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Are CAT Generators Good

A lengthy introduction is not necessary for the brand Caterpillar. The company is a household name and a favorite of many business professionals in the generator sector.

Caterpillar, shortly known as CAT, has grown to become one of the best and most recognizable product names in construction sites. They manufacture various vehicles, construction equipment, and dependable generators and engines.

Are CAT generators any good? This article will look closely at a few CAT generators to determine whether they live up to the brand’s reputation. Read on to find out.

Caterpillar – The Maker of CAT Generators

Maker of CAT Generators

Caterpillar Inc. is a famous and renowned industrial power equipment manufacturer and owns a wide range of brands, including CAT, the company’s generator brand.

One of the biggest producers of diesel generator sets, accessories, and generator engines, CAT provides a wide variety of set specifications to suit your requirements.

Since 1925, Caterpillar has operated in the market, making it almost a century old compared to other generator brands. Caterpillar works tirelessly to expand its product line while ensuring its customers receive excellent value.

Best Features of CAT Generators

Caterpillar offers generators that have won industry awards for both small and large uses because of their outstanding key features.

Diesel Option

Diesel Option

CAT generators are diesel-powered engines that are very popular among generator industry leaders. This option is fantastic because diesel is excellent compared to natural gas generators or gasoline.

The most economical alternative is a diesel generator, which often requires far less maintenance than other fuel sources.


Diesel generators made by CAT are helpful in various industries and applications. You can utilize it as a backup engine for your main power supply or to power massive industrial machines.

If one of your generators breaks down or there are power outages, having these engines on hand is a great option.



With Caterpillar, you can be sure that replacement parts will always be available. You can always contact experts and request assistance or services from those who worked on creating your generator.

Other favorite features that make CAT generators one the best generators in the market today:

Charge air filter – the inner workings of the generator are shielded from dust and other objects by charge air filters, which are heavy-duty air filters in the form of cartridges.

CAT alternator – the brushless alternator of CAT is dependable and self-regulating. It features class H insulation and a 12-wire reconnection capability.

Digital control panel – CAT is equipped with an EMCP3 control panel that includes all required engine, fuel type, and alternator gauges.

The CAT control engine – one of the newest engines available, and it uses cutting-edge technology to adjust more power generation to meet demand.

Circuit breakers – have a total rating and a mainline circuit breaker with CSA certification.

The cooling system – includes a blower fan, an inbuilt surge tank, and a heavy-duty radiator. Thanks to this design, the engine can cool down at the ideal temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rubber pad mountings – these are equipped with rubber pads between the engine and the frame to absorb vibrations and noise level made by moving parts.

Large base frame – with a large base structure made of heavy-duty machinery, the generator can be lifted and mounted for any application.

How Long Does A CAT Generator Last?

The maximum running time will change depending on your model, and the output on the generator. CAT RP Series generators can typically run for 10 to 15 hours at 50% load, depending on the type. The INV2000 can operate for around 6 hours at half load,

While the length of the run depends mainly on the model and the load on the generator, a CAT RP series generator should run for roughly 15 hours at 50% load.

Are CAT Engines Any Good?

Are CAT Engines Any Good

A Caterpillar engine is one of the most dependable generator engines. A 90-year existence makes Caterpillar engines certified and mainly gives the most dependable power. With the newest engine control technology, Caterpillar engines are very dependable.

Caterpillar obtains its engine components from many providers with a set quality level, with only components that meet high standards. The capacity to use diesel fuel and guarantee the release of clean energy is something that is still remarkable.

What’s in the Warranty On A CAT Engine?

Caterpillar has your back with their 12-month basic warranty that includes unlimited miles and additional coverage choices that will safeguard your investment for years to come.

They will pay for new CAT parts and installation labor at any authorized CAT dealer, regardless of who repaired them, as long as installation quality does not lead to the covered part failure.

Do CAT Generators Come With Oil?

Yes, the new CAT generator set comes with oil. The usage depends on the ambient temperature of the space where you used your portable generator. You can always refer to the CAT’s user manual maintenance section to determine the required oil viscosity.

Do CAT Generators Need To Be Grounded?

Yes. You need to ground your CAT generator under the National Electrical Code. Proper grounding is required for the generator to run at its best and lower the danger of electric shock.

To ground the CAT generator properly, use the ground terminal or consult a licensed electrician to ensure that it complies with any applicable local rules or ordinances for the usage of your generator.

Caterpillar Diesel Generators

With good reason, Caterpillar has long been a dominant force in the diesel generator business. Their generators are among the toughest and most effective ones on the market.

The purpose of CAT diesel generators is to provide dependable, clean electricity in the most demanding and challenging circumstances. A CAT diesel generator has excellent transient reaction times compared to many portable generators.

It also has excellent fuel efficiency, and every diesel generator produced by CAT has peak performance. Each unit passes the test for function and safety.

Top Picks: 4 Best CAT Generators

To find the ideal CAT generator for your requirements, we present our top picks for the most popular CAT generators.

CAT RP7500E Generator

CAT RP7500E Generator

One of the top CAT generators is the RP7500E. It provides up to 7500 running watts of power, making it an excellent option for demanding construction jobs and people who require a reliable generator as an emergency home backup power.

The majority of essential home appliances can efficiently run at once. Additionally, it provides power to operate some of the most energy-demanding construction equipment. It is a fuel-efficient generator with a maximum run time of 11 hours per tank.

This generator is as adaptable as possible, which is evident in the variety of available outputs. There are a total of 6 outlets available to you. These include typical 30 amp twist-lock outputs for 120V and 240V voltages, which are suitable for most electric tools and machinery.

CAT RP3600 Portable Generator

CAT RP3600 Portable Generator

CAT RP3600 is yet another well-liked mobile generator from Caterpillar. The power output from this model is 4500 starting watts and 3600 running watts.

The generator includes a CAT engine and a 212 cc OHV motor producing 3600 rated watts consistently. Compared to many other portable generators, the engine is quite strong and operates more quietly.

Starting and maintaining this generator is a piece of cake. It has a manual and an electric start, making setup simple for residential use. You may anticipate it to operate for up to 12-13 hours.

This option is suitable for people who want to refrain from refueling their generators frequently and require a generator that can run continuously during a prolonged power outage.

CAT INV2000 Inverter Generator

CAT INV2000 Inverter Generator

CAT INV2000 Inverter generator is the perfect option if you’re seeking a quiet, compact portable generator to power small electronic devices. Because of inverter technology, CAT inverter generators generate pure sine-wave and perform well above the 3% THD threshold.

CAT INV2000 is better than most available inverters, producing 2250 surge watts and 1800 operating watts. For instance, you might use it to run an 11,000 RV’s air conditioning system along with a few modest devices.

The generator is quieter and can compete with most generators, producing just 52 to 60 dB of less noise. You could depend on it to operate for 5-6 hours at 50% load. It has an engine smart control system, which significantly aids in optimizing fuel consumption.

CAT RP12000E Portable Generator

CAT RP12000E Portable Generator

Consider the CAT RP12000E if you want a portable generator to meet even your most unique energy requirements. Incredibly powerful with 15,000 beginning watts and 12,000 running watts, it is a hefty beast.

If you are searching for a CAT generator to power an entire mid-sized family – that’s the one that will do the job for you. It can also power any electrical item conceivable, including some of the most demanding ones, such as a 200 amp MIG welder.

This Caterpillar generator has a 670cc OHV engine that is effective at producing power and is reasonably fuel-efficient. This generator should operate continuously for around 11 hours.


Caterpillar generators are popular among businesses because they are more dependable, long-lasting, and economical than those made by competing generator brands.

The brand has a great history of producing high-quality generators, and it has an extensive selection of options, so you can choose the one that truly fits your demands and budget.

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