New Jackery 1500 & Jackery 2000 Launching on Jackery Day

Last Updated on March 18, 2021 by Scott

6:31pm – OK, the presenter is just reading Amazon comments now. This has gone downhill after the pricing. Why did they not share the individual pricing? The pricing seems…high.

6:28pm – April 5th availability on Amazon for the Jackery 1500. 4 Solar Saga panels, 1488Wh 400W solar input. 600W AC input on the 1500. Jeez this is spendy.

Jackery 1500

6:27pm – Holy smokes, the pre-sale of the 2000 is only available with 3 200W panels.

Jackery 2000 launch price
Holy money, batman. $4299 for the 2000 + 3 200W panels.

6:21pm – 2060Wh / 2200W peak power rating on the new Jackery 2000!

Jackery 2000 peak power rating

6:17pm – Solarpeak – New Jackery technology called Solarpeak. It sounds like an improved MPPT technology. It is apparently 30% more efficient than MPPT, when using Jackery solar panels and solar generators together.

6:15pm PST – The new Jackery 2000 has an AC Input of 1,000W. Wohoo! And the Solar Panel Input is 800W! Huge improvements to charging. 2 hours to 80%, with a built-in AC charger.

The new display screen on the Jackery 2000 looks like a big improvement. It shows how long it will take to time to full charge. The output will show remaining time to full discharge as well.

4:23pm PST – Jackery is finally releasing a faster charging model to compete with the insanely fast charging EcoFlow models. I haven’t seen the specs yet for how fast, but hopefully it is comparable to the EcoFlow. We will see. I will be live-blogging the “Jackery Day” announcement at 6pm PST tonight with more details on the new models being announced.

New Jackery 1500 200 Model Announcement
Please let “fast charging” be actually fast!

With a 1500 and 2000 model name, my guess is the capacity being around 1500 Watt-hours and 2,000 Watt-hours (Wh) respectively. The big unknowns at this point ar the peak and continuous Watt-output, and the charging speed. Those are the two main areas where Jackery is getting crushed by EcoFlow. I love the ergonomics of the Jackery line, and so I really hope they can catch up spec-wise with these two new models.

Neither model will be available on Amazon until later in April or May.

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