company Firman engine. Firman builds all of its generators from the ground up- from the frame to the engine.

Firman Engines

You can tell that Firman makes a generator by looking at its Firman Fat Head Engine Block, Firman Automatic Voltage Regulator, Firman Muffler Guard, Firman Power Stream Alternator, and Firman Air Cleaner.

On the other hand, the Kohler engines that power some Firman generators are known for their sturdiness, dependability, performance, and security.

What Is The Warranty On A Firman Engine?

Every new generator purchased from Firman Power Equipment has one of the best warranties in the market.

A complete three-year warranty covers every new generator from Firman. Furthermore, the Certified Refurbished generators from Firman come with a 90-day limited warranty.

Generally speaking, no other portable generator manufacturer offers the best warranties than Firman.

Do Firman Generators Come With Oil?

Yes, Firman generators initially come with oil. They advise you to save the oil bottle it came in to accurately estimate how much oil you will need for your first oil change.

If the weather is icy, make sure you are using standard 10W-30 or fully synthetic 5W-30.

The Firman factory has conducted several experiments to determine the best generator break-in period. You must change the oil every 100 hours after the first 25 hours. You could also remember that the dipstick should be dipped rather than screwed in while checking the oil level.

What Fuel Does the Firman Generators Use?

It is simple to refuel your Firman generator, but safety must always come first. Use the proper gasoline, and ensure regular unleaded fuel with a minimum 87 AKI or octane rating.

Avoid using fuels like E85 or ethanol that contain more than 10% alcohol.

On the other hand, the 9400-watt Firman tri-fuel generator runs on propane, gasoline, and natural gas.

Do Firman Generators Need To Be Grounded?

You might not need to ground your generator when camping. However,  it also varies with your state, province, and country, with all its different laws and guidelines.

Additionally, grounding applies to the application and the kind of generator you have (bound neutral vs. floating neutral) (extension cord only or wired to a panel or RV).

However, it is best to ground your generator to be sure. Installing a ground rod is brilliant, especially if you put up a long-term RV hookup.

The National Electric Code mandates that your generator be correctly grounded to prevent electric shock. This mandate is also in the user manual for the Firman generator.

Firman’s position is always to ground your generator, and they support this claim with the American National Electric Code.

Top Picks: 5 Best Firman Generators

Find the appropriate generator for you by looking at the top Firman generators below.

Firman W03083 3000 Watt

Firman W03083 3000 Watt Generator

Currently, one of the most used Firman generators is the Firman W03083. The overall output of this inverter generator is 3300 starting watts and 3000 operating watts. This much power makes it a very sensible option for an RV. It should have no trouble running a conventional 13,500 BTU air conditioner and a few minor electrical devices like a phone charger, microwave, and lightbulbs.

The fuel tank can hold 1.8 gallons of petrol in total. You should be able to use this generator for up to 8 hours, depending on your needs. But remember that if you run it at a higher load, you might need to refill sooner.

Firman W03083 should be able to keep running till early in the morning if you intend to use the air conditioner in your RV for the night.

There are multiple outputs for Firman W03083. This generator’s user-friendly control panel and electric start make it quite simple.

Overall, the Firman W03083 3000 Watt generator is a good one.

Firman W01781 2100 Watt

Firman W01781 2100 Watt Generator

Firman W03082 is a popular Firman inverter generator. It is primarily helpful for outdoor activities, including camping, boating, and tailgating.

It starts with 1700 watts and has 2100 surge watts. As a result, it is ideal for small-scale applications and has enough running power for medium-sized electrical equipment or a few portable gadgets like speakers, laptops, phones, etc., at once.

One 5-20R Duplex 120V 20A power outlet, one 12V (ideal for battery charging cables), and one USB connector provide enough power outlets to accommodate these. Additionally, you might use it to power drills and chainsaws in the workplace.

The tank of Firman W01781 is 9 gallons. The generator should run continuously for nine to twelve hours unless you use it consistently at maximum power. At 51.6 lbs, it is not overly hefty and is manageable to tote. The Firman W01781 also has a built-in muffler that helps to reduce the noise level.

Firman P03601 3650 Watt

Firman P03601 3650 Watt Generator

Firman P03601 is one of the most often bought Firman generators. It has a power output of 3650 running watts and 4550 starting watts. As a result, it works perfectly for electrical instruments like air compressors, drills, and belt sanders.

The Firman P03601 is a reliable portable generator that you may use for RV camping or most job sites. In the event of a power loss, you may also use it to power the essential appliances in your house. But don’t count on it to serve as your sole source of emergency power backup. You would want a much larger generator to power numerous household appliances.

The Firman P03601 is more than adequate if you require a generator for an RV. A 15,000 air conditioner can be handled without incident by this generator. The same holds for any additional AC-related equipment you might want to use (as long as you don’t try to switch everything on at once). Depending on the load, the generator may run for up to 14 hours.

The Firman P03601 boasts an intuitive and straightforward design. It offers a primary interface with the low oil level indicator light and the usual set of 120V AC outlets.

Be aware that carrying this generator around is pretty tricky. On the plus side, mounting the wheels and connecting them to the generator won’t be a problem.

Firman 4550 Generator with Remote Start

Firman 4550 Generator Remote Start

One of the bestselling and also popular Firman generators currently is this one. The Firman 4550 generator stands out from the competitors, thanks to its convenient remote start. The engine generates 3650 operating watts and 4550 starting watts.

The gasoline tank on the Firman 3650/4550 W holds 5 gallons. At 50% load, it can last up to 14 hours. As a result, it is more fuel-efficient than many of its rivals.

The generator is also simple to move, despite being a little heavier than average, which is made possible by the sturdy wheels and a supportive handle.

One remarkable aspect of this generator is the remote start, which operates wonderfully. Although the manufacturer states that the remote control is effective up to 168 feet away, you should go closer to the generator.

Overall, this generator is excellent for a building project. It can easily manage all essential RV equipment, including air conditioners, lights, freezers, etc. It offers good quality and sells for a relatively lower price than most Firman generators.

Firman H03651 3650 Watt

Firman H03651 3650 Watt Generator

Dual fuel generators can run on natural gas and propane fuel. It complies with all CARB requirements, allowing citizens of California—the state with the harshest environmental regulations—to use it there legally.

The Firman H03651 sports a reliable 208cc dual-fuel generator engine with all the typical features, including a cast iron frame and a low oil shutdown mechanism. The tank holds up to 5 gallons of gas. With this, the generator could run continuously for up to 14 hours, given that you don’t try to run it at maximum power output all the time.

The generator is powerful enough to power moderate-sized 30-amp travel trailers with its starting power of 4550 watts and running output of 3650 watts.

The Firman H03651 kit also includes a 5.5-foot LPG regulator hose. An automatic voltage regulator and a handy meter that shows voltage, frequency, and lifetime hours is part of the H03651 control panel and help track the device’s state and activities.

A built-in dual fuel generator gauge on the generator provides a quick, simple, and practical way to check the device’s gas level.

From a security perspective, you can use the product confidently thanks to its automated low oil shut-off and overload protection (circuit breaker). The Firman H03651 also includes several supplies, such as a propane line, funnel, oil, and tool kit, in addition to the standard paperwork and an owner’s manual to get you up and running quickly.

Is There Any Drawback to Buying a Firman Generator?

While in use, some models may have faulty wiring or mechanical issues. These flaws could impact the volume of electricity generated in emergency power.

We advise you to use the models only following the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent any problems from arising.

Furthermore, Firman, like most other respectable businesses, consistently strives to raise the caliber of its products, so the company may already know these drawbacks at this point.

You can purchase their products with assurance because they offer a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Although Firman generators are still very new in the US and Canadian markets, they already have a good reputation. Firman places a lot of emphasis on the generators they build since they care about increasing their market presence and positive reputation. For this reason, they also sell for a far lower price than most of its top-tier rivals.

When you purchase a Firman generator, you receive a dependable one without spending much money on an expensive model from a well-known brand, such as Honda or Yamaha generator.

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